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Análise detalhada do Holy Stone HS720: o guia imparcial

Por: Richard J. Gross
Atualizado em: 14 de fevereiro de 2024

Ever wondered if the Holy Stone HS720 drone packs as much punch as it promises? Well, that’s exactly what I’ll be diving into in this comprehensive review. Offering a detailed look at all the ins and outs of this popular drone, I will evaluate its worthiness against its claims. Is the Holy Stone HS720 the drone that you’ve been looking for? Keep reading to find out.

The world of drones is vast and complex, which can make it challenging to choose the right model. But that’s where I come in! My objective breakdown of the Holy Stone HS720 will offer you an honest description directly from hands-on experience. By answering all your questions about this drone, my walkthrough should provide everything needed to know if this is truly your ideal flying machine.

O que você obterá daqui:

  • A thorough examination of crucial Pedra Sagrada HS720 características
  • Insightful analysis based on first-hand use
  • Honest verdict laying out whether it’s worth your investment
  • A comprehensive roundup of pros and cons for balanced decision-making.

Unveiling the Holy Stone HS720

I’ve spent countless hours soaring through the skies with various drones, but today, I want to take a closer look at one drone in particular. The Holy Stone HS720 has recently caught my attention and today we’ll delve into what makes this machine an attractive choice for aerial enthusiasts.

Unveiling the Holy Stone HS720 Review

Uma análise mais detalhada das especificações

Peso460 grams (16.2 ounces)
Dimensões (dobrado)173 x 104 x 56 mm
Dimensões (desdobradas)336 x 370 x 56 mm
Tempo de voo26 minutos
Tempo de carregamento5-7 hours
Distância FPV984-1640 feet
Distância de vôo2624-3277 feet
Frequência da câmera5 GHz
Ângulo da câmera90° to -90°
Resolução de vídeo/fotoHD 3840x2160P (stored in TF card); HD 1920x1080P(stored on a mobile phone)
max expansion32GB TF Card(Not Included)
CaracterísticasGPS, -5GHz FPV transmission, -brushless quiet motors,-optical flow sensor

Overview of Holy Stone HS720

Diving into the details of the Holy Stone HS720, it’s a perfect fusion of sturdy design and advanced flight features. It’s amazing how one drone can house so many characteristics effortlessly.

Overview of Holy Stone HS720

Let me share my insights on this incredible machine.

Qualidade de design e construção

The first impression I had when I unboxed my Holy Stone HS720 was how solid it felt in my hands. Weighing in at 460 grams (~16.2 ounces), this beast isn’t flimsy by any means. The drone showcases an absolute blend of thoughtful engineering and top-grade materials.

  • Foldable Design: The body dimensions easily shift from an unfolded state (336 x 370 x 56 mm) to a travel-friendly folded size (173 x 104 x 56 mm), making it easy to carry around.
  • Camera Angle Flexibility: The high-quality camera can move vertically from 0° to -90° for those dramatic shots that we sometimes crave.
  • Robustness: Despite its weight, the Holy Stone HS720 still manages an impressive flight time of approximately 26 minutes, subjecting its competitors to envy.

In terms of build quality, I have found the Holy Stone HS720 exceptionally robust — not to mention its sleek matte finish, which just adds the touch of elegance I didn’t know I needed!

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Recursos de voo

As thrilling as the look-and-feel aspect may be, what truly sets a drone is its flight features — and boy, does the Holy Stone HS720 deliver on that front!

  • Retenção de Altitude: This feature enables you to lock your desired height and effortlessly maintain it for a steady shot.
  • 5GHz FPV transmission: This feature provides you with detailed real-time video feedback, even at distances ranging from 984 to 1640 feet!
  • GPS functionality: Navigating your drone has never been simpler. The built-in GPS assures you won’t lose track of your Holy Stone HS720.
  • Motores sem escova: Guaranteeing lower noise and longer lifespan, the brushless motors are indeed a credit to the HS720.
  • Optical Flow Sensor: This premium addition is often seen in high-end models. It helps maintain stability during indoor flights.

Overall, the Holy Stone HS720 is not just about its sleek looks. The powerhouse range of flight features makes it a popular choice among drone enthusiasts.

Now that we have examined the physical attributes and key flight features, let’s move on to discussing other essential elements like camera quality, battery life, etc., which will provide a comprehensive understanding of the Holy Stone HS720.

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The Unboxing Experience

As I gently slid open the cardboard packaging of the Holy Stone HS720, I was greeted with a sense of anticipation. Here’s what met my eyes.

O que está na caixa?

