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Zipp Nano

  • Zipp Nano

Zipp Nano

Product Features

—Built in 6 axis gyroscopic chip keeps the Zipp Nano™ extremely stable in all conditions

—New t mode helps beginner pilots learn how to fly

—Unique switch blade technology allows for 3ch and 4ch flight modes

—3 different speed settings for slow to high speed flying

—LED directional lights makes the Zipp Nano™ easy to follow—2.4G radio allows for a 200 foot operational range

—The Zipp Nano™ is engineered for incredible maneuverability including 360 ̊ aerial stunts

—200 foot range


Product Specifications

batteries: 6 AA 1.5v alkaline batteries(not included) for remote

average charge time: 45-60 minutes

average run time: 7-10 minutes


Shipping Specifications

case pack: 10           

20GP:4,500     40GP: 9,30040HQ: 11,000     45HQ: 13,000

    - Built in 6 axis gyroscopic chip keeps the Zipp extremely stable in all conditions. - 4 channel flight controls allow for incredible manoeuvrability including 360 degree aerial stunts! - 5 speed settings for beginner to advanced quadrocopter pilots. - Led directional lights makes the Zipp easy to follow. - Replaceable Li-Poly battery included. - 200 foot range.

    Spare and replacement parts are available for this model. For the full range please visit our replacement parts store.

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