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Análise do Holy Stone HS175D: revele seus recursos e desempenho

Por: Richard J. Gross
Atualizado em: 14 de fevereiro de 2024

Something spectacular flew into the market recently, and it’s making waves among drone enthusiasts. The Holy Stone HS175D is a masterpiece of modern engineering that encrypts sheer power and finesse into a lightweight design. It’s no mere drone; it’s your ticket to experiencing flight in ways you never thought conceivable.

It sparkles with cutting-edge features that set it apart from the others. Its impressive camera resolution, extraordinary control distance, and delightful flying time; there is simply no comparison! Every flight with this nimble Hs 175D evolves into an experience straying from mediocrity, stirring immense satisfaction.

O que você obterá daqui

  • Unveiling the prized features of this exuberant product
  • Why Holy Stone HS175D stands unparalleled
  • Insights about its phenomenal photography capabilities
  • An insider’s look at what owning an HS175D means for you!

Unveiling the Holy Stone HS175D Review

Ever since I laid my hands on the Holy Stone HS175D, I’ve been intrigued and fascinated by its stunning features. As an avid fan of zangão technology, I have seen my fair share of drones. But this one stands out in numerous ways.

Unveiling the Holy Stone HS175D Review

Uma análise mais detalhada das especificações

Before we dive deeper into this holy stone HS 175D review, let’s take a moment to analyze its specs more closely.

Peso215 g / 7.58 oz
Dimensões145*90*60 mm (Folded); 360*300*70 mm (Unfolded)
Tempo máximo de voo23 minutos por bateria
Distância máxima de transmissão984 pés/300 m
Distância máxima de voo1640 pés/500 m
Frequência da câmera5 GHz
Ângulo da câmeraTilt range 0° to -90°; Lens: FOV 110°
Resolução Fotográfica4096x3072PP (armazenado em cartão TF); 4096x3072P (armazenado no celular)
Resolução de vídeo2688x1512P (stored in TF card); 1920x1080P (stored on a mobile phone)
Expansão máxima64GB TF Card
Tempo de carregamento150 minutos
GPS EnabledSim
Foldable DesignSim

Why Choose the Holy Stone HS175D?

Selecting the right drone can be a daunting task with an overwhelming number of choices available in the market. However, one model that stands out to me is the Holy Stone HS175D. Renowned for its advanced features, superb performance, and competitive positioning in the market, this could possibly be your next best investment.

Holy Stone HS175D?

Key Features of the Holy Stone HS175D

When I unboxed my Holy Stone HS175D drone for the first time, my attention was quickly drawn to its impressive list of technological features. Here’s a snapshot:

  • Design compacto: With dimensions measuring 1459060 mm when folded and 36030070 mm when unfolded, it is incredibly sleek and compact.
  • Peso leve: Weighing just 215 g or 7.58 oz which ideally suits travelers and hobbyists who prioritise portability.
  • 23 Minutes Flight Time: Each battery provides a commendable flight time for capturing extended footage.
  • The camera comes equipped with a frequency of 5GHz and an adjustable angle range from 0° to -90°.

Later I will be digging into how these features translate into stellar performance in our ‘Performance Analysis’ section.

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Performance Analysis of the Holy Stone HS175D

On testing my Holy Stone HS175D, some key points stood out:

  • GPS Enabled: This enhances flight stability for smoother capture even when flying long distances.
  • The maximum transmission distance encompasses a whopping 984 feet/300 m, opening up more space for high-flying adventures.
  • It offers a maximum flight distance of up to 1640 feet/500 m – ample reach for most outdoor projects.

Furthermore, this drone boasts high photo (4096x3072P) and video (2688x1512P) resolutions, bringing impressive clarity and detail to your shots. Notably, it supports up to 64GB TF card for storage.

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Competitive Comparison

The Holy Stone HS175D presents quite the competition in its category with its combination of high-end features at an affordable price range.

When compared to drones such as DJI Mini SE or Autel Evo Nano, the Holy Stone HS175D holds its own with a longer flight time and competitive camera specs at a more cost-effective price point.

By now, you’d have realized why I stand by my recommendation of Holy Stone HS175D as one of the frontrunners within its range. It brilliantly balances excellent performance and budget-friendliness making it an ideal option not just for hobbyists but professionals as well.

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Detailed Evaluation of the Holy Stone HS175D

Detailed Evaluation of the Holy Stone HS175D

Delving deep into the nitty-gritty details, I decided to examine three crucial aspects of this high-grade drone: its design and build quality, flight performance, and camera quality. These are cornerstones for any decent drone out in the market. So, without further ado, let’s kick things off with an overview of its aesthetic appeal and functionality.

Qualidade de design e construção

When it comes to aesthetics, the Holy Stone HS175D exudes a sleek and sophisticated appearance that is sure to please tech enthusiasts all over. Its stylish contrast of matte gray with prominent orange accents gives it an edgy modern look that sets it apart from your typical drone.

On handling this beast, I quickly noticed two key features- compactness due to its foldable design and lightweight because of its meager 215 g / 7.58 oz weight. Not just pleasing to the eyes but also easy to carry around!

  • Extremely portable due to foldable design
  • User-friendly control scheme
  • High-quality build materials that guarantee durability

Material-wise this trusty drone doesn’t let us down, boasting not only high-quality components but increased reliability as well as an extended lifespan compared to other drones in the same category.

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Desempenho de voo

As a pilot myself, I’ve seen firsthand how important speed, stability, and ease of flying can be when piloting drones for different objectives such as recreation or commercial purposes.

