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Análise aprofundada do Holy Stone HS720G: melhor desempenho

Por: Richard J. Gross
Atualizado em: 14 de fevereiro de 2024

Os drones se tornaram algo muito mais do que apenas brinquedos tecnológicos legais. Eles estão evoluindo rapidamente para ferramentas essenciais para fotografia e videografia, aventuras ao ar livre e até mesmo operações comerciais. Com esse aumento de popularidade, há uma infinidade de marcas e modelos para você escolher. Entre estas opções surge um destaque particular que vem chamando a atenção de forma consistente – […] Holy Stone HS720G.

Whether you are an amateur drone enthusiast or a seasoned professional, you need to understand what sets apart the Holy Stone HS720G from its counterparts before investing your hard-earned dollars. Is this drone the unbeatable machine it claims to be? Does it deliver as promised? I’ve dug deep into its features, performance, advantages, and shortcomings in this comprehensive Holy Stone HS720G review.

What You’ll Uncover In This Review

  • All-encompassing knowledge about the distinct features of the HS 720g zangão
  • An entertaining story of personal experiences with the Holy Stone HS 720g
  • An unbiased assessment of whether or not this flying marvel is worth your investment
  • In-depth understanding of how HS 720g stacks against comparable drone models
  • Vital tips on maximizing your experience with zangões like HS 720g

Unveiling the Holy Stone HS720G Review

Today I had an opportunity to get hands-on time with a rather impressive drone, the Holy Stone HS720G. As a gadget enthusiast myself, I was keen on exploring every bit of this intriguing creation. Whether it’s about flight performance or camera quality, the detailed holy stone HS 720G review is certainly worth your time.

Unveiling the Holy Stone HS720G Review

But first things first, let’s examine its specifications because that’s where the real beauty lies!

Uma análise mais detalhada das especificações

Before we dive deeper into this holy stone HS720G Review, let’s take a moment to analyze its specs more closely.

Tamanho (dobrado)1649063 mm
Tamanho (desdobrado)30523063 mm
Distância de vôo3,277 feet / 999 m
Distância FPV1,640 feet / 500 m
Tempo de voo26 minutos
Tempo de carregamento5 horas
Faixa de temperatura operacional32°F a +104°F (0°C a +40°C)
Frequência de operação5 GHz
Resolução da câmera4K (3840x2160P) for photos and videos
Ângulo da lenteFOV 120°
Supported TF Card128GB (Not included).

Features Of the Holy Stone HS720G

The Holy Stone HS720G is a drone that boasts an array of impressive features, and in my personal opinion, there are three standout points. If you’re considering buying this model, you’ll want to know about its high-quality camera, smooth flight control capabilities, and impressive battery life.

Features Of the Holy Stone HS720G

So let us dive into these three standpoints:

High-Quality Camera Detail

Firstly, the Holy Stone HS720G comes equipped with a world-class 4K camera that redefines aerial photography. It’s not just the sheer quality of images it captures but also how it enhances your whole experience that really draws me in.

  • Captivating Details: The 4K camera outputs stunning photographs with an amazing resolution of 3840x2160P. The lens angle has an FOV (field of view) at approximately 120° degrees capturing wider images for those premium stills.
  • Cinema-Worthy Videos: When I take my drone out flying every frame that I capture feels like it can pop out any second – yes – they’re so vivid!

Let’s face it – having a spectacular view from the sky piped right into our screens is honestly exhilarating!

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Smooth Flight Control

Perhaps even more important than quality footage is having a steady hand on the controls making your flight as smooth as ever.

  • Voo assistido por GPS: The HS720G has GPS-assisted flight by default. This makes navigation a ton easier while ensuring an accurate hovering position. Even on slightly windy days and amidst slight temperature shifts ranging from 32°F to +104°F (0°C to +40°C), your drone will maintain a stable flight.
  • Distância de vôo: Can cover an impressive distance of up to 3,277 feet / 999m – perfect for those aspiring adventurers out there.

Impressive Battery Life

Lastly, it’s worth mentioning how this drone’s battery life stands out from other models on the market.

  • Tempo de voo decente: The Holy Stone HS270G has a flight time of approximately 26 minutes. This is quite substantial compared to other drones available today. Although it takes about five hours to fully charge having long round-trip explorations makes it so worth it!
  • Far-Flying Range: On one full single charge, you’ve got up an extensive flight radius totaling almost a mile!

