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Die 10 besten Indoor-Drohnen im Jahr 2024: Top-Flyer für Spaß zu Hause!

von: Richard J. Gross
Aktualisiert am: 16. März 2024

Did you know that indoor drones are becoming increasingly popular for thrilling flying adventures? With their compact size and advanced features, these drones offer a whole new level of excitement and fun.

But with so many options available, how do you choose the best one for your indoor flying escapades? In this article, I will guide you through the top 10 indoor drones that will take your flying experience to new heights.

From beginner-friendly drones to those equipped with HD cameras and obstacle avoidance technology, there’s something for everyone.

So, buckle up and get ready to discover the perfect indoor drone for your thrilling adventures. Are you ready to take flight?

Here is a Quick Overview of The Best Indoor Drones To Buy in 2024

Heiliger Stein HS210
Heiliger Stein HS210
  • Flugzeit: 7 mins x 3 batteries
  • Abmessungen: 80 x 80 x 30 mm
  • Gewicht: 21,8 g
JEJAER artidoo-008
JEJAER artidoo-008
  • Flugzeit: 16 mins (2 batteries)
  • Abmessungen: 3.5 x 3.5 x 1.3 inches
  • Gewicht: 257.9 g
Glorale F08
Glorale F08
  • Flugzeit: 14 min
  • Abmessungen: 3.26″ x 3.5″ x 1.54″
  • Gewicht: 10.2 oz
Bingchat G5
Bingchat G5 Max
  • Flugzeit: 45 mins (3 batteries)
  • Abmessungen: 9.8″ x 12.2″ x 3.6″
  • Gewicht: 4.1 oz
Holy Stone HS420 Mini Drone
Heiliger Stein HS420
  • Flugzeit: 6 mins x 2 batteries
  • Abmessungen: 84 x 90 x 34 mm
  • Gewicht: 31g/1,1oz
Force1 Scoot Duo
Force1 Scoot Duo
  • Flugzeit: 8 Minuten
  • Abmessungen: 4.7″ diameter
  • Gewicht: 0.2 kg
  • Flugzeit: 20 mins (2 batteries)
  • Abmessungen: 5.59″ x 4.72″ x 1.56″
  • Gewicht: 2.08 oz
ScharkSpark Drone
ScharkSpark Drone
  • Flugzeit: 40 mins (2 batteries)
  • Abmessungen: 2.72″ x 7.36″ x 9.09″
  • Gewicht: 110g/3.88 oz
  • Flugzeit: 16 min
  • Abmessungen: 3.5″ x 1.3″ x 3.5″
  • Gewicht: 8 oz
LMRC LM07 Mini Drone
  • Flugzeit: 14 min
  • Abmessungen: 3.9″ x 3″ x 1.6″
  • Gewicht: 7.4 oz

1. Heiliger Stein HS210 (Indoor Drone for Beginners)

Best Indoor Drones: Holy Stone Mini RC Drone
Bildquelle Amazon
Dimension80 x 80 x 30 mm
Flugzeit7 Minuten x3
Aufladezeit40~60 Minutes
Reichweite des Senders50 m

The Holy Stone Mini RC Drone for Beginners (Green) is the perfect choice for those seeking an exhilarating indoor drone experience. With its compact size and durable design, this drone is built to withstand crashes and provide endless hours of fun.

Equipped with features like toss to launch, 3D flips, auto-rotation, and circle fly, you can perform impressive tricks that will leave you and your friends in awe.

The altitude hold feature ensures stable flight, while the Headless-Modus allows for easy navigation without worrying about direction. With a battery life of up to 21 minutes and three rechargeable batteries included, you can enjoy extended flying sessions. Suitable for beginners, this drone is easy to use and offers speed adjustment for both indoor and outdoor flights.

The Holy Stone Mini RC Drone for Beginners (Green) is the ultimate choice for those who crave thrilling adventures in the comfort of their own home.

Beste für: Kids and beginners who want a compact and durable drone for indoor flying.


