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Die 10 besten Holy-Stone-Drohnen: Epische Vergleichstabelle! (2024)

von: Richard J. Gross
Updated On: Februar 21, 2024

Flying a drone is like having a bird’s-eye view of the world, a perspective that captures the imagination and ignites a sense of adventure. As a drone enthusiast, I’ve spent countless hours testing and analyzing the best Holy Stone drones for those seeking aerial thrills and stunning footage.

From the Holy Stone HS360S with its 4K UHD camera to the compact and feature-packed Holy Stone HS440D, each drone offers a unique experience that will leave you breathless. But which one is truly the best? Join me as we explore the top 10 Holy Stone drones of 2024, their capabilities, and the factors to consider when choosing your perfect aerial companion. You won’t want to miss it.

Here is a Quick Glimpse at the Best Holy Stone Drone Comparison Chart

Best Holy Stone Drones: Holy Stone HS360S
Heiliger Stein HS360S
  • Flugzeit: 20 Min.
  • Flugbereich: Bis zu 10.000 Fuß
  • Kameraauflösung: 4K UHD
Best Holy Stone Drones: Holy Stone HS440D
Heiliger Stein HS440D
  • Flugzeit: 19 mins
  • Flugbereich: Up to 1,148ft
  • Kameraauflösung: 4K
Best Holy Stone Drones: Holy Stone HS440
Heiliger Stein HS440
  • Flugzeit: 20 Min.
  • Flugbereich: 330ft
  • Kameraauflösung: 1080P HD
Best Holy Stone Drones: Holy Stone HS175D
Holy Stone HS175D
  • Flugzeit: 46 mins
  • Flugbereich: 300m
  • Kameraauflösung: 4K
Best Holy Stone Drones: Holy Stone HS720R
Holy Stone HS720R
  • Flugzeit: 26 Min.
  • Flugbereich: Up to 10,000 Feet
  • Kameraauflösung: 4K
Best Holy Stone Drones: Holy Stone HS600
Holy Stone HS600
  • Flugzeit: 56 Min.
  • Flugbereich: Bis zu 10.000 Fuß
  • Kameraauflösung: 4K
Best Holy Stone Drones: Holy Stone HS430
Heiliger Stein HS430
  • Flugzeit: 39 mins
  • Flugbereich: 131ft
  • Kameraauflösung: 1080P
Best Holy Stone Drones: Holy Stone HS720
Heiliger Stein HS720
  • Flugzeit: 26 Min.
  • Flugbereich: Up to 3,000 feet
  • Kameraauflösung: 4K
Best Holy Stone Drones: Holy Stone HS720G
Heiliger Stein HS720G
  • Flugzeit: 26 Min.
  • Flugbereich: Up to 999 meters
  • Kameraauflösung: 4K
Best Holy Stone Drones: Holy Stone HS210
Heiliger Stein HS210
  • Flugzeit: 21 mins
  • Flugbereich: Up to 164ft/50m
  • Kameraauflösung: N/A

1. Holy Stone HS360S

Best Holy Stone Drones: Holy Stone HS360S
Bildquelle Amazon
Kamera4K UHD camera with 1/3” CMOS GalaxyCore Sensor, 85° wide-angle lens, adjustable within 90°
FlugbereichBis zu 10.000 Fuß
FlugzeitApproximately 20 minutes per battery
GPS FunctionPrecise GPS positioning for stable flight and safe return home
KonnektivitätEnhanced remote controller with smartphone connection via data cable
Intelligent Control SystemBeginner mode and optical flow positioning for ease of use
Recording ModesSpiral Up, Catapult, 1-Tap Ascension, Follow Me, Waypoint Flight, Point of Interest
App-UnterstützungHoly Stone HS Fly App for improving flight experience and shooting quality
GewichtLess than 250g, no FAA or Remote ID registration required
KompatibilitätDesigned for use in the US, may require adapter or converter for international use
Im Lieferumfang enthaltenes ZubehörDrone, battery, charging cable, remote controller, connection cable (type C, USB, lightning), propellers, screwdriver, instructions

If you’re an avid adventurer seeking a lightweight and feature-rich drone for capturing stunning aerial footage, the Holy Stone HS360S GPS Drone with 4K UHD Camera (HS360S) is the perfect choice for you. Weighing less than 250g, this drone is hassle-free to fly without the need for FAA registration.