On lifting off the lid, a neatly packed box snugly carrying the components of the drone becomes visible. As a new owner, it was indeed an exciting moment to start unpacking:

  • The Drone: Nestled comfortably in a protective casing sat my new Holy Stone HS720 drone. I carefully picked it up and was instantly impressed with its sleek design and neat folding abilities.
  • Controller: The next item that caught my eye was an ergonomic controller. Its sturdy build has a beautiful finish which tells me of the quality of underlying engineering.
  • Backpack: I smiled as I unzipped an attractively-made carry-on backpack to store all these drone accessories conveniently during travel.
  • Charger and Battery: Also included are thoroughly wrapped chargers and intelligent lithium batteries which boost up to 26 minutes of flight time on full charge.
  • User manual: A comprehensive user manual guides beginners and experts alike on how best to operate this drone. It covers all areas from setup, navigation controls, and troubleshooting tips if any need arises.
  • Extra propellers: Four extra propellers stood elegantly encased within their individual protection threads, ready as a backup for adventurous flights.

This unboxing experience reassures me that careful thought has been put into making this journey exciting for me upfront while ensuring ongoing support during usage through spare parts and user manuals packed along.

As every owner is different in their approach, don’t forget to share your own unboxing experiences, tips, and how best you think these items can be put to use in the comments section.

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Setup Process for Holy Stone HS720

Unboxing a new drone is a thrilling experience, equal in many ways to that of a child opening their presents on Christmas morning. However, this excitement can quickly transform into frustration if the setup process is not smooth and straightforward.

Setup Process for Holy Stone HS720

This portion delves into the setup process of the Holy Stone HS720, focusing particularly on the two critical phases—Step-by-Step Guide and Connecting to the Controller.

Step-by-Step Guide

Believe me when I tell you that setting up your Holy Stone HS720 drone is simple, intuitive, and definitely not as daunting as you might think. Follow these steps:

  • Unpack everything: Inside your package, you’ll find your drone neatly folded along with its accessories like the controller battery pack, USB charger cables (2), eight propellers (4 back-ups), screws, and screwdriver, among others.
  • Deciphering the user manual: Next up would be reading through the user manual to understand the controls.
  • Install propellers: Attach your propellers by matching them to their respective sockets marked A or B.
  • Charging batteries: This might be less exciting but equally essential—charging both your controller and drone batteries before proceeding any further using the provided USB cables.

Connecting to Controller

Once we’re done setting up our HS720 physically, it’s time now for pairing or connecting it with its controller, a seemingly complex task made easier through responsive design features:

  • Powering On: Turn on your remote controller followed by turning ON your drone (a short press followed by a long press triggers it)
  • Bind To Fly: Now, move both joysticks to the left bottom for 3 seconds to sync your drone with the controller.
  • GPS Calibration: You will be prompted to perform GPS calibration—follow the arrows and rotate the drone horizontally as well as vertically.
  • Takeoff/Landing Button: Once your drone’s LEDs turn a solid green (signifying successful GPS calibration), press the takeoff button.

And just like that, you’ve prepped your Holy Stone HS720 for its maiden flight!

I must admit, connecting the Holy Stone HS720 with its controller is simple, intuitive, and extremely user-friendly without running into any significant pitfalls or issues!

Not only does this pave the way for more joyous flying, but it also ensures that everyone can enjoy this hobby regardless of their level of expertise. Good luck and happy flying!

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How Does it Perform?

Much of the fascination with drones is tied to how well they perform. Specifically, I am talking about flight time, camera quality, and range. In this section of the Holy Stone HS720 review, I strive to cover these three areas in detail, providing a comprehensive picture of the drone’s performance.

Tempo de voo

One of the main things I look for in a drone is its flight time. No one wants their aerial adventure cut short after just a few minutes.

  • The Holy Stone HS720 shines in this area by providing an impressive 26 minutes of uninterrupted flight time on a full battery charge.
  • This duration makes it one of the best drones in its price range when it comes to flight duration.
  • However, charging it fully can take between 5-7 hours, which may seem a bit long but perfectly reasonable considering its extended flight time.

In my experience, this amount of airtime allowed me to execute long flights and perform multiple maneuvers without constantly worrying about battery life.

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Qualidade da Câmara

Next up is camera quality – another aspect where the Holy Stone HS720 doesn’t disappoint.

  • It’s equipped with an HD 3840x2160P camera that delivers stunning photos and videos.
  • If you’re storing images on your smartphone, you will get HD 1920x1080P quality photos and video recordings.
  • The adjustable camera angle from 0° to -90° adds flexibility, enabling me to capture shots from various angles for that perfect photo or video shot.

Unquestionably, this drone’s camera delivers crisp images and videos that make any aerial photography or videography project stand out.

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Lastly, let’s talk about range. The Holy Stone HS720 has an impressive flight distance of 2624-3277 feet and an FPV distance of 984-1640 feet.

  • In open conditions with minimal interference, I was able to reach the higher end of that range with relative ease.
  • However, in different locations with buildings and other potential interferences, the range was a bit reduced but still decent.

The Holy Stone HS720 no doubt offers excellent value for its price tag. Whether you’re a drone enthusiast like me who values long flight times, excellent camera quality, or a wide flight range — you can’t go wrong with the HS720.