  • Fun tricks like toss to launch, 3D flips, auto-rotation, and circle fly
  • Altitude hold feature for stable flight
  • Long battery life with 3 rechargeable batteries included


  • Some users reported issues with remote pairing

2. JEJAER artidoo-008 (Indoor Drone for Kids)

Best Indoor Drones: JEJAER Mini Drone for Kids
Bildquelle Amazon
Drahtlose KommunikationW-lan
Zusammensetzung der BatteriezelleLithium-Polymer
Batterien enthaltenJa
Packungsinhalt1 Hand Sensor Control Drone, 1 Transmitter, 2 Drone Batteries, 1 USB Charging Cable, 4 Extra Propellers, 1 Propeller Screwdriver, 1 Propeller Wrench, 1 Instruction Manual
Abmessungen3.5 x 3.5 x 1.3 inches
Artikel Gewicht9.1 ounces

For those seeking an exhilarating indoor drone experience, the JEJAER Mini Drone for Kids with auto hovering and headless mode is a thrilling choice. This drone is equipped with two removable batteries, providing a total of 16 minutes of flight time.

With four sturdy propeller guards and high-quality ABS material, the JEJAER Mini-Drohne ensures safe and durable flight. Its functions include toss launch, circle flight, auto-rotate, and impressive 3D flips.

The headless mode, one-button start/landing, and fixed height features make it easy to operate, even for beginners. The intuitive remote control with few buttons allows for a user-friendly experience for both kids and parents.

Perfect for indoor use, this compact drone fits in the palm of your hand and guarantees hours of entertainment for kids and pets alike. With its multiple speed modes, altitude holds the button, and capability for various tricks and maneuvers, the JEJAER Mini Drone delivers outstanding functionality and performance.

Users have praised its fun and ease of use, quick setup and charging process, and durable construction that withstands crashes. The inclusion of extra batteries and propellers adds to its value. Experience the excitement of flying with the JEJAER Mini Drone for Kids.

Beste für: Kids and beginners looking for an easy-to-use indoor drone with fun features.


  • Equipped with two removable batteries for extended flight time.
  • Sturdy propeller guards ensure safe flight and durability.
  • Intuitive remote control with few buttons for a user-friendly experience.


  • Limited flight range may not be suitable for outdoor use.

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3. Glorale F08 (Best Drone for Indoor Use)

Best Indoor Drones: Glorale F08
Bildquelle Amazon
Flugzeit14 min
Drahtlose KommunikationstechnikW-lan
Zusammensetzung der BatteriezelleLithium-Polymer
Sind Batterien im Lieferumfang enthalten?Ja
Fernbedienung im Lieferumfang enthalten?Ja
Produktabmessungen3.26″L x 3.5″W x 1.54″H
Artikel Gewicht10.2 ounces
Batterien2 Lithium Polymer batteries required (included)

Perfect for young adventurers and beginners, the Mini Drone for Kids and Beginners (UBT19) is a thrilling choice for indoor flying. Packed with impressive features and functions, this drone guarantees an exciting and enjoyable flight experience.

With its one-key takeoff/landing feature, you can effortlessly start and end your flights. The altitude hold function ensures stable hovering flight, while the 360° flip and high-speed automatic rotation provide thrilling aerial maneuvers. Designed with safety in mind, the UBT19 is equipped with propeller guards to prevent any accidents.

Made of high-quality ABS material, this drone can withstand collisions and drops, making it durable and long-lasting. Its simple controls and intuitive flight modes make it user-friendly, and perfect for kids and beginners.

Not only does it entertain, but it also fosters imagination, creativity, and interest in technology. With its accessible price point and great value for money, the UBT19 is an ideal gift for kids or friends.

Beste für: Kids and beginners looking for an affordable and user-friendly drone for indoor flying.


  • One-key takeoff/landing for easy flight control.
  • Altitude holds function for stable hovering.
  • Propeller guards for added safety.


  • Doesn’t have a built-in camera.