Equipped with a 4K UHD camera and a 1/3 CMOS GalaxyCore sensor, it ensures high-quality photos and videos. The advanced connection technology allows for real-time image streaming without the need for WiFi. With a control range of up to 10,000 feet and a flight time of 20 minutes, you can go on longer adventures and capture breathtaking shots.

The precise GPS positioning and return-home function ensure a safe flying experience. The upgraded control system and multiple intelligent functions make this drone user-friendly and perfect for easy aerial filming. Don’t miss out on the Holy Stone GPS Drone with 4K UHD Camera (HS360S) for your next adventure.

Beste für: Adventurers and aerial photography enthusiasts looking for a lightweight and feature-rich drone for capturing stunning aerial footage.


  • Lightweight design and hassle-free flying without FAA registration.
  • High-quality 4K UHD camera with real-time image streaming.
  • Precise GPS positioning and multiple intelligent functions for easy aerial filming.


2. Holy Stone HS440D (Best Holy Stone Drone for Beginners)

Best Holy Stone Drones: Holy Stone HS440D
Bildquelle Amazon
MarkeHeiliger Stein
Kameraauflösung3840 x 2160P
Kamerafunktionen120° FOV lens, 90° adjustable lens, 5GHz FPV transmission
FlugmodiGPS-Auto-Return, Follow Me, Waypoint Fly, Point of Interest
Gefaltete Abmessungen4.84 x 3.66 x 2.36 in
Max Battery Life19 Minutes
Maximaler Kontrollbereich1148ft
Maximaler Bildübertragungsbereich5Ghz for 650ft
Additional EquipmentCarrying case, Spare propellers, USB Charging Cable, Screwdriver

For aerial adventurers seeking a foldable GPS drone with a 4K camera weighing under 249g, the Holy Stone HS440D is the ultimate choice. This drone is packed with impressive features that will take your aerial adventures to new heights. Equipped with a 4K Ultra Clear Camera and a 120° FOV lens, the HS440D captures stunning footage with remarkable clarity and detail.

With GPS Intelligent Flight Mode, you can enjoy features like auto return, Follow Me, Waypoint Fly, and Point of Interest, allowing you to explore and capture your surroundings effortlessly. The foldable design and included carrying case make it easy to transport, and its weight of under 250g ensures compliance with regulations. The beginner-friendly features, such as One Key Takeoff/Landing and Emergency Stop, make it suitable for users of all skill levels.

Additionally, the multiple functions like 2 Speeds Switch, Kopfloser Modus, Altitude Hold, and Low Battery Warning enhance your flying experience. With the Holy Stone HS440D, you can expect a drone that isn’t only easy to use but also delivers exceptional performance and stunning footage in various conditions.

Beste für: Aerial adventurers and intermediate-level drone users looking for a foldable GPS drone with a 4K camera.


  • 4K Ultra Clear Camera with 120° FOV lens for stunning footage.
  • GPS Intelligent Flight Mode with auto return, Follow Me, Waypoint Fly, and Point of Interest for effortless exploration and capturing.
  • Beginner-friendly features like One Key Takeoff/Landing and Emergency Stop.


  • Limited camera resolution and capabilities compared to higher-end drones.

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3. Holy Stone HS440 (Voice Gesture Control)

Best Holy Stone Drones: Holy Stone HS440
Bildquelle Amazon
MarkeHeiliger Stein
Auflösung der Videoaufnahme1080p
Kamera1080P HD Auto-Adjustable Camera with 90° vertical pivot
FlugzeitUp to 20 minutes with powerful modular battery
MerkmaleAutomatic takeoff, precise hovering, One-Key High-speed Rotation, Headless Mode, Altitude Hold, Emergency Stop
Im Lieferumfang enthaltenes ZubehörCarrying case, 2 batteries, USB charging cables, set of propellers, screwdriver
Control MethodRemote control or app
Customer Rating4.0 out of 5 stars as per amazon (based on 4,356 global ratings)

Die Holy Stone HS440 Foldable FPV Drone with 1080P WiFi Camera (Voice Gesture Control) is perfect for those seeking a compact and versatile drone for their aerial adventures. Equipped with a 1080P HD auto-adjustable camera and a wide-angle lens with a 112° field of view, this drone captures stunning aerial footage with ease. Its foldable frame makes it convenient for storage and transport, and the included carrying case adds an extra layer of protection.

