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Holy Stone HS165 : Un examen approfondi et un guide de l'utilisateur (2024)

Par : Richard J. Gross
Updated On: décembre 16, 2023

As soon as I unboxed my Holy Stone HS165, I knew I was in for a treat. This small but powerful drone astonishingly packs quite a punch between its impressive flight time and high-quality camera. The Holy Stone HS165 is proof that great things can indeed come in small packages. Designed with both beginners and pros in mind, this drone is the perfect companion for explorations or even just backyard fun.

Over the first few flights, it’s astounding how immersive the whole experience feels. With GPS Return Home, Follow Me Mode, and a 2K HD FPV camera – all encapsulated in its compact design – this device offers more than you could ask for from any high-end drone. You’ll be left astounded at how much potential such a compact package holds!

What You’ll Discover with Us:

  • An unbiased, thorough analysis of Holy Stone HS165
  • Key features and specifications explained
  • Detailed guide on setting up your own Holy Stone HS165
  • Tips on maximizing your flying time
  • How to fully exploit the wonders of its high-resolution 2K HD FPV Camera

Unveiling the Holy Stone HS165 Review

In the ever-evolving world of drones, there are few models that have managed to capture my attention, quite like the Holy Stone HS165. Packed with a multitude of features, this trusty companion has proven itself to be an exceptional choice for hobbyists and professionals alike. Ready to explore its specifications? Let’s dive in!

Unveiling the Holy Stone HS165 Review

Un examen plus approfondi des spécifications

To give you a clear picture, here is a detailed breakdown of all its spectacular features:

Temps de vol28 minutes with two modular batteries
GPS Return HomeEnsures precise return when low on power or connection is lost
Appareil photo2K HD FPV camera with a 90° field of view
Transmission FPV5G Wi-Fi with an 820ft transmission range
Follow Me ModeThe drone follows your steps and captures your movements
Circle Fly Drone flies along a path you draw on the app.
Mouche à taraudAllows you to set waypoints on the map for automatic flight
Capacité de la batterie880mAh battery with two included, providing up to 28 minutes of flight time
Design compactFoldable and easy to carry in a carrying case provided
Live Video Transmission5GHz Wi-Fi for real-time video transmission quality
Poids 171g (6oz)
Dimensions (plié)262 x 180 x 51 mm
Temps de charge 120 minutes
Distance FPV590-820 feet
Distance de vol 984-1312 feet
Fréquence de la caméra5 GHz
Camera Angle Réglable de 0° à -90°
Résolution vidéo/photoHD 2048x1152P stored on TF card
Max ExpansionSupports up to 32GB TF Card (not included)

Overview of the Holy Stone HS165

Being a drone enthusiast, I had the chance to experience and try out impressive drones, but my recent interests have been mainly on mid-sized and compact drones. There’s something truly remarkable about these mini marvels; how they pack so much power, advanced features, and functionality into a small body is beyond me. Speaking about compact powerhouses, let me introduce you to my recent favorite, the Holy Stone HS165.

What’s in the Box?

Unpacking new drones is arguably one of the exciting parts of being a drone hobbyist or a professional. That thrill as you remove the seals and lift open that lid for your first glimpse—it’s priceless! So here’s what I found upon unboxing my brand-new Holy Stone HS165:

  • Le Holy Stone HS165 itself
  • Two modular batteries (880mAh each)
  • An HD 2K FPV camera with an adjustable angle mount
  • One Remote controller with a GPS feature
  • A user-friendly manual for beginners
  • Some spare propellers just in case safety is compromised.
  • Landing pads for soft landings
  • Screws and screwdriver for assembly

The packaging was not only appealing but also ensured that delicate components like the HS165 drone were well protected during shipping.

On a brief side note: If you’re interested in learning how these intricate machines tend to operate, you may want to read Comment fonctionnent les drones ?

Premières impressions

Straight out of the box, I was blown by this humble toy-grade drone called holy stone HS165:

Design & Build Quality:

  • The design hits on elegance – it doesn’t make loud statements, but subtlety announces its presence.
  • The folding style is quite similar to many other ‘portable’ drones in the market, which means it is compact and easy to carry around.
  • It seemed robust yet lightweight (171g or 6oz). So, there’s absolutely no worry about having to register it with the FAA before taking your first flight.
  • The build quality – it had me! It definitely falls into the category of well-made drones, especially considering its price point.