4. Bingchat G5 Max Brushless Motor Drone (Best Indoor Drone With Camera)

Best Indoor Drones: Bingchat G5 Max Brushless Motor Drone
Bildquelle Amazon
Besondere MerkmaleBrushless Motor, Cool flash lights show, Protective frames, Long Battery Life, Stable hovering, Obstacle Avoidance, Colorful Gifted Package
Auflösung der Videoaufnahme2K
Fähigkeits LevelAlle
Artikel Gewicht4.1 Ounces
Batteriekapazität2000 Milliamp Hours
FernbedienungstechnologieController & APP control
Drahtlose KommunikationstechnikW-lan
Zusammensetzung der BatteriezelleLithium-Ionen
Batterien enthaltenJa
Videoausgabeauflösung1920×1080 Pixel
Fernbedienung im Lieferumfang enthaltenJa
Produktabmessungen9.8″L x 12.2″W x 3.6″H

Equipped with infrared ray obstacle avoidance, crash frame, and RGB fan blades, Bingchat Drones with Camera 1080P, Obstacle Avoidance, and Two Batteries offer an exhilarating indoor flying experience for those seeking a thrilling adventure. With advanced features like group control, stable hovering, and obstacle avoidance, these drones provide a safe and enjoyable flight experience.

The dual 2K camera with gesture control and 50x zoom lens allows you to capture stunning aerial footage with ease. The long 45-minute flight time, supported by three extended batteries, ensures extended flying sessions without interruption.

Designed for kids aged 8-12, these drones prioritize safety and fun. Customers have praised the ease of setup, durability, and overall performance of these drones.

With their value for money and quality components, Bingchat Drones with Camera 1080P, Obstacle Avoidance, and Two Batteries are a top choice for indoor flying adventures.

Best For Kids aged 8-12 looking for a safe and fun indoor flying experience.


  • Equipped with infrared ray obstacle avoidance and crash frame for added safety.
  • Dual 2K camera with gesture control and 50x zoom lens for capturing stunning aerial footage.
  • Long 45-minute flight time with three extended batteries.


  • Some users experienced control difficulties and a lack of responsiveness.

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5. Heiliger Stein HS420 Mini-Drohne

Best Indoor Drones: Holy Stone HS420 Mini Drone
Bildquelle Amazon
Größe84 x 90 x 34 mm
Flugentfernung330 Fuß / 100 m
FPV-Entfernung98 feet /30 m
Flugzeit6 min x2
Aufladezeit60 min
Betriebstemperaturbereich32°F bis +104°F (0°C bis +40°C)
Drohnenbatterie Kapazität300 mAh

The Holy Stone HS420 Mini Drone with HD FPV Camera offers an array of thrilling features, making it an ideal choice for those seeking an exhilarating indoor flying experience. With its One-Key Start and Altitude Hold functions, this drone is easy to operate and perfect for beginners.

The Headless Mode feature allows for easy direction control, ensuring a smooth flight. In case of emergencies, the drone has an Emergency Stop feature for added safety.

The HS420 also comes with exciting stunt options, including Toss to Launch, 3D Flip, Circle Fly, and High-Speed Rotation. The customizable flight path feature allows users to create their own flight routes using the app.

Equipped with a 720P HD FPV camera with adjustable angle and WiFi Real-Time Transmission, this drone delivers high-quality aerial footage. The compact and portable design, along with propeller protection guards, ensures durability and ease of use.

However, some users have reported short battery life and glitchy connection issues. Overall, the Holy Stone HS420 Mini Drone with HD FPV Camera provides an enjoyable and thrilling indoor flying experience.

Beste für: Beginners and indoor flying enthusiasts looking for an easy-to-operate and compact drone with HD FPV camera capabilities.