With a modular battery, you can enjoy up to 20 minutes of flight time on a single charge. The drone features automatic takeoff and precise hovering, as well as intelligent functions such as Emergency Stop, Kopfloser Modus, and Altitude Hold.

Beginners will find it easy to learn and fly, both indoors and outdoors. The drone’s durability and ability to withstand crashes are commendable, thanks to its brushed motors with gears. Customers have praised the enjoyable flying experience and the high-quality carrying case. The price of this drone is reasonable, making it a great value for money.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned drone enthusiast, the Holy Stone HS440 Foldable FPV-Drohne with 1080P WiFi Camera (Voice Gesture Control) is a recommended choice for your aerial adventures.

Beste für: Beginners and kids looking for a compact and versatile drone with good camera quality.


  • 1080P HD auto-adjustable camera with wide-angle lens for stunning aerial footage
  • The foldable frame and included carrying case for easy storage and transport
  • Modular battery for up to 20 minutes of flight time


  • Light weight affects flying in windy conditions

4. Holy Stone HS175D GPS Drone

Best Holy Stone Drones: Holy Stone HS175D
Bildquelle Amazon
Kamera4K Ultra Clear Camera with 110° wide-angle and 90° adjustable
FPV-Reichweite300 m
FlightTimeUp to 46 minutes flight time with 2 batteries
GewichtUnder 250g for FAA registration exemption
Intelligent FunctionsTracing and following, flying along a set path, circling a point, taking photos/videos based on poses
ZusatzfunktionenAltitude Hold, Optical Flow, Headless Mode, One Key Take Off/Landing, Speed Adjust, GPS Auto Return
SafetyFAA registration may be required; follow FAA guidelines for responsible drone flying
AccessoriesCharging cables for drone and transmitter, propeller, screwdriver, user manuals

One of the best holy stone drones with its 4K Ultra Clear Camera and GPS Auto Return, the Holy Stone GPS Drone with 4K Camera (HS175D) offers aerial adventurers a high-quality and reliable option for capturing stunning footage and navigating with ease.

Equipped with a 110° wide-angle and 90° adjustable camera, this drone provides exceptional visual clarity and flexibility. The 5GHz FPV transmission ensures smooth and stable videos, allowing you to capture every moment in stunning detail.

With GPS Auto Return, you can rely on the Drohne soll automatisch nach Hause zurückkehren, ensuring the safety of your investment. The HS175D also boasts a flight time of up to 46 minutes with two batteries, allowing for longer and more immersive aerial adventures.

Its foldable fuselage design makes it highly portable, and perfect for on-the-go adventures. With intelligent functions like Follow Me, Circle Fly, and Waypoint Fly, the HS175D offers a truly dynamic and customizable flight experience.

Beste für: Aerial adventurers and drone enthusiasts who want a high-quality and reliable drone with advanced features at a reasonable cost.


  • 4K Ultra Clear Camera with wide-angle and adjustable capabilities for exceptional visual clarity and flexibility.
  • GPS Auto Return feature ensures the drone automatically returns home, providing added safety and peace of mind.
  • Long flight time of up to 46 minutes with two batteries, allowing for extended aerial adventures.


  • Limited battery life of about 20 minutes per battery, requiring additional batteries for longer flights.

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5. Holy Stone HS720R (Foldable Quadcopter)

Best Holy Stone Drones: Holy Stone HS720R
Bildquelle Amazon
MarkeHeiliger Stein
Auflösung der Videoaufnahme4K
KonnektivitätstechnologieWi-Fi Repeater
Fähigkeits LevelFortgeschrittene
Artikel Gewicht389 Grams
Batteriekapazität2950 Milliamp Hours
Kamera4K EIS Camera with 3-Axis Gimbal, 140° wide-angle
ÜbertragungsreichweiteUp to 10,000 Feet
FlugzeitBis zu 26 Minuten
GPS Positioning SystemJa
Return to Home FunctionalityJa
Drone AppHoly Stone Ophelia FLY App
ZusatzfunktionenFollow Me, Waypoint Flight, Point of Interest, Time Lapse Photography

When it comes to capturing breathtaking aerial footage with precise GPS positioning and advanced features, the Holy Stone HS720R GPS Drone with a 4K Camera is an unbeatable choice for adventure enthusiasts.

