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Holy Stone HS700E : un examen approfondi

Par : Richard J. Gross
Mis à jour le : 14 février 2024

The world of drones is expanding rapidly, and I am here to guide you through one stellar gem that has caught my eye. The Holy Stone HS700E is a magnificent drone that all hobbyists and enthusiasts should consider. Whether you’re an experienced drone pilot or a beginner just getting your feet wet, this comprehensive review provides all the information you need about the HS700E.

Let’s delve right into it, shall we? This detailed Holy Stone HS700E review will explore its features, such as its camera quality, flight distance, and battery life, among other details that make this drone truly stand out in the market. Being familiar with its specifications will undoubtedly influence your purchasing decisions and ultimately enrich your drone experiences.

What You’ll Get From Here…

  • An in-depth analysis of the Holy Stone HS700E
  • Key understanding of its features
  • How it stand up against competitors
  • Real-world usability and application insights
  • Tips to maximize your flying experience with the Holy Stone HS700E

A Synopsis of the Holy Stone HS700E

I’ve been flying the Holy Stone HS700E for a few weeks now, and I can’t wait to share my insights with you! This hs700E drone has truly lived up to most of my expectations, if not surpassed them. Trust me when I say, it’s hard not to be impressed with this beast of a quadcopter.

A Synopsis of the Holy Stone HS700E

Un examen plus approfondi des spécifications

Fair warning: the specifications of this conversation starter will blow your mind; it did mine! Here is everything you need to know:

Poids557 grams (19.65 oz)
Dimensions380 x 230 x 125 mm (Without protection guards)
Temps de vol23 minutes par batterie
Temps de charge5 heures
Distance FPV1640 feet / 500 meters
Distance de vol2624~3277 Feet / 999 m
Fréquence de la caméra5 GHz
Angle de caméra-90° à 0°
Video/photo Resolution4K (3840x2160P) and 1080P
Live View Quality:4K@30fps/1080P@60fps
Live Video Transmission Range:984 ~ 1640 pieds
Max Control Range:3280 feet
Max Expansion:128GB TF Card

Overview of the Holy Stone HS700E

After my first flight with the Pierre sacrée HS700E, I was left genuinely stricken, and my admiration for this gadget has only grown since.

Features and Specifications

Let’s kick things off by discussing some of the impressive features et specifications that set the Holy Stone HS700E apart in a crowded market:

  • The drone weighs in at 557 grams (19.65 oz), without protection guards, which ensures that it remains nimble while maintaining stability in flight.
  • Measuring 380230125 mm, it’s a perfect size for both enthusiasts and professionals seeking portability without sacrificing functionality.
  • One of my favorite aspects is an undeniably generous flight time of approximately 23 minutes per battery. This is substantial, considering most drones within this price range offer significantly less airtime.
  • The camera records stunning visuals at resolutions up to 4K (3840x2160P) and also supports 1080P capture. Not only that, but you can also enjoy Live View quality at either 4K@30fps or 1080P@60fps.
  • The drone boasts both commendable FPV Distance (1640 feet / 500 meters) as well as Flight Distance (2624~3277 Feet / approximately 1000 m), giving it plenty of reach for various shooting needs.

Qualité de conception et de construction

Beyond just features, what truly caught my eye was the solid construction coupled with resplendent design aesthetics synonymous with its name.

  • The craftsmanship that has gone into creating this device is evident in its build quality – made from high-grade material to withstand those inevitable crash landings.
    Indicative of a purposeful design approach is how elements like antenna placement, ventilation, and protection guards contribute towards amplified device longevity and optimal benefit derived by users.
  • Compact dimensions paired with portability-enhancing features like removable rotors make it an easy choice for photographers or hobbyists on the go.
  • The intelligently designed drone also flaunts controls that are both user-friendly and highly functional, enabling smooth navigation for pilots of all skill levels.

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Comprehensive Analysis of Holy Stone HS700E’s Features

Let me take you on a tour. Let’s explore and dissect its most prominent features like the camera performance, flight performance, and battery life.

Comprehensive Analysis of Holy Stone HS700E's Features

Performances de la caméra

Honestly, what impressed me the most about the Holy Stone HS700E is its remarkable camera quality. The Holy Stone HS700E drone’s camera functions under 5 GHz frequency which ensures high-speed transmission of videos and photos with clarity and stability.

