Рубрика: Дроны по проекту

Привет, меня зовут Ричард Дж. Гросс, я постоянный пилот Airbus и владелец коммерческого бизнеса по производству беспилотников. Я увлекся дронами в 2015 году, когда начал заниматься аэрофотосъемкой для компаний, занимающихся недвижимостью. В то время я понятия не имел, во что ввязываюсь, но оказалось, что вскоре после того, как я начал летать, на меня вызвали полицию. Им не понравилось, что я летаю на своем дроне рядом с людьми, поэтому они попросили меня приехать и обучить их сотрудников правилам и нормам для дронов. После этого я решил открыть свой собственный бизнес по производству дронов и обучать других безопасному и ответственному использованию дронов.
Вот результаты.
28 апреля 2023 г.
9 лучших нано-дронов, которые можно купить в 2023 году: они поместятся в вашем кармане

Welcome to our article on the best nano drones! Nano drones are a great way to experience the thrill of flying without breaking the bank. These small and compact drones are perfect for beginners and indoor flying, as they are easy to handle and maneuver. In this article, we will take a look at some […]

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Июнь 11, 2022
10 Best Foldable Drones In Май 2023 (With 4k Camera)

No one wants to carry a big, bulky drone around with them everywhere they go, but everyone wants all the good features in their drones. That's why foldable drones have become increasingly popular in recent years, as they're much more portable and easier to transport. And as technology has progressed, so too have the cameras […]

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Январь 13, 2022
10 Best Autonomous Drones in Май 2023 | Updated List

Drones are becoming increasingly popular in a variety of industries and applications, from aerial photography to search-and-rescue operations. But one of the most exciting developments is the emergence of autonomous drones. Autonomous drones can perform complex tasks with minimal human input, making them ideal for use in hazardous environments or long-distance missions. In this article, […]

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Декабрь 29, 2021
10 лучших беспилотных летательных аппаратов в 2023 году | Обновленный список

Drones are becoming increasingly popular, and one of the most exciting features they offer is “Follow Me” mode. This allows a drone to follow you around or track you as you move so that it can get amazing shots of whatever activity you’re doing. Whether you want to capture stunning aerial footage for your next […]

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Декабрь 25, 2021
10 Best Fixed Wing Drones To Buy In Май 2023 | Updated List

The world of drone technology has been rapidly evolving over the past few years, and this trend is expected to continue in 2023. Fixed wing drones have become increasingly popular due to their ability to cover large areas quickly and efficiently. For those looking for a reliable fixed wing drone, there are plenty of options […]

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Ноябрь 24, 2021
10 Best Waterproof Drones In Май 2023 | Updated List

In the modern world, drones have become a must-have gadget for anyone looking to take their photography or videography game to the next level. While there are plenty of different types of drones available on the market today, one type that is becoming increasingly popular is waterproof drones. Waterproof drones allow users to explore more […]

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Ноябрь 23, 2021
9 Best Drones With Screen on Controller In 2023 | Updated List

Drones with screen on controller are becoming increasingly popular as they offer a more immersive experience and allow you to see what the drone is seeing. This can be particularly useful for taking photos and videos, as you can see exactly what the camera is capturing. The main advantage of a drone with a screen […]

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Октябрь 29, 2021
10 Best Mini Drones To Buy In Май 2023 | Top Pick

Are you looking for the perfect gift or toy to give to your kids, friends, family members, or even yourself? Then look no further than mini drones! Mini drones are incredibly popular right now and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and features. Whether you’re looking for something fun to fly around the house […]

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Сентябрь 26, 2021
9 Best Star Wars Drones In Май 2023 | Updated List

Star Wars fans can now experience their favorite franchise like never before with Propel's incredible line of Star Wars drones. These high-performance, interactive quadcopters are designed to look and feel like the iconic ships from the legendary series, giving users a thrilling combination of cutting-edge technology and classic sci-fi style. Whether you're looking for an […]

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