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Top 4 Best Mini Drones In 2022: Finest Camera & Long Battery

By: Propel RC
Updated On: December 31, 2021

Mini drones are becoming more and more popular because of their small size, which makes them easy to carry around. They can fly around in your house or outside for a few minutes without the fear of breaking anything.

If you're thinking about getting one, there's a lot to consider before making a purchase. This article will go over how to find the best mini drone and what features they should have so that it is easier for you to discern.

Mini drones were initially used only for racing and battle games, but recently, they have taken on a whole new dimension. Nowadays, you can get one drone for your kids to play with or even buy it as a gift for someone else. They come in many different shapes and sizes, so finding the best mini drone may seem challenging at first, but if you go over the features carefully, they are easier to find than you might think.

The first thing you should look for is the type of control that the mini drone uses. With so many different models, it's best to get one with an app on your smartphone because then you can use both hands while using your phone, which might be helpful if there are any problems during flight or landing. There are some drones that require a controller, but they may cost more than other types do.

Things To Consider While Buying a Mini Drone In 2022

Let's have a look at a few things that you need to consider before buying the best mini drones.


As the title of the article suggests, the complete article is about mini drones. The size of the drone is a key feature to look out for when buying one. The size of the mini drone is an important factor that has been discussed in this article. There are many types of drones, and it's best not to get overwhelmed by them all. It's better to narrow down your options first before deciding on which type you're going to buy if any.


The battery life is another important feature to look out for when buying a mini drone. This article has discussed the different types of drones that exist in the market and how they can be used. The most common type of mini drone comes with an onboard camera, while some don't, which makes it difficult if you want one for surveillance purposes.


When considering different types of mini drones, it's important to look into whether or not they have an onboard camera. This article has gone over all the features that you need to consider carefully before buying a drone for yourself. The type of camera included in the model is something else that should be taken under consideration during your search for your new mini drone.


GPS is a key feature that you should look for when buying your mini drone. The complete article has been about different types of drones and how to be careful in purchasing one. A GPS system can help keep track of the location in which your mini-drone is flying, just in case it gets lost or stolen.


If you're looking for a mini drone because it's easy to carry, then the drone range is another factor that should be taken into consideration.

Below is the list of a few of the best Mini Drones of 2022




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DJI Tello

  • Max Range 100 m

  • Flying Time 13 min

  • Charging Time 2 hrs


DJI Mini 2

  • Max Range 6 km

  • Flying Time 31 min

  • Charging Time 2 hrs


Yuneec Mantis Q

  • Max Range 2 km

  • Flying Time 33 min

  • Charging Time 2.5 hrs


Holy Stone HS270 Drone

  • Max Range 600 m

  • Flying Time 18 min

  • Charging Time 6-7 hrs


1. DJI Tello

Best Mini Drones Dji tello quadcopter


  • Great image processor
  • Lightweight design
  • Durable airframe
  • Long battery life makes it perfect for everyone


  • Short-range compared to others in the list

Specifications: DJI Tello


The DJI Tello comes in the dimensions of 9.8 x 9.25 x 4.1 cm, which makes it easy to carry around. It has a weight of 85 grams which is another reason why you can take it out with ease wherever you go without worrying about breaking anything or getting hurt in the process as well as falling off from high heights since they are surprisingly light.


The battery that is included in the model packs a punch, with only 13 minutes of flight time which makes it one of the shortest ones on this list.


The DJI Tello mini drone comes with a 720p HD camera which is pretty good for a drone of its size. The camera comes with a 5 MP sensor, which is more than enough o capture some quality photos and videos.


The DJI Tello has an impressive GPS system that allows the user to track their drones in real-time, whether it's flying or not, and you can set geofencing boundaries as well. The complete article discusses all the features that are included in the model.


DJI Tello comes with an operational range of around 100 meters which is pretty impressive for a drone of its size.

Our Review: DJI Tello

The DJI Tello is a mini drone for everyone to enjoy! Features two antennas, headless mode, and palm launch. This product has 25 meters control range, making it perfect for kids as well as adults!

The high-capacity battery allows up to 13 minutes of flight time (up to 8 days on standby). Tello shoots incredible photos and videos with its image processor. It's small, but its power can't be underestimated - the perfect addition to any person's drones family.

Tello is a fantastic mini drone created by DJI, the world's most trusted leader in drones and aerial imaging technologies. It comes with a great image processor for beautiful shots from new heights. Its lightweight design, durable airframe, and long battery life make this perfect for everyone from children to adults.

This little machine can do things that many of its competitors cannot include flip 8D maneuvers! Tello's high-quality video transmission system makes it easy to learn more about how your drone works while still flying at ease while never-ending up crashing.

2. DJI Mini 2

Best Mini Drones DJI Mini 2


  • Lightweight
  • Long battery
  • Long-range
  • Best Camera


  • A bit pricey

Specifications: DJI Mini 2


The DJI Mini Drone comes in the dimensions of 245×289×56 mm, which makes it a little bit larger than some other mini drones present on this list but still not too big or heavy enough to be considered bulky and too difficult to carry around when out with friends or family members.

The weight of the product is around 0.26 kilograms, and it has a design that makes it easy to carry with an attractive red color on the bottom of the device.


Battery, The battery life present inside of this model gives you up to 31 minutes flight time (up to 16 hours standby) which means that you will get plenty of days out of your little machine before having to recharge once again.


The DJI Mini Drone comes equipped with a 720p HD camera with a 12 MP sensor which can capture some quality photos and videos in great detail even though they might not be as impressive when compared to other drones such as the Mavic Air, but for its size, this drone packs quite a punch!