  • Image Clarity: The 4K resolution promises images in 3840x2160P quality, allowing for extremely detailed photo capture.
  • La stabilité: The drone provides an adjustable viewing angle from -90° to 0°, which delivers a stable image recording even in windy conditions.
  • Video Recording Abilities: It offers two shooting modes: one with a stunning 4K@30fps for video and another offering 1080P@60fps for live view quality. With such high-quality video capabilities, your adventures will be recorded as beautifully as they happen around you.

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Performances de vol

The true test of any good drone lies in its flight performance. Oh boy! There were some really amazing moments when I put my hands on this beast.

  • Control Range: Holy Stone HS700E offers a maximum control range of up to 3280 feet or roughly a kilometer, which is quite exceptional considering other drones in the same price range.
  • Distance FPV : Through FPV (First Person View), you can enjoy beautiful scenery from up to 1640 feet to capture stunning pictures or videos from new angles.
  • Résistance au vent: One cool thing was it made a name for itself with its fantastic wind resistance. HS700E has been designed to handle gusts with ease, ensuring that it remains stable even if the conditions turn challenging.

Vie de la batterie

Another crucial factor that everyone needs to consider before buying a drone is battery life. Holy Stone HS700E really managed to surprise me on this one.

  • Temps de charge: Charged in approximately 5 hours, it was ready for a high-octane flight.
  • Flight Duration: The Holy Stone’s battery lasts around 23 minutes, providing ample flying time and capturing incredible footage on a single charge.
  • Battery saving features: The drone has intelligent power management systems that help prolong the battery life. Think about emergency landings in case of low-power or long-range flying scenarios – this is where these features kick in.

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Pros And Cons of Holy Stone HS700E

When we’re talking drones, the Holy Stone HS700E is a choice that demands consideration. However, like any piece of tech, it comes with its share of pros and cons. I’m dedicated to providing an unbiased and accurate review because I’ve personally tested the HS700E to outline its strengths and drawbacks.

Pros of the Holy Stone HS700E

  • Durée du vol : The drone boasts an impressive 23-minute flight time per battery, a figure confirmed by my testing. This makes it an incredible companion for extended filming or photography sessions.
  • Caméra de haute qualité: The camera specs on this thing are nothing short of fantastic. It offers videos in 4K (3840x2160P), and photos are also extremely clear at 1080P. Plus, live view quality matches the resolution capabilities.
  • Impressive Range: With a flight distance reaching approximately 2624~3277 feet, this drone delivers on its promise for long-range flights. Additionally, you can control it from as far as 3280 feet.
  • Distance FPV : You can enjoy First Person View flying up to about 1640 feet / 500 meters away with the Holy Stone HS700E – a feature that many drone enthusiasts will appreciate.

Cons of the Holy Stone HS700E

  • Weight & Dimension: Weighing in at around 557 grams without protective guards, some might find this drone slightly heavy. Its dimensions are also quite large at around ‘380230125 mm’, which may not suit everyone’s preference.
  • Temps de charge long : Unfortunately, charging time for the battery takes approximately five hours, which could be inconvenient if you’re looking forward to quick back-to-back flights.

Despite these few shortcomings, though, considering great features like extended flight times along with excellent camera quality, I find that the Holy Stone HS700E stands out in its class.

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Recommendation – Who Should Buy The Holy Stone HS700E?

The Holy Stone HS700E is the hallmark of utility and elegance, suitable for a range of individuals. However, its features make it more beneficial for certain people. Here’s who I believe could greatly benefit from this model:

Who Should Buy The Holy Stone HS700E?
  • Passionnés de photographie : This drone has an adjustable 4K ultra-HD camera with a 90° FOV lens that captures high-quality photos and videos. If you’re passionate about aerial photography, this is your tool.
  • Débutants : With easy operation functions, including GPS return home, follow me, and automatic flight modes like orbit mode or waypoint mode, it offers an ideal start for new drone pilots.
  • Travel Bloggers/Vloggers: With a control range of 3280 feet and a live video transmission range between 984~1640 feet, this drone serves as an awesome companion to record your travels.
  • Professionals in the Film Industry: The HS700E provides high-quality footage, which is great for professional content creation.
  • Outdoor Adventurers/Explorers: Packing a one-button take-off/landing feature and a solidly built structure, it’s ready-set-drone for your adventures!

