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Hola, me llamo Richard J. Gross y soy piloto de Airbus a tiempo completo y propietario de un negocio de drones comerciales. Me inicié en el mundo de los drones en 2015, cuando empecé a hacer fotografía aérea para empresas inmobiliarias. En aquel momento no tenía ni idea de dónde me estaba metiendo, pero resulta que llamaron a la policía poco después de empezar a volar. No les gustaba que volara con mi dron cerca de la gente, así que me pidieron que fuera a formar a sus agentes sobre las normas y regulaciones de los drones. Después de eso, decidí montar mi propio negocio de drones y enseñar a otros el uso seguro y responsable de los drones.
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septiembre 19, 2023
Mastering Drone Propeller Pitch: A Comprehensive Guide

A beautiful morning, a cup of coffee, and the anticipation for an exceptional drone flight experience - I live for moments like these. But this magic is only possible when all components work in perfect harmony: the motor, the battery - and yes, you guessed it – the drone propeller pitch. 'Hang on,' you might […]

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septiembre 8, 2023
Photogrammetry vs LiDAR: A Detailed Comparison Guide (2023)

Our technologically driven world continues to amaze me! One area that never fails to pique my interest is developing and using advanced surveying and mapping tools. Specifically, I find photogrammetry and LiDAR fascinating - each with its own strengths, weaknesses, and applications. But when it comes down to Photogrammetry vs. LiDAR, which technology ultimately reigns […]

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julio 21, 2023
What Does Level 5 Wind Resistance Means For Drones?

Imagine navigating your ship in a turbulent sea, facing relentless waves that push you off course. This is akin to your drone's challenge when battling against strong wind. You're probably wondering what wind resistance actually is and what's implied by a 'level 5' rating. Wind resistance refers to the counter force exerted on air by […]

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julio 21, 2023
Dji Ocusync 2.0: How Does It Work? Explained In Details

You might question the need for another signal transmission system when there are already many available in the market. Yet, DJI's OcuSync technology is a game changer that you'll want to understand. As an avid drone enthusiast or a professional pilot, you know how crucial it is to have a reliable and strong connection between […]

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