The Holy Stone HS175D packs quite a punch when it comes down to those aspects:

  • Remarkably stable flight performance
  • Top-notch GPS-enabled positioning system
  • Impressive maximum flight distance up to 1640 feet / 500 m
  • Max flight time of 23 minutes per battery, which is considerable for drones of its category

Whether you’re a novice or veteran drone pilot, you can’t help but appreciate the maneuverability and stability that the HS175D offers. It’s an experience that one must try to fully appreciate.

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Qualidade da Câmara

One of the selling points for any drone is how good the camera quality is. The HS175D certainly impresses in this area with:

  • An adept camera angle: Tilt range going from 0° -90°; Lens being FOV 110°
  • Takes high-resolution photos (4096x3072P stored either on TF card or mobile phone)
  • Masterful video capturing capabilities (2688x1512P stored in TF card; 1920x1080P stored on a mobile phone)

The Holy Stone HS175D’s powerful lens, smooth stability, and resolution settings make it an excellent tool for photographers and videographers looking to elevate their craft.

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Pros And Cons of Holy Stone HS175D

The Holy Stone HS175D is a drone that has collected its fair share of praises and criticisms. As a drone enthusiast myself, I had the opportunity to test this gadget and experience firsthand what it has to offer. In the spirit of providing an honest assessment, here are my thoughts.


  • Remarkable camera quality: The HS175D is equipped with a remarkable camera with a photo resolution of 4096x3072P stored both in a TF card and mobile phone. Even the video resolution doesn’t disappoint with 2688x1512P when stored in a TF card and 1920x1080P on your phone.
  • Foldable Design: The fact that the drone features a foldable design increases its practicality. When folded, its dimensions shrink to 1459060 mm, making it quite portable.
  • Tempo de voo impressionante: With around 23 minutes per battery, there’s plenty of time for fun or productive flights.
  • Extended Flight Distance: The maximum flight distance reaches up to 1640 feet/500m, which provides ample space for exploration – perfect for those who love adventuring from the skies!


Not all aspects are rosy, though; there were distinct features that weren’t as compelling:

  • Long charging time: It takes roughly 150 minutes to get fully charged, which may be impractical in situations where you need rapid battery regeneration.
  • Limited Transmission Distance: Although it boasts an extensive flight distance, the transmission distance is capped at only about 984 feet/300 m which might not be sufficient for professional photography or videography purposes.

My testing clearly showcased these highs and lows, offering valuable insight into what makes this gadget tick. When it comes to deciding whether the Holy Stone HS175D is the right drone for you, carefully consider these factors in addition to your personal needs and preferences.

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Recomendação – Quem deve comprar?

If you’re in the market for a new drone and considering the Holy Stone HS175D, there are a few critical factors to consider:

  • Beginners Drone Enthusiasts: This drone is perfect for those who are dipping their toes into the world of drones. Its foldable design, coupled with a flight time of 23 minutes per battery, makes it easy to transport and enjoy without worrying about constant recharges. The controls are user-friendly, making it ideal for novices.
  • Photography buffs: The Holy Stone HS175D features an impressive camera frequency of 5GHz plus a tilt angle that ranges from 0° to -90°. Whether you’re shooting landscapes or specific objects, this drone will deliver quality images and videos.
  • Professionals on a Budget: Although this drone isn’t at par with higher-end models used by professional videographers or photographers, it’s an affordable option that delivers excellent results. If you’re working on smaller commercial projects or simply love taking aerial shots for social media, the HS175D works beautifully.
  • Outdoor enthusiasts: With GPS enabled and maximum transmission distance reaching up to 984 feet/300 m, this model is perfect for those who love exploring outdoors while simultaneously capturing breathtaking images.

If you’re starting your journey as a drone pilot, if photography is more than just your hobby if you’re looking for budget professional gear, or if you need something robust in your outdoor travels – the Holy Stone HS175D could be just what you’ve been looking for!

Remember always do adequate research before making any purchase decisions so that there’s no regret later down the line. With its advanced features and affordable pricing bracket, though, I must say, the HS175D surely makes a compelling case for itself.

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How long does the battery last for a single flight with this model?

I must say, the Holy Stone HS175D impresses with its flight time, providing up to 23 minutos of flight per battery. Remember though, factors like your usage and weather conditions can affect this.

Is this model suitable for beginners or only experts?

One thing’s for sure: anyone can have fun flying the Holy Stone HS175D! Its ease of use and intuitive controls make it excellent for beginners, while its advanced features are also sure to captivate experienced users.

How far can you fly this drone without losing connection?

The safe range of control distance is mind-blowing. You can fly the Holy Stone HS175D up to 500m without losing contact. However, always comply with local laws regarding drone usage.


I would confidently say that the Holy Stone HS175D drone is a trustworthy investment. After thoroughly testing it, I’m easily impressed by its high-resolution camera, flawless transmission distance, and significant flight time. Furthermore, with GPS support and foldable design, it introduces an element of convenience that is hard to disregard.

Principais pontos importantes:

  • The Holy Stone HS175D has an impressive camera quality.
  • Its transmission and flight distances are outstanding.
  • GPS functionality provides precise fly position tracking.
  • The foldable design enhances its portability.
Richard J. Gross

Olá, o meu nome é Richard J. Gross e sou piloto de Airbus a tempo inteiro e proprietário de um negócio de aeronaves comerciais. Entrei no ramo dos drones em 2015 quando comecei a fazer fotografia aérea para empresas imobiliárias. Não fazia ideia no que me estava a meter na altura, mas acontece que a polícia foi chamada a mim pouco depois de ter começado a voar. Eles não gostavam que eu voasse com o meu drone perto de pessoas, por isso pediram-me para vir treinar os seus agentes sobre as regras e regulamentos para drones. Depois disso, decidi começar o meu próprio negócio de zangões e ensinar outros sobre o uso seguro e responsável de zangões.

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