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Pros And Cons of Holy Stone HS720

As someone who’s had the joy of flying the Holy Stone HS720 drone firsthand, I have a shortlist of pros and cons that I’d like to share with you. It’s invaluable to get an insider perspective – don’t just rely solely on the specifications provided. Actual field experience often paints a different picture.


  • Weight and Composition: Weighing in at 460 grams (16.2 ounces), it holds its ground superbly against slightly more heavyweight counterparts. The size is manageable, making it easy for me to carry around while also inspiring confidence about its structure.
  • Impressive Camera Functionality: Armed with a 5GHz FPV First Person View) wireless transmission technology, the Holy Stone HS720 didn’t stutter when transmitting real-time images and videos during testing. The camera angle adjustment from 0° to -90° facilitates diverse shooting angles.
  • Admirable Flight Time: With an impressive flight time of approximately 26 minutes, HS720 left me truly enchanted amidst my favorite landscapes.
  • Características avançadas: The vast cluster of advanced features, such as GPS-assisted flight makes this drone stand out spectacularly among peers in its price range.


Despite my great admiration for this splendid piece of technology, there were certain elements that I wish were different or better:

  • Extended Charging Time: One primary letdown was the extended charging time required for Holy Stone HS720 which took around 5-7 hours for a full charge.
  • No Included TF Card: Although equipped to support an expansive storage option of up to 32GB on a TF Card, this drone doesn’t come with one included in the package, which adds extra hassle and cost during operation.

Over time using any gadget, you begin seeing past its initial glow. This review intends not only to highlight but also objectively lay out both admirable aspects along with the limitations of HS720. Below is a summary for your quick review:

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Recomendação – Quem deve comprar?

If you’re wondering if the Holy Stone HS720 is right for you, I believe the following users would greatly benefit from this model:

  • Entusiastas de drones: This drone is far from a simple toy, with its advanced features like GPS and 5Ghz FPV transmission. Its complex functionalities offer exciting challenges for enthusiasts and hobbyists looking to advance their skills.
  • Photographers and Videographers: The Holy Stone HS720 comes equipped with a high-quality camera that can capture both images in HD 3840x2160P (when stored on a TF card) and videos in HD 1920x1080P (when stored on a mobile phone). Therefore, photographers or videographers needing aerial shots would find this drone an incredible asset.
  • Iniciantes: Despite its advanced features, the Holy Stone HS720 also welcomes novices. Its optical flow sensor creates more stable flight experiences even for those still learning to navigate these devices.
  • Aventureiros ao ar livre: If you love outdoor pursuits such as hiking or exploring new areas, this drone is perfect. With a considerable flight distance of up to 3277 feet, capturing the stunning views of your adventures has never been easier.

Perhaps you’re investing in your first drone or considering stepping up from an entry-level model. In either case, I’m convinced that the Holy Stone HS720’s mix of premium features at an affordable cost marks it as an excellent choice for many users out there.

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What is special about Holy Stone company drones?

Holy Stone crafts drones with robust technology and user-friendly design. Its innovative features like GPS, silent brushless motors, and optical flow sensors stacked up with high-resolution cameras offer truly unique flight experiences.

What does the customer service look like after purchase?

Providing top-notch after-sales service is a priority for Holy Stone. They handle customer queries professionally and swiftly to ensure an enjoyable experience with their products.

What are some troubleshooting tips if my drone doesn’t take off?

Before panicking, check the basics: Is your battery fully charged? Are all components securely attached and functioning? If these don’t yield results, consult the user manual or reach out to Holy Stone’s customer service for assistance.


After testing out the Holy Stone HS720, I can confidently say it’s an innovative and reliable drone. Its top-notch features like advanced GPS, impressive flight time, and 5GHz FPV transmission simply set it apart. Also noteworthy is the quiet brushless motor that ensures seamless flights. All in all, the HS720 is a great investment for both beginners and seasoned drone enthusiasts.

Principais pontos importantes

  • Tempo de voo impressionante: The Holy Stone HS720 offers a remarkable 26-minute flight time.
  • Características avançadas: Includes GPS, 5GHz FPV transmission, and an optical flow sensor.
  • Brushless Quiet Motor: Ensures smooth and unobtrusive operation.
  • Great for Beginners to Experts: Easy to navigate for beginners but with features that will appeal to drone pros.
Richard J. Gross

Olá, o meu nome é Richard J. Gross e sou piloto de Airbus a tempo inteiro e proprietário de um negócio de aeronaves comerciais. Entrei no ramo dos drones em 2015 quando comecei a fazer fotografia aérea para empresas imobiliárias. Não fazia ideia no que me estava a meter na altura, mas acontece que a polícia foi chamada a mim pouco depois de ter começado a voar. Eles não gostavam que eu voasse com o meu drone perto de pessoas, por isso pediram-me para vir treinar os seus agentes sobre as regras e regulamentos para drones. Depois disso, decidi começar o meu próprio negócio de zangões e ensinar outros sobre o uso seguro e responsável de zangões.

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