  • One-Key Start and Altitude Hold for easy operation
  • Headless Mode for direction control
  • Customizable flight path via the APP


  • Short battery life (5 mins per battery)

6. Force1 Scoot Duo (Indoor Hover Drone for Beginners)

Best Indoor Drones: Force1 Scoot Duo
Bildquelle Amazon
Flight Design360° rotating flight design
HindernisvermeidungEquipped with high-tech sensors for hands-free flying
Shell DesignDurable, kid-safe webbed shell design to protect hands, walls, and furniture
Age RecommendationSuitable for kids and kids at heart ages 8 and up
GrößeEach drone measures 4.7” in diameter
BatterieBuilt-in rechargeable battery with USB recharging cable
FlugzeitApproximately 8 minutes of flight time per 50-minute charge

For those seeking an exhilarating indoor drone experience, the Force1 Scoot Duo Hand-Operated Drone for Kids or Adults (Red and Blue) offers an impressive 360° rotating flight design that will leave you in awe. This 2-pack set of original Scoot drones provides endless fun for both kids and adults.

With its durable and kid-safe webbed shell design, this drone ensures a safe and enjoyable flying experience. As a US-certified STEM toy, it promotes learning and creativity. Each drone measures 4.7′ in diameter and runs on a built-in rechargeable battery.

The package includes a USB recharging cable, allowing for 8 minutes of flight time with every 50 minutes of charging. Customers have praised the easy charging process and simple flight controls, but have had some concerns about durability and battery life. However, with responsive customer service and replacement options, you can be assured of a satisfying experience.

Beste für: Kids and adults who want a fun and easy indoor drone flying experience.


  • Impressive 360° rotating flight design
  • Durable and kid-safe webbed shell design
  • US-certified STEM toy promoting learning and creativity


  • Limited battery life and erratic flight behavior

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7. SANROCK U61W (Indoor Drone For Gifts)

Best Indoor Drones: SANROCK Drones
Bildquelle Amazon
Fähigkeits LevelAlle
Artikel Gewicht2.08 ounces
Batteriekapazität500 Milliamp Hours
Maximale Reichweite50 Meters
Zusammensetzung der BatteriezelleLithium-Ionen
Sind Batterien im Lieferumfang enthalten?Ja
Videoausgabeauflösung1280×720 Pixel
Fernbedienung im Lieferumfang enthalten?Ja
Produktabmessungen5.59″L x 4.72″W x 1.56″H

Looking for a thrilling adventure drone that’s perfect for both kids and adults? Look no further than the SANROCK Drones with Camera, and FPV Mini Drone. Equipped with a 720P camera, this mini drone offers a real-time panoramic view that will take your indoor flying adventures to the next level.

With its headless mode feature, you can easily control the direction of the drone without worrying about its orientation. The 3-speed Mode allows for efficient operation, catering to both beginners and experienced pilots.

The drone comes with two batteries, offering a total flying time of about 20 minutes. Its maximum operating distance of 50 meters provides ample room for exploration. And with a 12-month warranty, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re covered.

So get ready to experience the thrill and excitement with the SANROCK Drones with Camera, FPV Mini Drone.

Beste für: Both kids and adults who are looking for an affordable and easy-to-use drone with a decent camera quality.


  • Erschwinglicher Preis
  • Good picture quality
  • Leicht zu fliegen
  • Well-protected blades


  • So-so video quality

8. ScharkSpark Drone (Gifts for Boys and Girls)

Best Indoor Drones: ScharkSpark Drone
Bildquelle Amazon
Kamera2k, 1080p
Batteriekapazität1200 Milliamp Hours
Zusammensetzung der BatteriezelleLithium-Ionen
Sind Batterien im Lieferumfang enthaltenJa
Fernbedienung im Lieferumfang enthaltenJa
Wiederaufladbare BatterieJa
Produktabmessungen2.72″L x 7.36″W x 9.09″H
Artikel Gewicht110 Grams (3.88 ounces)

Experience thrilling adventures with the ScharkSpark Drone, equipped with a 2K HD FPV dual camera for breathtaking photos and videos. The ScharkSpark Drone features a 2K HD Wi-Fi dual camera, offering wider and clearer photos and videos. With FPV transmission, you can view real-time footage on your phone, enhancing your flying experience.

The drone even recognizes palm or V gestures for easy photo and video capturing, making it ideal for selfies. It comes with 2 rechargeable batteries, providing a total of 40 minutes of playtime.

Safety is a priority with 4 propeller guards and spare blades included. Controlling the drone is a breeze with the one-touch start/landing button, headless mode, speed adjustment, and one-button return.

