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Recensione Holy Stone HS340: uno sguardo approfondito a un capolavoro!

A cura di: Richard J. Gross
Aggiornato il: Febbraio 14, 2024

Entrare nel mondo dei droni può sembrare come entrare in un labirinto complesso. Con tutte le scelte disponibili, è difficile decifrare cosa è meglio per te. Ecco perché mi sono preso la responsabilità di aiutarti a guidarti in questo viaggio. La spedizione di oggi ci mette faccia a faccia con un entusiasmante concorrente nel settore dei droni, il pulsante Holy […]

It’s compact, elegantly designed, and chock-full of features that challenge even those held by premium high-priced drones. Read on as we engage in an extensive Holy Stone HS340 review. We’ll delve into its perks and quirks while breaking down if this is genuinely a resourceful drone or simply another overhyped gadget!

What You’ll Garner From This Article:

  • Detailed insights about Holy Stone HS 340
  • Comprehensive analysis of its features and specifications
  • Genuine pros and cons after real user experience
  • Expert opinion articulated by seasoned drone enthusiasts
  • A clarified perspective to see if this flies right for you!

Brief Introduction To The Holy Stone HS340

As someone always on the hunt for a smooth, effortless, and enjoyable soaring experience, I brought home the Holy Stone HS340. Without any doubt, this piece of tech quickly claimed its spot in my collection of mini drones. I can’t help but share my excitement through this Holy Stone HS 340 review.

Brief Introduction To the Holy Stone HS340

Uno sguardo più attento alle specifiche

Below is a clear table that highlights all the major specifications you need to know about this drone.

Peso50 g / 1.76 oz
Dimensioni173 x 180 x 38 mm
Tempo di volo11 minuti
Tempo di ricarica60 minuti
Distanza FPVUp to 98 feet / 30 m
Distanza del voloUp to 131 feet /40 m
Frequenza della fotocamera2,4 Ghz
Risoluzione video/foto HD1280X720P
Batteria3.7V500mAh Li-Po battery
Macchina fotografica720p with wide-angle lens (120-degree field of view)
Modalità di velocità 3-speed modes for adjustable flight speed
Battery ChargingIt takes around 40 minutes to charge.

Features of the Holy Stone HS340

In my continuous search for the best drones available in the market, scouring through countless reviews, I recently came across a model that left me quite impressed – the Holy Stone HS340. Weighing around 50g and measuring approximately 173 x 180 x 38 mm in dimensions, this compact gadget makes a huge bang for your buck.

Features of the Holy Stone HS340

Let’s delve into the specifics:

Qualità di progettazione e costruzione

Il Holy Stone HS340 comes with an attractive matte-black finish which is sure to turn heads. It tips the scales at a mere 1.76 oz, making it incredibly lightweight yet durable due to its high-quality plastic construction.

  • The drone’s size (173 x 180 x 38 mm) allows for easy portability.
  • The blade protectors add to the overall durability.
  • Despite its compact size, it has an unexpected heft hinting at high-quality build materials.
  • The handheld controller has an ergonomic design that is comfortable during extended use.

In-flight Capabilities

Once airborne, the HS340 displays impressive stability and maneuverability courtesy of its tailored flight control algorithms. Its remote operating range reaches up to 40 meters with FPV or first-person view capabilities up to around 30 meters.

  • Offers adjustable flight speed with three-speed modes.
  • Possesses smooth navigation controls allowing quick flips and twists in mid-air.
  • An impressive flight time of up-to-11 minutes per charge makes it ideal for both beginners and pros alike.
  • Charging time is just about an hour – less downtime means more fun!

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Qualità della fotocamera

Il Holy Stone HS340 is equipped with a 720p wide-angle camera. This offers a 120-degree field of view, making it perfect for capturing high-definition images and videos.

  • Features an HD 1280X720P resolution camera that delivers crisp images.
  • With its sizeable wide-angle lens, panoramic shots and big group selfies are easy to achieve.
  • Comes with an FPV feature, enabling real-time video transmission to your smartphone – soar the skies from the drone’s vantage point!

This handy, feature-packed device definitely raises the bar when it comes to mini-drones. For anyone diving into the world of aerial photography or those merely seeking a bit of flying fun, the Holy Stone HS340 could be a fantastic choice!

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User Experience with Holy Stone HS340

When it comes to mini drones, the Holy Stone HS340 definitely stands out in the crowd. Its features and specifications are quite appealing. But how does it fare in terms of user experience? I got my hands on one of these little gadgets, and here’s what I found.