Equipped with a 4K EIS camera and a 3-axis gimbal, this drone ensures stable and smooth footage even in challenging conditions. It’s FAA-compliant and has a built-in Remote ID module, ensuring compliance with flight regulations.

With an upgraded 10,000-foot long-range transmission, you can explore vast landscapes and capture stunning imagery from a distance. The HS720R features the latest GPS positioning system from Holy Stone, providing accurate and reliable flight navigation.

Beginner-friendly with an advanced remote control, this drone offers various functions like Follow Me and Waypoint Flight, allowing you to create dynamic and professional-grade videos.

The HS720R isn’t only affordable and durable but also user-friendly, with an easy assembly and setup process. Its smooth flying experience, impressive speed, and maneuverability make it suitable for beginners and experienced pilots alike.

Built like a tank, this drone can withstand crashes and continue flying without any issues. With its precise GPS positioning and auto return feature, it ensures safe flying by automatically returning home in case of low battery or connection issues.

By registering with the FAA and obtaining a TRUST certificate, you can fly the HS720R legally and responsibly. Holy Stone’s customer service is known for its quick response and helpful assistance, ensuring a positive experience.

The Ophelia FLY App, continuously improved by Holy Stone, enhances your user experience. To fully enjoy the capabilities of the HS720R, make sure to purchase a compatible memory card for storage.

Lastly, the HS720R is just the beginning of Holy Stone’s exciting drone releases in 2019, promising even more advanced features and stunning aerial adventures.

Beste für: Adventure enthusiasts and aerial videographers looking for a beginner-friendly, durable, and affordable drone with advanced features and precise GPS positioning.


  • 4K EIS camera and 3-axis gimbal for stable and smooth footage
  • Upgraded 10,000 feet long-range transmissions for exploring vast landscapes
  • Various drone functions like Follow Me and Waypoint Flight for dynamic videos


  • Requires the purchase of a compatible memory card for storage

6. Holy Stone HS600

Best Holy Stone Drones: Holy Stone HS600
Bildquelle Amazon
ModelHoly Stone HS600
Kamera4K resolution, 2-axis gimbal, EIS stabilization
FlugzeitUp to 56 minutes (2 batteries)
Kontrollbereich10,000 feet
Remote Control Frequency2.4GHz + WiFi repeater
Video Resolution (SD Card)3840×2160P
Video Resolution (Phone)1280×720P
TF CardNot included, supports up to 128GB
Compatible Phone Size4.7″ ~ 6.5″
Gefaltete Größe7.95″ L x 3.74″ W x 3.15″ H
Entfaltete Größe14.84″ L x 10.24″ W x 3.15″ H
Gewicht19.08 oz (541g)
Enthaltene KomponentenTransmitter × 1, Drone Battery x 2, Propeller Blades x 4, Portable Bag x 1
Besondere MerkmaleLong Distance Control, FAA-Compliant, GPS, Long Battery Life, Integrated Remote ID
Fähigkeits LevelAlle

For those seeking an immersive aerial adventure experience, the Holy Stone HS600 2-Axis Gimbal Drones with 4K EIS Camera (4K/30FPS) offer unmatched stability, stunning image quality, and an extensive range of intelligent features. Equipped with a 4K EIS camera that captures 12MP stills, this drone ensures crystal-clear footage with enhanced image stabilization.

The dual-axis gimbal and EIS stabilization further contribute to smooth and shake-free videos, even in challenging flight conditions. With its brushless motors, the HS600 guarantees stability during flight, allowing you to capture breathtaking footage without any jitters or vibrations.

Offering a transmission range of up to 10000 FT, this drone provides ample room for exploration and adventure. With a flight time of 56 minutes, thanks to its dual-battery setup, you can maximize your aerial adventures without worrying about running out of power.

