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Star Quest - Battle Drone (2pk)

Star Quest - Battle Drone (2pk)

Product Features

—Advanced technology gives you more real-flight maneuvers and battle action

—Built in 6 axis gyroscopic chip keeps the Star quest™ extremely stable in all conditions

—Using infrared laser technology, the drone “shoots” other combat drones

—After a third “strike,” the defeated drone slowly spirals to a landing and inactivates the remote control–game over

—Makes its own shooting sounds and feedback


Product Specifications

batteries: 2 AA 1.5v alkaline batteries (not included) for wireless remote

average charge time: 30-40 minutes

average run time: 7-8 minutes


Shipping Specifications

case pack:4 

20GP: 2,800    40GP: 5,8000

40HQ: 7,000    45HQ: 28,000