Its lightweight design and carrying case make it suitable for outdoor travel. Additionally, the ScharkSpark Drone offers various functions like 3D flips, rolls, circles, waypoint flight, and altitude hold, allowing for stabilized images and videos.

With after-sales service and 24-hour support, you can fly with peace of mind. Don’t miss out on the thrilling adventures this drone has to offer.

Beste für: Beginners and recreational users who are looking for an affordable drone with good camera quality and stable flight performance.


  • Affordability
  • Easy setup
  • Stable flight performance


  • Limited advanced features

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9. ACIXX H850H RC Mini Indoor Drone

Best Indoor Drones: ACIXX RC Mini Drone
Bildquelle Amazon
Besondere Merkmale360 Degree Flip, One Key Rotation, Rechargeable, Adjustable
KonnektivitätRC (Remote Control)
Artikel Gewicht8 Ounces
Batteriekapazität100 Amp Hours
MedientypSD (Secure Digital)
Wireless TechnologyW-lan
Batterie im Lieferumfang enthaltenYes (2 Lithium Polymer batteries required, included)
Produktabmessungen3.5″L x 1.3″W x 3.5″H

The ACIXX RC Mini Drone for Kids and Beginners offers a thrilling and user-friendly flying experience, making it an excellent choice for young aviation enthusiasts. This drone is packed with features that are perfect for beginners and children.

With functions like toss to launch, circle fly, auto-rotation, and 3D flips, the ACIXX RC Mini Drone provides an exciting flying adventure. Its user-friendly design includes headless mode and auto-hovering, ensuring easy control and stability during flight.

The drone’s sturdy propeller guards make it durable and safe, protecting it from crashes. Additionally, it comes with 2 batteries, providing extended flight time for endless fun.

The ACIXX RC Mini Drone is a great gift option for birthdays or Christmas, allowing kids to develop an interest in technology and aviation.

Beste für: Kids and beginners who want a fun and user-friendly drone flying experience.


  • Easy-to-use features like launch and 3D flips
  • User-friendly design with headless mode and auto-hovering
  • Durable and safe with sturdy propeller guards


  • Drone loses power quickly

10. LMRC LM07 Mini Drone

Best Indoor Drones: LMRC LM07 Mini Drone
Bildquelle Amazon
Drahtlose KommunikationstechnikW-lan
Zusammensetzung der BatteriezelleLithium-Polymer
Sind Batterien im Lieferumfang enthalten?Ja
Produktabmessungen3.9″L x 3″W x 1.6″H
Artikel Gewicht7.4 ounces
Batteries Required2 Lithium Polymer batteries required (included)

For those seeking an exhilarating indoor drone experience, the LM07 Mini Drone for Kids with LED Lights (2 Batteries) offers a compact and versatile option. This small indoor RC quadcopter is perfect for beginners and kids who want to explore the world of drones.

Equipped with LED lights, it not only looks cool but also provides excellent visibility in low-light conditions. With the air-ground dual mode switch, you can easily switch between flying and driving on the ground, adding another dimension to your flying adventures.

The LM07 Mini Drone also features a 360° flip function, headless mode for easy orientation, and auto hovering for stable flight. With two batteries included, you can enjoy longer flight sessions without interruption.

The full propeller guards ensure safety during flight, making it an ideal toy gift for boys and girls. So get ready to experience the thrill of indoor flying with the LM07 Mini Drone for Kids with LED Lights.

Beste für: Kids and beginners who want to explore the world of drones in an indoor setting.


  • LED lights for excellent visibility in low light conditions.
  • Air-ground dual-mode switch for flying and driving on the ground.
  • 360° flip function, headless mode, and auto hovering for easy and stable flight.


  • Some users have reported issues with product quality and difficulty in flying.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing The Best Indoor Drones

When choosing an indoor drone, there are several factors to consider to ensure a thrilling and safe flying experience.

The size and portability of the drone are important for maneuverability in tight spaces, while flight stability is crucial for precise control. Safety features such as obstacle avoidance and emergency landing capabilities are also essential.

