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Neutron HD

Neutron HD

Product Features

—Built in 6 axis gyroscopic chip keeps the NEUTRON extremely stable in all conditions

—On board camera records high-definition video and captures still pictures with the push of button—Patented Switch-BladeTM technology allows you to operate in 3ch or 4ch modes for beginner to advanced pilots

—4 channel flight controls allow for incredible manoeuvrability including 360 ̊ aerial stunts

—3 speed settings for beginner to advanced quadrocopter pilots

—LED directional lights makes the neutron easy to follow


Product Specifications

batteries: 2 AAA 1.5v alkaline batteries(not included) for remote

average charge time: 45-60 minutes

average run time: 7-10 minutes


Shipping Specifications

case pack: 10                                 

20GP: 4,500    40GP: 9,30040HQ: 11,000    45HQ: 13,000