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Revisión de Holy Stone HS710: una mirada completa al rendimiento

Por: Richard J. Gross
Actualizado el: 14 de febrero de 2024

When it comes to drones, there’s an abundance of choices available on the market. But if you’re a fan of high-performance models, the Holy Stone HS710 is definitely worth considering. In this in-depth Holy Stone HS710 review, I’d like to share my experiences and findings.

The Holy Stone brand has always been applauded for its durable and user-friendly drones. With an impressive flight time, 4K resolution capabilities, and a convenient foldable design for easy transport – this dron truly embodies these qualities. If you’re still not sure if this drone is the one for your needs, trust me when I say that by the end of this review, you’ll have all your doubts cleared.

What You’ll Get From Here

  • Detailed insights about the unique features and performance of the Holy Stone HS710
  • Honest opinion based on first-hand experience
  • Informed decision-making assistance for potential buyers

Unveiling the Holy Stone HS710 Review

I’ve flown drones for quite a while now, but every so often, I am blown away by a certain model. This time, it’s the Holy Stone HS710. The unique features that this drone offers have made me almost biased in reviewing other drones; it’s just that good.

Unveiling the Holy Stone HS710 Review

Una mirada más cercana a las especificaciones

To truly appreciate this drone, let’s delve into its key specifications:

Size (Unfolded)268*301*54 mm
Size (Folded)147*92*54 mm
Distancia de vuelo1968 feet / 600 m
Distancia FPV984 feet / 300 m
Tiempo de vuelo25 min
Tiempo de carga2.5 hours
Rango de temperatura de funcionamiento32°F to +104°F (0°C to +40°C)
Operating Frequency5GHz
Lens AngleCampo de visión 120°
Resolution in TF Card4K (3840x2160P)
Resolution on Mobile PhonePhoto – HD1920x1080P, Video – HD1280×720P)

Unboxing the Holy Stone HS710

The feel of a brand-new package waiting to be opened is always exciting, especially when you know you’re about to lay hands on an advanced gadget like the Holy Stone HS710. Shipped securely in optimal packaging, the first glimpse of this powerful little machine is enough to get your adrenaline pumping.

Primeras impresiones

Upon opening the box, I was instantly struck by two things: how solid and well-built the Holy Stone HS710 drone appeared to be and how neatly everything was packed inside.

Key Points:

  • Packaging: The packaging impressed me right away – it had excellent seals, all contents were secure, and there were no signs of damage, which paints a good picture of their care for product quality.
  • Design: Unveiling the drone from its snug corner in the box drew my attention to its foldable design. The black matte finish looked elegant and professional. The size (unfolded at 26830154 mm or folded at 1479254 mm), proportionate to its weight (measured precisely at 240g/8.47oz), lends an aura of compactness matched with sturdiness.
  • Contents: In addition to the drone itself; extra propellers, a handy controller pad, a phone holder, and chargers for both drone batteries and remote batteries were also included. Plus, there was a detailed manual instructing on assembly and initial setup tasks.

On picking up this mean machine – encapsulated in its slick frame that didn’t betray any flimsiness whatsoever – first impressions shouted ‘High-quality’! It felt firm but not bulky–perfectly crafted for easy maneuverability while flying.

The overall shape followed a sleek line similar to other quadcopter drones I’ve encountered but with definitive improvements likely achieved through fine crafting processes, making it much more cutting-edge compared to most drones in this segment.

While I haven’t even started with functionality yet, the initial reactions were primarily favorable. The Holy Stone HS710 seems to be kicking off a grand show on a positive note!

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Features of Holy Stone HS710

Flying drones can be quite an adventure, and the Holy Stone HS710 stands as a quintessential example of an advanced drone that upholds quality and performance standards. It packs fantastic features that have quickly catapulted it to becoming one fashionable piece of tech among hobbyists and professionals alike.