Additionally, battery life and camera quality play a significant role in capturing stunning aerial photos and videos.

Größe und Tragbarkeit

Compactness and portability are crucial factors to consider when selecting an indoor drone for thrilling adventures. Indoor drones should be small and lightweight, allowing for easy maneuverability in tight spaces.

Look for drones with dimensions suitable for flying indoors without causing obstructions. Consider drones with foldable or detachable parts, as they provide convenience for storage and transportation.

Opt for mini drones specifically designed for indoor use, equipped with features like propeller guards to prevent damage to walls and furniture. It’s important to ensure that the drone’s size is appropriate for indoor flying, allowing for precise control and safe operation in confined spaces.

By prioritizing compactness and portability, you can enjoy thrilling indoor flying adventures without compromising on convenience and ease of use.


Flight stability is a critical factor to consider when selecting an indoor drone for thrilling adventures. A stable drone ensures smooth and controlled flight maneuvers, allowing for an enjoyable flying experience.

To achieve this, look for features like altitude hold and auto-hovering, which contribute to better stability during flight. Additionally, propeller guards can help prevent crashes and maintain stability, especially in confined indoor spaces.

Advanced stabilization technology, such as gyroscopes and accelerometers, further enhances flight stability by compensating for external factors like wind or sudden movements. It’s also important to ensure proper calibration and trimming of the drone, as this can significantly improve overall stability.


When choosing an indoor drone, one important factor to consider is battery life, as it determines the amount of flight time available for thrilling adventures. Longer battery life means extended fun and enjoyment without the need for frequent recharging.

It’s ideal to look for indoor drones that offer at least 8-10 minutes of flight time on a single charge. To minimize downtime between flights, consider drones that come with spare batteries or quick charging options. Rechargeable batteries aren’t only cost-effective but also help reduce environmental impact.

Additionally, it’s beneficial to opt for drones equipped with low battery alarms or indicators to prevent sudden shutdowns during flight, ensuring a safe and uninterrupted flying experience. So, choose wisely and soar through the skies with an indoor drone that offers ample battery life for endless excitement.

Price Range

When selecting an indoor drone, one must carefully consider the price range and balance features and quality to find the perfect drone that offers the best value for their budget.

Indoor drones come in a wide range of prices, from budget-friendly options to more premium models. It’s important to compare prices across different brands and models to find the best indoor drone within your preferred price range.

Determining your budget beforehand will help narrow down your options and make an informed decision. While higher-priced indoor drones may offer advanced features and better build quality, lower-priced options can still provide satisfactory performance for indoor flying.

Finding the right balance between price and features is crucial to ensure an enjoyable and thrilling indoor flying experience.


In conclusion, when it comes to indoor drones, there are plenty of options available for thrilling flying adventures. From beginner-friendly models like the Holy Stone Mini RC Drone to advanced drones like the ScharkSpark Drone with 2K HD FPV Dual Camera, there’s something for everyone.

Factors to consider when choosing an indoor drone include features like auto-hovering, obstacle avoidance, and camera quality. So, whether you’re a kid or a beginner, these drones will surely provide exciting and immersive indoor flying experiences.

Richard J. Gross

Hallo, mein Name ist Richard J. Gross und ich bin Vollzeit-Airbus-Pilot und Inhaber eines kommerziellen Drohnengeschäfts. Ich habe 2015 mit Drohnen angefangen, als ich anfing, Luftaufnahmen für Immobilienunternehmen zu machen. Damals hatte ich keine Ahnung, worauf ich mich einließ, aber es stellte sich heraus, dass die Polizei auf mich aufmerksam wurde, kurz nachdem ich mit dem Fliegen begonnen hatte. Sie wollten nicht, dass ich mit meiner Drohne in der Nähe von Menschen fliege, also baten sie mich, ihre Beamten in den Regeln und Vorschriften für Drohnen zu schulen. Daraufhin beschloss ich, mein eigenes Drohnenunternehmen zu gründen und andere über den sicheren und verantwortungsvollen Umgang mit Drohnen zu unterrichten.

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