Résoudre l'erreur d'identification à distance DJI : un guide complet (2024)

Isn’t it frustrating when you’re all set for a day of filming with your DJI drone, but suddenly, you encounter the infamous DJI Remote ID Error? I feel the stress washing over anyone who sees this error pop up. It’s like the whole world stops because you can’t get your drone off the ground. But don’t worry! I’ve put my best foot forward in tackling this issue, and let me tell you, there’s light at the end of this vexing tunnel.

Do you remember that perfect Sunday when you were eager to capture some mesmerizing aerial shots for your new project? Your spirits were up, and hope was in the air. But then… bam! The dreaded DJI Remote ID Error appeared out of nowhere on the screen, deflating all your plans and excitement. We’ve all been there, haven’t we?

Well, now relax and take a deep breath because guess what? I have dug into this topic, wrestled with it head-on, and finally come out victorious from the other side! Today, I am here to help YOU overcome this formidable tech foe. So gear up, folks, because after today, you won’t have to be at its mercy any longer! Trust me; it is not as complicated as it seems once broken down into manageable bits. Can’t wait? Neither can I!

Identifying The Source of The Problem

When I was faced with the dreaded DJI Remote ID Error, I quickly found myself frustrated and floundering. However, through a series of trial and error, I did find that in most scenarios, this error can usually be traced back to some common issues. Let me share these with you:

DJI Remote ID Error: Identifying The Source of The Problem

But don’t fret! Each of these problems has straightforward solutions that enabled me to troubleshoot my initial issues effectively. Here is what worked for me:

Remember, it’s important not to rush; take one step at a time and methodically work through each possible cause – you’ll soon be back up in the air!

Also noteworthy is sometimes it’s just best to consult with customer support when feeling overwhelmed – they’re there just for that reason!

So remember, whenever you encounter this pesky DJI Remote ID Error – remain calm, logically assess possible causes, and patiently work through potential fixes – you’ve got this!

The world of drone flying can be an exciting one, but it’s also rife with technical difficulties that may dampen the experience. One such hiccup is the DJI Remote ID Error, which can be both frustrating and puzzling.

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How to Tackle DJI Remote ID Error

When faced with the dreaded error message on your DJI remote, don’t press the panic button just yet! Here are three simple steps you can take that might resolve the issue effectively.

Restart and Reboot

Like many electronic devices, drones, too, can benefit immensely from a good old-fashioned reboot. Glitches tend to accumulate over time, and a quick restart acts like a reset button for all underlying issues. So, before you dive headfirst into complex troubleshooting methods, give this tried-and-true solution a shot:

Update Firmware

Keeping up-to-date with your drone’s firmware is not only important; it’s essential for optimal performance of your device! An outdated firmware could be at odds with other elements in your system, causing hiccups like the remote ID error.


Updating firmware may seem tedious, but it ensures your device’s smooth functioning while adding new features on some occasions!

Reset Controller Settings

Mismatched configurations between your controller and drone often result in errors like these. Resetting controller settings gives you a clean slate where everything pairs correctly again:

Remember, this will erase any custom configurations. So ensure you have a backup if necessary!

If the error still persists after going through these steps, consider reaching out to DJI support for professional help. Drones are complex devices; sometimes, expert assistance becomes mandatory to get them back up in the air!

Advanced Solutions For DJI Avata Remote ID Error

If, like me, you’ve been dabbling with drones for any stretch of time, you’ve likely come face-to-face with some form of technical hiccup. The all too infamous “DJI Avata Remote ID Error” is one that leaves many of us scratching our heads. Don’t lose hope just yet! Some smart solutions can turn your flying frustrations around in no time.

DJI Avata Remote ID Error

Contacting Customer Support

Right off the bat, I understand that diving straight into the deep end of our troubleshooting may not appeal to everyone. And sometimes, I’m right there with you guys on that front! When things get too tangled up in tech jargon or complex procedures, your safest bet is to reach out to DJI customer support directly. These guys are well-equipped and ready to handle our drone distress signals.