Technical Specifications

From its weight to operating frequency, the Holy Stone HS710 is decked out with impressive technical specifications designed for a fun day out in the park or professional photography. Here are some key details I found significant:

  • This drone weighs just about 240g/8.47oz, making it impressively lightweight.
  • When unfolded, its dimensions are 268*301*54 mm. While folded, they come down to 147*92*54 mm.
  • In terms of flight distance, this bad boy can cover a range of up to 1968 feet / 600 m. Now that’s something!
  • FPV Distance clocks in at 984 feet / 300 m.
  • Operating Frequency is a robust 5GHz

Armed with these solid specifications, you’d be hard-pressed not to enjoy an excellent flying experience with the Holy Stone HS710.

Design and Construction

When talking about design and construction, it’s immediately clear why this model remains popular – It screams durability coupled with elegance:

  • With its sleek black coat finish, authentic-looking propellers, and striking LED lights, this is one drone you won’t want to hide away.
  • The foldable design presents convenience during transit or storage. Plus, it contributes significantly to reducing potential damage during falls (we’ve all been there!).
  • Durability is further enhanced by strong ABS plastic body materials capable of weathering quite some punishment from accidental bumps or crashes.

One is at ease knowing that their drone will hold up marvelously through many a mishap and still provide superb aerodynamics with its efficient design.

Rendimiento de la cámara

The Holy Stone HS710 boasts an impressive camera that contributes significantly to the drone’s overall high-performance delivery. Allow me to give you some noteworthy points:

  • With a lens angle of FOV 120°, panoramic shots become an exciting possibility.
  • Offers fantastic resolution on TF Card, hitting 4K (3840x2160P), while on mobile phones, it provides Photo – HD1920x1080P and Video – HD1280×720P.
  • Image stabilization is top-notch, ensuring clarity in your footage despite the drone’s movement.

Such incredible camera quality makes this quadcopter an excellent pick for those looking to indulge in some lovely aerial photography or cinematography.

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Flying Experience with Holy Stone HS710

One of the many things I appreciate as a drone pilot is a seamless flying experience, and let me tell you, the Holy Stone HS710 provides just that. Trust me when I say this particular device can truly amplify your overall droning feat.

Handling In-flight: Holy Stone HS710

volando el Holy Stone HS710 felt like driving a well-tuned sports car; it’s sleek, accurate, and incredibly responsive. The ease of handling took me by surprise. Here are some bullet points to sum up my in-flight experience:

  • Estabilidad: This was impressive; no jittery movements or shaking during flight. The drone remained steady even when adjusting its positioning.
  • Control: The responsive nature of the remote control made maneuvering more effortless than anticipated. From taking off to landing and all the in-between—altered directions or sudden stops—it handled beautifully.
  • Flight modes: It comes with various modes such as “follow me,” “circle fly,” and “tap fly.” Each mode brought fun and diversity to my flying experience.

I also encountered some windy conditions while testing out this drone; thanks to its level 5 wind resistance feature, it was not an issue at all! For more details on what this feature implies, take a look here – What does level 5 wind resistance mean?

Range & Battery Life – Is it Good Enough?

When talking about drones’ range and battery life, indeed, the Holy Stone HS710 review doesn’t disappoint!

Here’s what I found regarding its range of capabilities:

  • Distancia de vuelo: A maximum reach of 1968 feet (600 meters)
  • Distancia FPV: Goes up to 984 feet (300 meters)
  • Tiempo de vuelo: Lasts about 25 minutes on a full charge.
  • Tiempo de carga: It takes around 2.5 hours to recharge.

Yes, you heard it right! On a single charge, I could pilot the HS 710 drone for approximately a quarter of an hour. Interestingly, there’s also an auto return feature that gets activated once the battery starts running low—preventing accidental loss.

If you are looking for ways to increase your flight duration per charge or are curious about how long DJI batteries last typically, visit ¿Cuánto duran las baterías DJI?