Facilità d'uso

Whether you’re a seasoned pilot or someone who’s dipping their toes in the fascinating world of drones for the first time, you’ll find that setting up and navigating the Holy Stone HS340 is a breeze. The controls are intuitive and straightforward. Thanks to its modalità headless, it doesn’t matter which way the drone is facing; the left stick always means left, right stick always means right.

Your journey with this drone starts with unboxing, inside is a complete package that’s ready to fly right out of the box. But before you can take off, there’s some assembly required—it’s minimal though—and together we completed it in less than 10 minutes:

  • First was attaching the propeller guards – this provides an added layer of security for beginners.
  • The next step was charging up – using its USB charger, it takes up around 40 minutes for a full charge (more on battery life later).
  • Once all set and synchronized with its compact controller, easy-peasy since their instruction manual was clear again, you’re ready to go! Speaking about controllers, I found mine ergonomic enough not to strain my fingers even after longer flights.

Practicing control navigation within safe distances could never be easier because its FPV distance reaches approximately 98 feet/30m while flight distance stretches up to 131 feet/40 m, considering this also had 3-speed modes for adjustable flight speed.

The onboard camera comes equipped with a 120-degree wide-angle lens capturing impressive images in 720p resolution. This was a fantastic experience since we were able to record memorable adventures and views from above—an added advantage for those interested in fotografia con drone.

Durata della batteria

One of the things that really impressed me during my Holy Stone HS340 review was its battery life. Sure, drones aren’t known for long-lasting battery life, but considering its size and feature-packed nature, a 3.7V 500mAh Li-Po battery, the Holy Stone HS340 was a surprising exception.

With a full charge, the battery allows you to enjoy approximately 11 minutes of flight time, an admirable length of time compared to other drones of its class.

The good news is that the package includes an extra battery – doubling your fun and adventure! Given college students or hobbyists running on tight schedules, this becomes a significant highlight. You’ll no longer have to wait around for charging; just plug one cell while using the other!

So, between transition ease from newbie to pilot pro thanks to its user interface alongside robust flight tenure per charge, Holy Stone HS340 does offer quite an enchanting user experience after all!

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Comparing HolyStone HS 340 with Other Similar Drones

Let’s take a look at how the Holy Stone HS340 stands up against competitors in its class, both in terms of price and performance:

Comparing HolyStone HS 340 with Other Similar Drones

Confronto prezzi

When it comes to the price of drones, I’ve found that you really do get what you pay for. Sometimes, cheaper models may not offer all the features that a slightly more expensive model does.

The Holy Stone HS340 is reasonably priced; it offers great bang for your buck. With its wide range of features and excellent durability, it proves to be an incredible value for money-purchase.

Several other drones in a similar range include but are not limited to the Arthur Bell Blade 72, SNAPTAIN S5C, e Hubsan Zino Drones. Although these models are highly rated, they may differ when compared directly in prices with Holy Stone HS340.

Let’s see why:

  • The Arthur Bell Blade 72 tends to sit on the higher end of the scale, which might not suit first-time drone buyers or someone on a budget.
  • The SNAPTAIN S5C can be seen as affordable, like our focus drone – Holy Stone HS 340
  • Hubsan Zino Drones come in different variants ranging from moderately expensive to high-end.

Performance comparison

The performance aspect is crucial because even if you secure a very affordable drone but it fails in performance, it won’t be worth your investment.

The HS340 drone, its lightweight and small dimensions, offers an excellent advantage. Being compact, it is portable and easy to control. The flight time of around 11 minutes with a maximum distance of 40 meters might seem slight, but it’s spot on when compared with others in the same category. In addition, its camera offers a decent 720p resolution with a wide-angle lens that guarantees good-quality images and videos.

In terms of flight stability and control features, HS 340 outshines many in its range, like I migliori droni Autel that despite having similar or little higher price tags fail to deliver equivalent performance.

  • The Arthur Bell Blade 72 drone even though renders similar video/photo resolution is behind in providing necessary speed modes which are available for adjustable flight speed in HS340.
  • SNAPTAIN S5C falls short when it comes to camera frequency, as the HS 340 operates on a competitive frequency of 2.4 GHz.
  • And while Hubsan Zino models come equipped with some better specifications, their prices could overshoot your budget if you’re looking for an affordable beginner model.

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Pros And Cons of Holy Stone HS340

Let’s get real about the Holy Stone HS340. No piece of tech is absolute perfection, and this drone is no exception. Based on personal testing results, I’ve come up with an honest list that breaks down both the strengths and weaknesses of this device.