The HS600 also incorporates GPS intelligent functions, including the one-key return, lost signal return, and low battery return features, ensuring a safe and secure flying experience. It complies with FAA requirements, giving you peace of mind while operating the drone.

The lightweight design, wind resistance up to 6 levels, and portable carrying case make it convenient to transport and fly in various environments.

The HS600 isn’t only beginner-friendly but also offers customizable flight modes for versatility. Its high-quality camera with 1080p HD resolution delivers stunning visuals, allowing you to capture every detail of your aerial escapades. With long battery life and a spare battery included, you can extend your flight time and capture more stunning footage.

The HS600 has received positive feedback from customers, who appreciate its build quality, accessories, and high-end features at an entry-level price. Holy Stone’s responsive customer support adds to the overall satisfaction of users, making it a recommended choice for beginners and intermediate users alike.

Beste für: Aerial photography enthusiasts and drone enthusiasts who value stability, image quality, and intelligent features.


  • 4K EIS camera with 12MP stills for stunning image quality
  • Dual-axis gimbal and EIS stabilization for smooth and shake-free videos
  • GPS intelligent functions for a safe and secure flying experience


  • May be too expensive for budget-conscious buyers

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7. Holy Stone HS430

Best Holy Stone Drones: Holy Stone HS430
Bildquelle Amazon
Kamera1080P WiFi camera with Gesture Control function
FlugzeitUp to 39 minutes with 3 modular Li-Po batteries
KontrolleRemote control with one key start function
Control (Alternative)Gravity sensor control via smartphone
GrößePocket-sized, folds into the size of a mouse
FunctionsHigh Speed Rotation, Circle Fly, Trajectory Flight, Voice Control, Gesture Control, Gravity Control, Throw to Go, Headless Mode, One Key Take off/ Landing, Altitude Hold, 3D Flip, VR Mode
Fähigkeits LevelAnfänger
Enthaltene KomponentenPropeller Blades x 2, Transmitter × 1, Drone Battery x 3, Propeller Guards x 4, Holy Stone HS430 Drone x 1
App CompatibilityCompatible with IOS and Android devices
Drohnengewicht75 Grams

With its FPV drone capabilities and 1080P camera, the Holy Stone Drone with Camera for Adults (HS430) offers aerial enthusiasts an exhilarating and immersive experience. This compact and pocket-sized drone boasts a flight time of up to 39 minutes with the help of its three included batteries.

The HS430 is equipped with easy-to-use features such as Throw to Go and a Gravity sensor, making it accessible for beginners and professionals alike.

With more than 10 different functions, including Gesture Control and Voice Control, this drone provides a wide range of options for capturing stunning aerial footage. Customers have praised the HS430 for its safety features like one-button takeoff and landing, as well as its reliability and ease of handling.

While some Android users experienced connectivity issues with the app, they found the handheld transmitter controls to be preferred. Additionally, the drone’s customer support and warranty service have received excellent feedback.

Overall, the HS430 is highly recommended for beginners due to its ease of use and reliable performance.

Beste für: Beginners looking for an easy-to-use drone with excellent customer support.


  • FPV drone with 1080P camera for an immersive aerial experience
  • 39 mins long flight time with 3 batteries for extended flying sessions
  • Easy-to-use features like Throw to Go and Gravity sensor for accessible flying


  • Compatibility issues with the Android app

8. Holy Stone HS720

Best Holy Stone Drones: Holy Stone HS720
Bildquelle Amazon
MarkeHeiliger Stein
Auflösung der Videoaufnahme4K
FlugzeitUp to 26 minutes per battery, 52 minutes total with 2 batteries
Kamera4K UHD Camera with Image Stabilization
Übertragung5GHz FPV-Übertragung
Kamerawinkel90° adjustable lens
FlugmodiFollow Me, Point-to-Point Tap Fly, Return Home, Hover & Rotate over Point of Interest
GPS Assisted Intelligent FlightJa
Controller RangeUp to 3000 feet
MotorenBürstenlose Motoren
Faltbares DesignJa
ZusatzfunktionenOptical Flow Positioning, Altitude Hold, Electric Fence
KompatibilitätRemote Control for Right-hand throttle mode
SafetyFAA-Compliant Remote ID, Safety Information provided

Experience breathtaking aerial adventures with the Heiliger Stein HS720 GPS Drone with Camera for Adults (4K UHD), equipped with advanced features and cutting-edge technology. This drone is designed to provide you with a truly immersive and awe-inspiring flying experience.