Remember, guys, flying drones legally varies from place to place; before any operation, make sure you’re aware and abiding by your local drone laws.—check some out here: Leyes de drones en EE. UU.. Happy piloting!

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Comando y control: familiarizarse con las funciones remotas y de aplicaciones

Navigating the controls of the Holy Stone HS710 is a delight, regardless of whether you’re just starting or have been around the block with drones. There’s something unique about this model, this Holy Stone HS710 review should provide an in-depth look to discover what that is.

Holy Stone HS710 review

Speaking from personal experience, understanding the controls can sometimes feel like learning a new language. No worries, though! With some practice and good old trial-and-error, even beginners will get comfortable with flying the Holy Stone HS710 drone.

Controles remotos

Let’s break it down:

  • The left joystick deals with altitude control (up and down) as well as rotational control (left or right).
  • The right joystick handles forward and backward movement, along with moving straightforwardly left or right.

These dual functions are simple to master, but they enable precise control over flight patterns. Technical? A tad bit. But it becomes second nature after a few flights.

To make things even simpler for beginners to handle this drone, one feature leaps out significantly – The “One Key Take-off / Landing” function. This singular button ensures that your take-off or landing effort is as effortless as possible.

App Controls

The benefits of controlling this drone don’t stop at its physical remote; there’s an app available for download on both iOS and Android platforms—bringing additional features to your fingertips.

Here’s a peek into what you can expect:

  • GPS Tracking Functionality: This feature allows you not only to track where your drone is currently but also to set up desired flight paths.
  • FPV Live Broadcast: Share your joy of flying by broadcasting instantly using FPV real-time transmission.
  • Gesture Recognition Mode: Snap photos or record videos hands-free just by performing simple gestures.

Undoubtedly, these intuitive app controls break barriers concerning where and how you can fly your Holy Stone HS710.

To put it all into perspective, these intuitive controls, plus fantastic range and flying time, are some stellar reasons triggering interest in this particular model.

The drone’s commendable flight time of 25 minutes also guarantees users plenty of fun flying time before needing to recharge the batteries, which generally takes about 2.5 hours.

So whether you’re a beginner seeking your first drone or an experienced drone enthusiast thinking about adding a new member to your collection, The Holy Stone HS710 is definitely worth considering!

One thing I love about sharing this Holy Stone HS710 review with you is that I get to introduce more people to the magical world of drones. There’s nothing quite like taking off for the first time, seeing that bird-eye view… it’s purely magical if you ask me!

So step out with confidence, knowing that learning the ropes isn’t going to be as daunting as it may initially seem.

Fun fact: For a seamless flight experience, always consider checking up on local laws pertaining to drone usage in your area before anything else.

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Pros And Cons of Holy Stone HS710

The best way to make an informed decision about any product is to understand both its advantages and downsides. The Holy Stone HS710 drone is no exception. I carried out a personal test of this drone that provided insights that I found worthy of sharing in this Holy Stone HS710 review.

So, without further ado, here are the pros and cons:


  • Cámara de alta calidad: The Holy Stone HS710 comes equipped with a 4K camera, which gives you high-resolution images (3840x2160P on TF Card). In simple terms – incredibly sharp and detailed photos for capturing all your adventures!
  • Larga duración del vuelo: One aspect that makes the Holy Stone HS 710 drone stand out is its extended flight time. It offers an ample 25 minutes in the air—I was able to take it for long reconnaissance flights and scenic views without frequently worrying about battery life.
  • Great Control Distance: With a control distance of up to 1968 feet /600 m, you can explore vast areas and make discoveries from vantage points drone hobbyists only dream about.
  • One Key Take-off/Land Function: This feature reduces the complexity typically experienced during take-off or landing by beginners – fantastic user experience right off the bat!