  • Compatto e leggero: If you’re always on the go like me, then a drone like the Holy Stone HS 340 that doesn’t weigh you down is a dream come true. Weighing just 50 g or 1.76 oz, it fits conveniently in most backpacks.
  • Decent Flight Time: In my tests, I consistently achieved a flight time of around 11 minutes – not bad at all for such an affordable drone.
  • Nice Range: Its FPV Distance extends up to 98 feet while maintaining good signal quality and control responsiveness. The overall flight distance went as far as 131 feet, which was quite decent.
  • HD Camera with Wide-Angle Lens: With its wide-angle lens (120-degree field of view), you can capture so much more than with standard drones within this price range.


  • Tempo di ricarica: Despite its advantages, one drawback I noted was the charging time – around 60 minutes for a single battery charge.
  • Minor Signal Interruptions: During one or two test flights, I experienced minor signal interruptions when flying at maximum range.

After flying this little bird myself for a few days now, it seems to me that there are some noteworthy upsides and downsides to the Holy Stone HS340 drone.

If you’re looking for superior portability combined with good drone photography capabilities, this drone is worth considering. However, you’ll have to come to terms with slightly slower battery charging times and some occasional signal blips. But in my perspective, the pros far outweigh its cons.

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Raccomandazione: chi dovrebbe acquistarlo?

The Holy Stone HS340 is a versatile piece of tech suitable for a broad demographic. Whether you are new to the drone world or an experienced enthusiast looking to add another feather to your collection, the HS340 has something for everyone. Whether it’s the compact design, impressive camera quality, or easy-to-operate controls, there are numerous reasons why this might be your next favorite gadget.

So let’s talk about who can really benefit from this model:

  • Photographers and Content Creators: With its powerful 720p wide-angle lens delivering crisp photos and videos, content creators can highly benefit from this drone. From nature photography to urban exploration, its 120-degree field of view makes the Holy Stone HS340 an indispensable tool in their kit.
  • Beginners and Hood Rookies: The superb user-friendliness, coupled with three adjustable flight speed modes make it ideal for beginners who aspire to own a drone. I would recommend this model even if you have never flown one before.
  • Tech Enthusiasts: Let’s be honest; drones are fascinating! If you love technology and enjoy exploring new gadgets, especially moons around the flying tech ninja toys – drones! Then tell me what could be more intriguing than a cool drone like HS340?

Those looking for an affordable yet advanced tech addition would appreciate the features of this magnificent bird.

From the sleek design offering portability, making it an easy-to-carry-around gadget on your trips and gatherings (1.76 oz only!) to the efficient charging time (Only about 40 minutes!), everything is top-notch under this price range!

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Domande frequenti

Do you need insurance for your drone business?

Absolutely! Having insurance for your drone business, whether it be the or any other model, is vital to cover any unexpected damages or accidents.

When don’t you need drone coverage?

Generally, if you’re only flying your drone recreationally indoors, and pose minimal risk to property and people, then you might not need coverage. Always confirm with local regulations!

What is personal drone insurance?

Personal drone insurance covers the costs associated with accidental damage or loss of a personal drone. It’s great security for recreational flyers.

What is commercial drone insurance?

Commercial drone insurance provides financial protection against accidents or damages that occur during the professional use of drones such as aerial photography.


In the grand scheme of drones, the Holy Stone HS340 solidly holds its ground. Its robust design, coupled with an impressive flight time and solid image quality, is just what a beginner or intermediate drone enthusiast would need. Despite its compact size, it packs a punch with features that add that extra zing to your flying experience.

Punti chiave da asporto

  • The Holy Stone HS340 provides excellent value for money
  • Its easy control and stable flight make for an inviting flying experience
  • The drone’s lightweight design ensures comfort during long periods of usage
  • It comes with three speed modes allowing a customizable flight experience
Richard J. Gross

Salve, mi chiamo Richard J. Gross e sono un pilota di Airbus a tempo pieno e proprietario di un'attività commerciale con i droni. Sono entrato nel mondo dei droni nel 2015, quando ho iniziato a fare fotografie aeree per le società immobiliari. All'epoca non avevo idea in cosa mi stessi cacciando, ma è emerso che la polizia mi ha chiamato poco dopo aver iniziato a volare. Non volevano che facessi volare il mio drone vicino alle persone, così mi hanno chiesto di venire a formare i loro agenti sulle regole e i regolamenti dei droni. Dopo di che ho deciso di avviare la mia attività con i droni e di insegnare ad altri l'uso sicuro e responsabile dei droni.

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