So, if you belong to any of these categories or if your interests align with any of the features mentioned above, then you should definitely consider buying the magnificently designed Holy Stone HS700E Drone.

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Comparing Holy Stone HS700E with Competitors

Whenever I get a new drone, I like to compare it to similar drones on the market. Specifically, I take into account factors such as performance, feature set, pricing, and user experience. After all, understanding how a certain product stacks up against its competitors can be a great way to determine its relative value. With that in mind, let’s see how our focal drone for today – the Holy Stone HS700E – measures up.

How it stands out

Make no mistake about it – standing out in the crowded market is no small feat for any drone. But if we’re talking about the Holy Stone HS700E, there are definitely some areas where this UAV truly shines.

Firstly, given its price point, the Holy Stone HS700E comes packed with more features than you might expect:

  • Qualité de la caméra : Sporting a 4K camera capable of capturing footage at 3840x2160P resolution and shooting at 30 frames per second (fps), this device delivers brilliantly crisp images and steady video footage of your outdoor adventures or professional drone shots.
  • Durée du vol : The impressive battery life of this Holy Stone model gives you around 23 minutes of flight time per battery. Now, that may not sound much but consider that most drones within its price range average only about 15 minutes.
  • Distance FPV : With an FPV Distance of up to 1640 feet or approximately 500 meters—longer than many standard consumer-level drones—you’re presented with an expansive field through which to maneuver the quadcopter.

From my experience flying different models, the best follow-me drones, including autonomous ones like the best autonomous drones Holy Stone HS700E, strike the right balance between quality and price.

For consumers like me, I appreciate that the brand gives a great deal of emphasis on usability and practicality, making these few hundred-dollar drones competitive against more expensive ones out there.

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Is it easy to manage for beginners?

Absolutely! The Holy Stone HS700E is designed with a user-friendly interface that even beginners can easily handle.

Is Holy Stone HS700E waterproof?

Unfortunately, the Holy Stone HS700E is not categorized as waterproof. Therefore, it’s recommended to avoid flying in the rain or misty conditions.

What kind of after-sales support does Holy Stone provide?

After-sales, Holy Stone provides exceptional customer service, including troubleshooting and part replacement, to ensure your continuous enjoyment of their product.

Can I upgrade the camera later?

The camera on the Holy Stone HS700E isn’t specifically designed for upgrades. However, if you’re tech-savvy and careful enough, you might manage some modifications.


In my personal experience, the Holy Stone HS700E drone is a game changer in the photography and videography world. Its impressive flying distance of 999m allows me to capture stunning aerial shots with incomparable ease.

The high-quality 4K camera is perfect for both professional photographers and outdoor enthusiasts like me, as it delivers superior image quality even at significant heights. Its FPV distance and live video transmission range are also remarkable.

But what I love most about this product is its longevity. One battery charge gives me up to 23 minutes of flight time, which I find extremely convenient when capturing those perfect moments.

Points clés à retenir

  • The Holy Stone HS700E offers an outstanding flight time.
  • The drone’s exceptional camera allows for brilliant photos and videos.
  • It boasts a substantial control range.
Richard J. Gross

Bonjour, je m'appelle Richard J. Gross et je suis pilote d'Airbus à plein temps et propriétaire d'une entreprise de drones commerciaux. Je me suis lancé dans les drones en 2015 lorsque j'ai commencé à faire de la photographie aérienne pour des sociétés immobilières. Je n'avais aucune idée de ce dans quoi je m'engageais à l'époque, mais il s'avère que la police a été appelée sur moi peu de temps après que j'ai commencé à voler. Ils n'aimaient pas que je fasse voler mon drone près des gens, alors ils m'ont demandé de venir former leurs officiers sur les règles et réglementations relatives aux drones. Après cela, j'ai décidé de créer ma propre entreprise de drones et d'enseigner aux autres l'utilisation sûre et responsable des drones.

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