With its FAA-compliant Remote ID, you can fly it with peace of mind, knowing that it meets all the necessary safety regulations. The 4K UHD camera with image stabilization allows you to capture stunning photos and videos with incredible clarity.

Thanks to the GPS-assisted intelligent flight, you can enjoy precise and stable flight controls, making it easier than ever to capture those perfect shots. The configuration upgrade includes a longer flight time of up to 52 minutes, a foldable design for easy transportation, and brushless motors for enhanced performance.

The drone also features multiple sensors and optical flow positioning, ensuring simple operation and accurate positioning. With the considerate controller, you can enjoy a long control range, giving you the freedom to explore the skies. The Holy Stone HS720 GPS Drone with Camera for Adults is the perfect companion for any aerial adventure.

Beste für: Drone enthusiasts and professional photographers/videographers looking for a high-quality and reliable drone with advanced features.


  • FAA-Compliant Remote ID for safe and legal flying.
  • 4K UHD camera with image stabilization for stunning aerial photos and videos.
  • GPS-assisted intelligent flight for precise and stable controls.


  • Some users reported issues with camera wobbling and GPS signals.

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9. Holy Stone HS720G

Best Holy Stone Drones: Holy Stone HS720G
Bildquelle Amazon
Kamera4K EIS (Electric Image Stabilization) Camera
Gimbal2-axis motorized gimbal
BatterielebensdauerBis zu 26 Minuten
Konnektivität5G WiFi Transmission
Maximaler KontrollbereichUp to 999 meters
Gewicht378 grams
GPS ModuleJa
Besondere MerkmaleAuto Follow, Auto Return to Home, Optical Flow Positioning, Follow Me, Tap Fly, Point of Interest
Fähigkeits LevelAlle
Enthaltene KomponentenTransmitter, Holy Stone HS720G Drone, Portable Bag, Drone Battery, Propeller Blades

For aerial adventurers seeking a high-tech drone with superior control and stability, the Holy Stone GPS Drone with 4K Camera (HS720G) is an unbeatable choice. This drone is equipped with a 2-axis gimbal and a 4K EIS camera, ensuring smooth and stable footage.

Its high-tech outdoor performance is powered by brushless motors, which not only provide a powerful and efficient flight experience but also contribute to its quiet operation. User-friendly features like Headless Mode and Altitude Hold make it easy for beginners to fly and capture stunning aerial shots.

The powerful GPS module and Optical Flow Positioning system ensure safety and stability during flight. Additionally, the HS720G offers all-round functions like Follow Me and Point of Interest, allowing you to capture dynamic footage from different perspectives.

With its excellent stability in windy conditions, immediate responsiveness, and superior control, this drone guarantees an exhilarating and satisfying flying experience.

Beste für: Aerial adventurers seeking a high-tech drone with superior control and stability.


  • Excellent stability in windy conditions
  • Immediate responsiveness and superior control
  • User-friendly features like Headless Mode and Altitude Hold


  • Limited operating range noted

10. Holy Stone HS210 Mini Drone (Besy Holy Stone Drone for Kids)

Best Holy Stone Drones: Holy Stone HS210 Mini Drone
Bildquelle Amazon
MarkeHeiliger Stein
Enthaltene KomponentenSpare Propellers x 4, Drone x1, Drone Battery x 3, Propellers Spanner x 1, USB Charger x 1, Screwdriver x 1
Fähigkeits LevelAnfänger
Artikel Gewicht24.8 Grams
Batteriekapazität250 Milliamperestunden
Flugzeit pro Batterie7 Minuten
Maximale Flugzeit21 minutes (with 3 batteries)
Abmessungen3.14 x 3.14 x 1.18 inches
Aufladezeit40-60 minutes
ZusatzfunktionenAltitude Hold, Toss to Launch, Headless Mode, 3D Flips, One-Key Start/Landing, Full Protection Guards

The Holy Stone Mini-Drohne for Kids and Beginners (Blue) is an easy-to-fly, user-friendly drone that offers a durable and robust construction, making it the perfect choice for young adventurers and those new to drone flying.