The Holy Stone HS720G isn’t just another drone—it’s an experience. From its high-quality camera detail through to its impressive battery life, every feature has left quite a bit of an impression on me and I totally recommend taking it for a spin!

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Performance of the Holy Stone HS720G

When testing out the Holy Stone HS720G, I was greatly impressed by both its flight performance and stabilization features. In my opinion, two main areas really set this drone apart from its competition.

Desempenho de voo

The flight performance of the Holy Stone HS720G is simply superb. Some key points I noted during my test flights included:

  • Velocidade: For a drone in its price bracket, it had an impressive top speed, which allowed me to cover large distances in a shorter timeframe.
  • Height and Range: It could fly up to 3,277 feet away from me – more than enough distance for filming wide shots or for fun recreational use. In terms of height, it easily reached tall structures without any issues.
  • Controls: The controls were easy to handle and highly responsive. Even at long distances, I experienced no significant latency issues.
  • Tempo de voo: With a full charge offering around 26 minutes of flight time before needing a recharge.
  • Operating Temperatures: It operated reliably in temperatures ranging from 32°F to +104°F making it versatile for different weather conditions.

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Stabilization Feature

The stabilization feature is another standout aspect of the Holy Stone HS720G that deserves mention. It utilizes electronic image stabilization which worked extremely well in real-world usage:

  • Even while flying at top speeds or during breezy conditions, the drone remained steady as a rock. This provided smoother footage compared to other models within the same price range.
  • Upon closer inspection of my recorded videos and images (which were captured at a resolution of 4K), I found them clear with minimal distortion even when dealing with rapid movements or high-altitude changes.

This stellar performance can be accredited to its FOV 120° camera lens, aligned perfectly for reliable image and video capture.

All these factors considered, the Holy Stone HS720G is a robust offering on the market with well-rounded features and commendable performance.

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Comparing Holy Stone HS720G to Other Drones

When it comes to the world of technological advancements, drones have surely taken a flight of their own. The Holy Stone HS720G is no exception. This top-of-the-line drone boasts fantastic features comparable to some of its worthy opponents such as the DJI Phantom and Autel X-Star Premium. But what makes the Holy Stone HS720G stand out among the rest? Let’s take a closer look.

Comparing Holy Stone HS720G to Other Drones

Direct Comparisons

Comparing products directly can be a challenging task, especially when each model has unique features that give it an edge over others in any particular area.

  • Starting with the weight, both DJI Phantom and Autel X-Star Premium carry more weight than our focus drone, tipping the scales at around 1200g and 700g, respectively, whereas our champ Holy Stone HS720G weighs only 377g.
  • Em termos de size, while unfolded, The DJI Phantom measures larger at about 350x350mm compared to the Hs 720g which sticks closer to a mid-sized frame with dimensions of around 305x230mm.
  • Considering tempo de voo as one core variable for comparison, where we see that Phantom has an impressive up-time hovering around half an hour mark and Autel trailing it slightly by a few minutes- our star player Hs 720g stands firm with its respectable flight time of approximately 26 minutes.


Now this is one area where comparing becomes slightly tricky because value for money doesn’t necessarily mean going for the cheapest option available but rather getting more bang for your buck results in higher satisfaction levels.

  • Preços: Compared to premium models like DJI Phantom or Autel X-Star Premium, Holy Stone HS720G comes with less of a sting on your wallet.
  • Desempenho: Despite being considerably cheaper, the Hs 720g does not compromise performance. It still offers a wide range of features, including a 5GHz operating frequency and outstanding 4K camera resolution for photos and videos.
  • Additional features: What truly sets the Holy Stone HS720G apart is its offer of excellent utility at its price point – making it great value for money!

It seems clear to me that in terms of value, this one is surely worth considering next time you’re in the market to find an excellent drone at a competitive price.

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Pros And Cons of Holy Stone HS720G

Well, this wouldn’t be a complete Holy Stone HS720G review without discussing some of the pros and cons of this drone. Trust me, I’ve tested it myself! Let’s start off with the positive aspects that stood out after my personal experience.