Camera & Battery Life:

  • The onsite camera offers a 2K HD FPV camera with a 90° field of view. Not too many drones at the same price as Holy Stone HS165 offer this feature.
  • The announced battery life for each module is about approximately 14 minutes. This evidence backs up that great things come in small packages. I mean, two of these modules sum up to give you almost half an hour of air time!

At first glance, Holy Stone HS165 appeared to me as a great entry-level drone that had some serious potential. But then again, only airtime could confirm its true capabilities. With my experience with waterproof drones, I was curious how this little master would fare under various conditions.

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The Specifics of Holy Stone HS165

Today, I am going to dive deep into the specifics of an exceptional drone that captured my attention recently – the Holy Stone HS165. I will walk you through its impressive performance during flight, analyze the camera’s exciting features, and evaluate its battery life and charging times.


When it comes to drone flight performance, what really matters are speed, stability, and overall ease of use. The Holy Stone HS165 has demonstrated impressive capabilities on these fronts.

  • Vitesse: Even though it’s not designed as a racing drone, the Holy Stone HS165 surprised me with its nimbleness in cutting through air currents. The maximum flight distance is around 984 to 1312 feet. A decent range for those who love exploring the open skies.
  • La stabilité: This little machine also won me over with its incredible stability in various weather conditions: windy days didn’t seem to bother it, thanks to its sturdy design and effective altitude hold feature.
  • Facilité d'utilisation: With features like ‘Follow Me Mode,’ ‘Circle Fly,’ and ‘Tap Fly,’ anyone from beginners to pros can maneuver this drone effortlessly and capture some breathtaking shots or videos on the fly.

Qualité de la caméra

For many drone enthusiasts, I included camera quality is a decisive component influencing their purchase decision. And let me tell you that Holy Stone HS165 doesn’t disappoint at all.

  • It boasts a 2K HD FPV camera with a 90° field of view, which lets you take sharp images without sacrificing any details.
  • Its live video quality transmitted via 5GHz Wi-Fi astounded me with the vividness in color reproduction & clarity even at distances upending 820ft.

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Battery Life & Charging

One of the key features to analyze before buying a drone is battery life and charging time. Thankfully, the Holy Stone HS165 comes equipped with two 880mAh modular batteries, providing up to 28 minutes of flight time altogether. This outperforms many other drones in the same price range.

Recharging these power cells takes approximately 120 minutes for each battery. The dual batteries included in the package allow users either extended playtime or a swift swap once one gets drained.

And that’s not all! Even on low battery or when the connection is lost, the GPS Return Home feature ensures a precise return to home. No more anxiety over losing your investment!

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Noteworthy Features of Holy Stone HS165

When we talk about drones, the Holy Stone HS165 always comes to mind. This drone doesn’t just look sleek; it’s packed with features that make it stand out in a crowded market. Let’s dive into some of the main features that set the HS165 apart from its competitors.

Noteworthy Features of Holy Stone HS165

GPS Assisted Flight

One feature I love about the Holy Stone HS165 is its GPS-assisted flight. This capability takes the worry out of flying and makes it a breeze, even for beginners. How does it work? Well, with a built-in GPS module, the drone is aware of its position at all times.

When I set flight paths on my mobile device using their app, this autopilot mode kicks in and the drone follows my set route perfectly. For those interested in aerial photography or videography, this feature allows for some incredibly smooth camera moves and eliminates common issues such as shaky footage.

This feature also integrates well with the 5GHz FPV transmission, making real-time transmission clearer and smoother up to around 820 feet – more about this later!

Smart Return Home Feature

Nothing gives peace of mind like knowing your drone won’t get lost during flights. The Smart Return Home feature on the Holy Stone HS165 ensures a precise return home when power is low or if the connection is lost.

Personally, I found this autopilot function extremely handy when I get too absorbed in capturing photos or videos and fail to keep an eye on my battery levels or if I lose sight of my drone! With a simple tap on your screen or automatic activation when needed (for instance, when losing signal), your drone will fly back without any hitches.

Follow Me Mode

Follow Me Mode is another ingenious feature of the Holy Stone HS165 that I can’t get enough of. This feature allows the drone to track and follow me or whoever controls it automatically. It’s like having a personal cameraman at your disposal!