This mini drone, with its blue color and portable design, is suitable for indoor use and provides a safe and enjoyable flying experience. Equipped with propeller guards, it offers full protection and ensures safety during flights. The drone comes with three lithium polymer batteries, providing an extended flight time of up to 21 minutes.

With its three speed settings, the Heiliger Stein HS210 Mini Drone allows users to adjust the speed according to their skill level. The controller is designed to be suitable for both kids and adults, providing ease of use for all. Overall, this drone offers a great introduction to the world of aerial adventures and is an excellent gift for kids and friends.

Best For: Kids and beginners who want an easy-to-fly and user-friendly drone for indoor use.


  • Durable and robust construction
  • Extended flight time of up to 21 minutes with three batteries
  • Suitable for both kids and adults with three-speed settings


  • Some users have suggested improving the battery connector

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Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Holy Stone Drones

When it comes to choosing Holy Stone drones, there are several key factors that should be considered.

First and foremost, the key features of the drone, such as GPS capabilities and flight modes, play a crucial role in determining its functionality.

Additionally, performance evaluation, including factors like stability and maneuverability, are essential to ensure a smooth and enjoyable flying experience.

The quality of the camera is another crucial aspect to consider, as it determines the clarity and resolution of the aerial footage you can capture.

Lastly, the battery life of the drone is important to ensure longer flight times and uninterrupted adventures in the sky.

Performance Evaluation

To make an informed decision when choosing a Holy Stone drone, carefully evaluate its performance across various factors. Consider the flight time and battery life for extended use. Look for drones with longer flight times and reliable batteries to ensure uninterrupted aerial adventures.

Assess the camera quality and features for capturing high-resolution photos and videos. Look for drones with advanced camera capabilities to achieve stunning footage.

GPS and intelligent flight modes are essential for stable and safe flying experiences. These features enable precise navigation and automated flight paths.

Durability and build quality are crucial aspects to consider, especially for outdoor use. Look for drones that can withstand crashes and adverse weather conditions.

Lastly, user-friendly features like auto takeoff/landing, altitude hold, and follow-me modes enhance the overall flying experience. By evaluating these performance factors, you can select the perfect Holy Stone drone for your aerial adventures.


With a focus on delivering a seamless flying experience, Holy Stone drones offer a range of user-friendly features that enhance the overall user experience. These drones are equipped with GPS positioning, allowing for precise and accurate flight control.

Intelligent flight modes provide users with automated features such as follow-me mode and waypoint navigation, making it effortless to capture stunning footage. The easy controls ensure that even beginners can quickly learn to operate the drones with ease.

Holy Stone drones are designed to be durable and lightweight, allowing for portability and versatility in both indoor and outdoor settings. Users appreciate the stability and performance of these drones in various weather conditions, providing a reliable and enjoyable flight experience.

With their user-friendly features and exceptional performance, Holy Stone drones are a top choice for aerial adventures.

Qualität der Kamera

When choosing Holy Stone drones, one of the crucial factors to consider is the camera quality, as it significantly impacts the clarity, detail, and overall visual experience of the captured photos and videos.

Holy Stone drones offer a range of camera qualities, from 1080p to 4K resolution. Higher resolution cameras like 4K provide sharper images and better video quality, allowing you to capture stunning aerial footage.

Camera stability and image stabilization features are also crucial for smooth footage. Consider the field of view, sensor size, and lens quality for optimal camera performance. These factors ensure that your aerial adventures are captured with exceptional clarity and detail, allowing you to relive the experience with breathtaking visuals.

Choose a Holy Stone drone with top-notch camera quality to capture stunning footage that will leave you in awe.


One crucial aspect to consider when selecting a Holy Stone drone is the battery life, as it directly impacts the duration of your aerial adventures. Holy Stone drones offer varying battery life ranging from 20 minutes to 52 minutes, depending on the model.

Longer battery life allows for extended flight time and more opportunities for aerial photography or exploration. It’s important to consider the battery capacity and the number of batteries included in the package when evaluating a Holy Stone drone.