Think about the following before picking up that phone:

I don’t need to tell you how valuable patience can be when dealing with customer service! Remember – they’re there to help out, and trust me, they will!

Servicing Your Drone

Despite my love for troubleshooting tech trials like these (guilty as charged!), contacting customer service might not always be feasible or timely for us busy folks. In times like those when even restarting the drone fails to resolve your “Remote ID Error,” servicing becomes our next logical step.

Here’s what I’d recommend:

Spiraling into a panic when that dreaded “DJI Avata Remote ID Error” pops up on the screen won’t do us any good – trust me, I’ve been there. Whether relying on the DJI customer support experts or seeking professional servicing help for our drones, solutions are always within reach.

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Understanding DJI Avata Remote ID Error

First off, let’s clarify what we’re dealing with. A DJI Avata Remote ID error might sound quite intimidating, but I assure you it’s a common issue that many drone users face. So what exactly is it?

The DJI Avata Remote ID is an identification code your drone uses to communicate with the controller and ground station. It’s like the drone’s personal “phone number,” if you will. And when we encounter an error message related to this, it typically means some issues are establishing a proper connection.

Now, you might be wondering about the reasons behind this unfortunate event. I have noticed a few factors that commonly lead to such scenarios:

Knowing these potential culprits could be of great help when troubleshooting this error. As a user of Drones DJI myself, I believe understanding what triggers certain issues makes managing them much less stressful. You also get better at preventing them in the future!

Remember that no technology is perfect, and problems like these are just part of learning to navigate our digital world more proficiently! So next time you come across that dreaded DJI Avata Remote ID Error message flashing on your screen, don’t lose hope – take a deep breath and start troubleshooting based on what we’ve shared here! Happy flying!

(Note: For any complex issues or further assistance regarding drone operation or fixing any persistent errors on your own, please reach out to an expert or refer directly to DJI’s official website for professional help.)


What even is this DJI Remote ID Error?

One thing I learned quickly was that the world of drones can sometimes be quite complex. In its simplest terms, though, a DJI Remote ID is essentially an electronic license plate for your drone. Now, what happens when you encounter a DJI Remote ID Error? Well, it’s when your drone’s unique identification code fails to coordinate with the server and becomes unable to share its flight location and details.

It had me wondering: How Can I Prevent Future Errors With My Drone?

The best way to prevent any future errors is by always ensuring that both your drone and controller are well-updated before each flight session. Remembering to synchronize all your DJI Go 4 App data after every flight can also save me from potential errors.

Is there any way I Can Service My Own Drone At Home?

Surely! Performing regular checks on your equipment plays a crucial role in maintaining its functionality. This could mean cleaning off dirt from the sensors or gently wiping off smudges from camera lenses – remember not to forget to check if all the propellers are adequately fixed!

When Should I Contact Customer Service For Help With My Remote ID Errors?

Even as someone who loves tinkering around with gadgets, there comes a time when professional help becomes necessary, particularly when basic troubleshooting doesn’t resolve the issue. If you ever notice consistent error messages or sense some unusual behavior in your device, don’t hesitate! Reach out immediately to customer service for guidance.


Grappling with the DJI remote ID error could be a bit of a head-scratcher if you don’t know what to do. However, after closely examining the various causes and solutions tied to this issue, I must confess it’s not as daunting as it initially seems. It’s principally all about understanding your device, pinpointing where the problem lies, and applying the right fix.

From updating your firmware to conducting an in-depth system diagnosis, various solutions can get you back in the skies in no time. And remember, should you find yourself stuck or overwhelmed by the nuances of dealing with this error – reach out for professional support. Ultimately, don’t let this hiccup deter you from enjoying your drone DJI experience!

Remember: troubleshooting is part and parcel of any technology-based hobby or profession – take it as an opportunity to learn more about your equipment and become a more proficient user.

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