Whether I’m biking through a trail or simply walking around my neighborhood, the Follow Me mode makes capturing dynamic footage hassle-free. By following my movement relative to my mobile device location, this drone does an impeccable job of keeping me in the shot while capturing smooth footage.

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Pros And Cons of Holy Stone HS165

Just like any other drone in the market, the Holy Stone HS165 has its strengths and weaknesses. I experimented with this drone extensively to give you an unbiased review.


Here are some of the outstanding features that I can vouch for:

  • Temps de vol impressionnant : One standout feature of the Holy Stone HS165 is its flight time. It offers up to 28 minutes of flight time with two modular batteries included. This is more generous than many drones in a similar price range offer.
  • Fonction de retour à la maison : The drone’s GPS Return Home feature ensures a precise return to home when low on power or if the connection is lost; this feature gives peace of mind while flying.
  • Quality Camera and Transmission: The 2K HD FPV camera offers an excellent 90° field of view that provides high-quality images and videos. On top of this, its live video transmission uses 5GHz Wi-Fi that assures real-time, high-quality video transmission within a range of 820 feet.
  • User-friendly Features: Functions such as Follow Me Mode, Circle Fly, and Tap Fly add amazing awesomeness to your flight experience! These features make it easier for beginners or hobbyist pilots to operate the drone smoothly without much hassle.
  • Compact Size: With just a weight of 6oz (171g) and dimensions (Folded): 262 x 180 x51 mm it is very compact, making it super portable.


As much as I enjoyed testing out the Holy Stone HS165, there were also a few shortcomings:

  • Temps de charge : For one battery alone, you’ll have to wait up to 120 minutes. Compared to other drones on the market, this charging time is a little long.
  • Limited FPV and Flight Distance: Although the FPV distance of 590-820 feet and flight distance of 984-1312 feet can seem quite a stretch, it might still limit those who need to fly their drones farther for professional purposes.
  • Limited Storage: The maximum expandable storage supports up to only 32GB TF Card (not included). This might not be enough if you’re looking at recording longer high-res footage.

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What is the range of the Holy Stone HS165?

The FPV transmission range of the Holy Stone HS165 is approximately 590-820 feet and its maximum flight distance varies from 984 to 1312 feet.

How durable is the Holy Stone HS165?

The resilience of the Holy Stone HS165 drone can be attributed to its compact design. Although light, this drone can withstand substantial impacts, making it a reliable choice.

Does the Holy Stone HS165 have a Return Home feature?

Yes, upon sensing low power or disconnected communication, the GPS-assisted Return Home function ensures that this drone will return safely to its starting point.

Is it easy to use for beginners?

Absolutely! The intuitive control scheme makes it an excellent choice for novices. Features, like Follow Me mode, Tap Fly mode, and Circle Fly, facilitate easy operation
for beginners.


After flying the Holy Stone HS165 for a few weeks now, I’ve found it to be one of the most reliable drones on the market. Its advanced features and flawless performance surpass my expectations every time I use it. Whether it’s the sharp 2K camera or its smart ‘follow me mode’, this drone proves itself to be worth every penny.

Points clés à retenir

  • The Holy Stone HS165’s flight time of 28 minutes with two modular batteries is quite beneficial
  • Enables GPS Return Home for safety
  • Its compact design makes it travel-friendly
  • “Follow Me Mode” and “Tap Fly” are handy features
Richard J. Gross

Bonjour, je m'appelle Richard J. Gross et je suis pilote d'Airbus à plein temps et propriétaire d'une entreprise de drones commerciaux. Je me suis lancé dans les drones en 2015 lorsque j'ai commencé à faire de la photographie aérienne pour des sociétés immobilières. Je n'avais aucune idée de ce dans quoi je m'engageais à l'époque, mais il s'avère que la police a été appelée sur moi peu de temps après que j'ai commencé à voler. Ils n'aimaient pas que je fasse voler mon drone près des gens, alors ils m'ont demandé de venir former leurs officiers sur les règles et réglementations relatives aux drones. Après cela, j'ai décidé de créer ma propre entreprise de drones et d'enseigner aux autres l'utilisation sûre et responsable des drones.

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