  • Weight Considerations: While some might find it beneficial that Holy Stone HS 710 weighs only 240g/8.47oz (light enough for easy handling), some prefer heavier drones for better wind resistance.
  • Operating Temperature Range Limitation: Though admirable in many ways, this entry falls short when working under more severe temperature conditions; Its operating temperature ranges between 32°F to +104°F (0°C to +40°C). This could limit your drone usage during extreme winters or summers.
  • Limited App’s Functionality: While the app has some cool features, it may still face intermittent connection issues or functionality limitations that could affect control and usability.

There is more to enjoy about the HS710 than not. Its impressive camera quality, extended flight time, and reliable control distance solidify its place as a top-tier choice among hobbyist drones. The shortcomings are present but bear in mind that no drone is perfect. It all boils down to what specifically you need in a drone and whether these pros can outweigh the cons.

Recomendación: ¿quién debería comprarlo?

When diving into the, one part of our exploration is identifying who, in practice, could genuinely benefit from this drone model. The HS 710 drone exhibits flexibility, appealing to varying user groups. Some primary potential users include:

  • Aficionados: The Holy Stone HS 710 is an excellent drone for hobbyists who have a keen interest in flying around and want to capture some great views from above. It offers an impressive flight time and boasts a good broadcast range as well.
  • Professional Photographers: Most notably, the fantastic camera quality of this Holy Stohe HS 710 drone provides photographers with the ability to shoot gorgeous aerial photographs and footage at high resolution.
  • Viajeros: Want stunning videos from your next vacation? Pack up your Holy Stone HS710! Its compact size, when folded, makes it a ready companion when on the go!

The bullet-point list can be further expanded based on the needs of specific users, yet these three groups are notable beneficiaries due to their usual requirements aligning splendidly with the core features of this model.

Given the wide sphere of possibilities and benefits, it is practically impossible to designate any strict user-group restrictions for Holy Stone HS710. Consider your needs carefully, and you are likely to find a welcome ally in this model. However, if you are still unsure about whether this drone is right for you, don’t fret! Visit our resource on the best drones online and get yourself equipped with more insights.

Preguntas frecuentes

How does “Holy Stone HS710” perform against the wind?

Just like other drones in the same class, Holy Stone HS710 boasts good wind resistance. It’s designed with Level 5 Wind Resistance – capable to withstand winds up to 19-24 kph. However, for optimal performance and safety, I would suggest not flying it in heavy wind conditions.

Is it suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! Holy Stone HS 710 drone is extremely beginner-friendly with its intuitive controls and automatic functions like return-to-home and follow-me mode. Additionally, its foldability makes it easy to carry around making it an ideal fit for beginners who might be wary of bulky equipment.

What’s inside the package when you buy “Holy Stone HS 710”?

When you buy a Holy Stone HS 710 drone, expect to find the following in the box: Drone (1), Controller (1), Carry Case (1), Battery Charger (1), Batteries (2), Spare Propellers set(4), USB Charging Cable(1) and User Manual(1). These accessories ensure that you are all set to take flight as soon as you unbox your new toy!

What about post-sales service by “Holy Stone”?

One great thing about buying from Holy Stone is their exceptional customer service. They have a dedicated team ready to help should there be any issues or queries concerning your drone. They also offer warranty support and insurance options which gives me peace of mind knowing my investment is protected.


After thoroughly examining the Holy Stone HS710, I’m convinced that it’s an ideal pick for drone enthusiasts. The impressive specifications, including its robust 4K camera and 25 minutes of flight time, set it apart from its competition. It offers excellent value to both beginners and experienced pilots seeking high-quality aerial photography.

I found the size compact enough for portability, but while unfolded, it’s large enough to provide stability during flight. Charging time is reasonable, given the long flight duration. Considering all these factors in my Holy Stone HS710 review, I can confidently say this versatile drone is worth every penny.

Puntos clave para llevar

  • Holy Stone HS710 provides impressive specs for an affordable price.
  • The device excels in the areas of flight time and camera quality.
  • It’s suitable for both novice and experienced drone pilots.
  • Charging time is reasonably short, considering the long flight duration.
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