Battery life can significantly impact the overall flying experience, especially for users who prefer longer flights without frequent recharging. Therefore, battery performance is a crucial factor to consider when selecting a Holy Stone drone that aligns with your specific needs and preferences.

Portability and Design

Holy Stone drones are renowned for their lightweight and portable designs, making them a perfect choice for aerial adventurers on the go. These drones are specifically designed to be easy to carry around, allowing users to conveniently take them on their outdoor escapades.

Many Holy Stone drones feature foldable designs, enhancing their portability and making them easy to store in backpacks or travel bags. The compact and sleek designs of these drones not only contribute to their portability but also make them visually appealing. Holy Stone pays attention to design details like propeller guards and durable materials, ensuring a balance of portability and durability.

Moreover, these drones prioritize user-friendly designs, making them simple to set up and operate, catering to both beginners and enthusiasts. With Holy Stone drones, you can have an exceptional flying experience while enjoying the convenience of a portable and stylish design.

Intelligente Flugmodi

To enhance your aerial adventures, Holy Stone drones offer a range of intelligent flight modes that elevate your flying experience and provide advanced control and creative filming options.

These intelligent flight modes include Follow Me, Waypoint Flight, and Point of Interest. With Follow Me mode, you can select a subject for the drone to track, allowing it to automatically follow and capture footage of you or any other moving object.

Waypoint Flight mode lets you set specific waypoints for the drone to follow, enabling automated flight paths and precise navigation.

The Point of Interest mode is perfect for capturing dynamic footage as the drone circles around a specific point of interest, providing unique perspectives.

These intelligent flight modes not only enhance your control over the drone but also allow for creative and cinematic filming options, making your aerial adventures truly unforgettable.


When choosing a Holy Stone drone, there are several factors to consider that will help you determine if you’re getting the best value for your money. Holy Stone drones are known for offering great value with a range of features at affordable prices.

To assess the value proposition, look for drones that offer high-quality cameras, longer flight times, and GPS features for precise positioning. Consider drones with intelligent flight modes that enhance the flying experience and allow for stunning footage.

It’s important to compare the prices of Holy Stone drones with similar features from other brands to ensure you’re getting the best deal. Additionally, ensure that the drone’s price aligns with the functionality and capabilities you require for your aerial adventures.


Are Holy Stone drones good?

Holy Stone drones are often praised for their balance of affordability and performance, making them a popular option for both beginners and experienced drone enthusiasts seeking value.

Is Holy Stone Drone a Chinese company?

Yes, Holy Stone is a Chinese company that specializes in manufacturing drones and has established a global presence with their consumer-friendly products.

How long does a Holy Stone drone last?

The longevity of a Holy Stone drone varies based on model and usage, but on average, a fully charged battery provides flight times ranging from 7 to 30 minutes, and with proper care, the drones can last for several years.


After reviewing the 10 best Holy Stone drones for aerial adventures and stunning footage, it’s clear that Holy Stone offers a wide range of options to suit various needs.

From GPS-enabled drones with 4K UHD cameras like the HS360S and HS175D to foldable and lightweight options like the HS440D and HS720R, Holy Stone provides reliable and high-quality drones for both amateurs and professionals.

Consider your specific requirements and choose the Holy Stone drone that will take your aerial adventures to new heights.

Richard J. Gross

Hallo, mein Name ist Richard J. Gross und ich bin Vollzeit-Airbus-Pilot und Inhaber eines kommerziellen Drohnengeschäfts. Ich habe 2015 mit Drohnen angefangen, als ich anfing, Luftaufnahmen für Immobilienunternehmen zu machen. Damals hatte ich keine Ahnung, worauf ich mich einließ, aber es stellte sich heraus, dass die Polizei auf mich aufmerksam wurde, kurz nachdem ich mit dem Fliegen begonnen hatte. Sie wollten nicht, dass ich mit meiner Drohne in der Nähe von Menschen fliege, also baten sie mich, ihre Beamten in den Regeln und Vorschriften für Drohnen zu schulen. Daraufhin beschloss ich, mein eigenes Drohnenunternehmen zu gründen und andere über den sicheren und verantwortungsvollen Umgang mit Drohnen zu unterrichten.

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