  • Superb Flight Time: The Holy Stone HS720G boasts an impressive 26 minutes of flight time on a single charge. For me, this makes it superb for those long exploration sessions.
  • Distance Freedom: With a flight distance reaching up to 3,277 feet (or 999 m), you can really push your exploration boundaries.
  • Camera Perfection: If you’re like me and love capturing scenic beauty from above, then Holy Stone HS720G’s camera feature won’t disappoint. It offers a stunning 4K (3840x2160P) resolution for photos and videos.
  • Compact Design: One thing many drone enthusiasts appreciate is its compact size when folded, which makes it very portable. Honestly, at the unfolded size of only 30523063 mm, handling is no sweat!


  • Longo tempo de carregamento: Waiting for five hours until your drone is fully charged isn’t fun. In my honest viewpoint – it’s quite frustrating!
  • Cartão TF não incluído: This may not seem like a big deal to some intruding on the costs and inconveniences related to sourcing one separately.
  • Limitações de peso: At 377g/13.30oz weight, international travelers might face restrictions in countries like Canada that have laws about drones exceeding 250 grams.

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Recomendação – Quem deve comprar?

As I’ve spent considerable time exploring the HS 720G, I can’t help but recognize the drone’s broad appeal. The Holy Stone HS720G is more than just an ordinary drone; it’s a robust, feature-packed gadget that an array of users will find beneficial.

So, who should consider buying this fantastic drone?

  • Iniciantes: If you’re new to the world of drones yet eager to learn quickly and efficiently, then Holy Stone HS720G is a great starting point for you. Its intuitive controls and easy-to-understand functions are tailor-made for those making their first venture into drone piloting.
  • Amadores: For those who enjoy flying drones as a pastime activity, Holy Stone HS720G won’t disappoint. With its extended flight time and impressive range, it takes your hobby to a whole new level.
  • Fotógrafos e Cinegrafistas: Sporting a 4K camera that captures stunning photos and videos at high resolution makes this drone a gem for photographers & videographers seeking aerial shots.
  • Travelers/Adventurers: The compact desenho dobrável makes it an excellent portable choice for travelers, bloggers, or adventurers seeking to document their journey from unique aerial perspectives.

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How does the “follow me” feature work on the Holy Stone HS720G?

The “Follow Me” feature on the Holy Stone HS720G uses GPS tracking to follow and capture your movements. This hands-free mode is ideal for filming dynamic shots.

Can the Holy Stone HS720G handle windy conditions?

Yes, it can. The Holy Stone HS720G has wind resistance capabilities thanks to its robust design and powerful motors. However, for optimal performance, try to fly in calm weather.

What is the actual battery life of the Holy Stone HS720G during full operation?

The Holy Stone HS 720G drone has a flying time of up to 26 minutes per charge under proper use. Please note that factors like continuous hovering and high-speed flight may reduce this time.

How far can I fly the drone before losing connection?

You can fly this drone up to a distance of 3,277 feet or 999 meters before risking losing signal or control.


After spending considerable time with the Holy Stone HS720G, I can say it’s a top-of-the-line drone with plenty to offer both novices and experienced pilots. This powerhouse has brought a new definition to aerial photography with its 4K camera.

The foldable design is convenient, making it easy to carry around during my adventures. With a flight time of 26 minutes and extraordinary flight distance, I was able to capture unique shots from different perspectives.

However, prepare yourself for a little bit of waiting around, as charging takes roughly five hours. But don’t let this discourage you—the HS720G performance is more than worth the wait.

Principais pontos importantes

  • The high-quality Câmara 4K provides beautiful footage and photos.
  • Possui uma impressionante flight time of 26 minutes.
  • Hassle-free storage thanks to the compact foldable design.
  • Provides exceptional value considering its price point.
Richard J. Gross

Olá, o meu nome é Richard J. Gross e sou piloto de Airbus a tempo inteiro e proprietário de um negócio de aeronaves comerciais. Entrei no ramo dos drones em 2015 quando comecei a fazer fotografia aérea para empresas imobiliárias. Não fazia ideia no que me estava a meter na altura, mas acontece que a polícia foi chamada a mim pouco depois de ter começado a voar. Eles não gostavam que eu voasse com o meu drone perto de pessoas, por isso pediram-me para vir treinar os seus agentes sobre as regras e regulamentos para drones. Depois disso, decidi começar o meu próprio negócio de zangões e ensinar outros sobre o uso seguro e responsável de zangões.

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