The DJI Mini Drone has an impressive GPS system that allows the user to track their drones in real-time, whether it's flying or not, and you can set geofencing boundaries as well. The complete article discusses all the features that are included in this model.


The control range of this model lies at around 6 km, so it's the best on this list to enjoy without any issues whatsoever. It has an acceptable amount of power within it that makes it easy to fly out far distances and still come back home safely even if you lose track or don't know where you're flying your mini drone anymore!

Our Review: DJI Mini 2

The DJI mini2 is the perfect drone to take on your next daring adventure. Its lightweight design allows it to be carried anywhere, no matter how challenging- whether running up a mountain or scaling down an impossible cliff, this little guy will come along for all of your adventures.

The foldable propeller helps guarantee that it won't get stuck in small areas and never stops its ascent or descent, so you can hover where ever you please without worry!

Designated with three different flight modes (S, N, C) depending on the weather conditions, don't let any scenario stand in your way of having fun outside! This sturdy quadcopter only weighs 247 grams- which means under 250 grams by international airline standards!

You'll be able to travel to wherever you want with this little machine and never worry about weight issues, with a flight range of up to around 6 kilometers. It's the perfect drone for those who like exploring far distances away from their homes!

The DJI mini is equipped with an impressive GPS system that allows you to track your quadcopter in real-time, whether it's flying or not, and set geofencing boundaries as well.

This model also has some great camera features, such as 720p HD video recording, which will capture clear images at 12MP resolution.

You can easily snap photos during takeoff or landing without having any problems whatsoever! For anyone looking to have fun outdoors while capturing all memories on film, look no further than the fantastic DJI Mini Drone!

An attractive red colour on the bottom of the device makes this drone stand out from all other models. With a size that's larger than others, it can carry its weight anywhere and is not too heavy or cumbersome to take with you, almost no matter where your adventures may lead you.

You get up to 31 minutes flight time (up to 16 hours standby) which means plenty of days before recharging again- perfect for anyone who likes having fun without stopping once in a while!

3. Yuneec Mantis Q

Best Mini Drones yuneec Mantis Q


  • It can be used for professional photography or video recording
  • Good flight time of 33 minutes at most
  • Automatic return home feature


  • A bit weighted

Specifications: Yuneec Mantis G


The Yuneec Mantis Q comes in a size of about 6.6 x 3.8 x 2.2 inches, which is one of the biggest drones on this list. It is also relatively heavy, weighing around 500 grams which makes it difficult to travel with if you're planning on moving quickly, but if you want great results from a small-sized drone, this drone can be the end of your search.


The battery life is also pretty incredible, and you can get up to 25 minutes of flight time (about 50% more than the other models on this list). If there is no wind at all, the drone can fly for up to 33 minutes at most. It has a rechargeable Lithium-ion Polymer that gives you enough power. The weight does not affect how it flies as well, which means less power usage but still great results!


It comes with a 1/3.06 CMOS sensor. It takes pictures at 13MP resolution with HD 4k video recording capabilities, so they will be better than most of the drones on this list- especially when compared to others such as DJI's Mavic Air model- but still produce very good quality images for its size.

This drone comes equipped with one key feature that makes getting home from far distances very easy and safe: an automatic return to home feature. You can set a geofence boundary or push this button on the remote control if you don't feel comfortable with flying your drone for some reason!


The drone comes with a GPS positioning system that allows you to track the device in real-time, whether it's taking flight or not. You can set boundaries for this purpose as well, and they will be done automatically through your controller!

The return home feature is perfect if you're starting to feel uncomfortable at any point during your flight because it brings the drone right back into its original position, so there are no safety concerns whatsoever when using this device.


The range of the drone is up to 2000 meters, which means it can go far distances easily and still provide you with a good signal. The built-in anti-collision sensors also keep your device safe from any crashes that may happen while flying at high speeds, so there's no need for extra safety precautions either!

Our Review: Yuneec Mantis Q

Mantis Q mini drone offers a perfect gift for people who love traveling and cannot come to the end of exploring new landscapes, breathtaking sceneries, or beautiful cities. Featuring a GPS tracker built-in intelligence for self-positioning, the Mantis Q will be able to hover without any human intervention around static point GeoFences set by you in advance.

Once it reaches its limit, the drone will automatically return back safely to home base as well as notify your phone within minutes if there is any issue with battery life or navigation so that it can alert you about potential danger right away. 

In order to operate optimally indoors, GeoFence restrictions need to be set not only from outside but inside as well so that the drone won't fly away through the window and crash hard on the street below.

It has an automatic return home feature as well, but there is no need to push it since if you set GeoFence restrictions, they will be automatically applied themselves without any human intervention! It can achieve a top speed of over 44 mph.

Using Mantis Q mini drone for professional photo or video recording could be one of its best uses because this model comes equipped with everything that's needed to do such tasks very quickly and still provide excellent results even when using full HD 1080p quality at 30 frames per second- which means it can produce great-looking images/videos in high resolution, so professionals love operating this device too!

4. Holy Stone HS270

Best Mini Drones Holy Stone HS 270


  • GPS tracking system for preset routes
  • Impressive battery life of 18 minutes
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • One-key return function for extra safety


  • Relatively heavy
  • Short flight range

Specifications: Holy Stone HS270


Holy Stone HS270 is another mini drone with specifications of a full-sized drone that makes it a great choice for professionals who need something lighter and smaller than the professional models they are used to flying.

The size of this drone is 13.39 x 10.39 x 4.09 inches which means you can easily put it in any backpack or even carry it by hand without being too worried about its weight- especially given how light drones have become lately.

Battery Life

The battery life of the Holy Stone HS270 Drone is also very impressive- lasting 18 minutes at most for a single charge which means you can take it out on multiple flights without having to recharge the device. The charging time is 6-7 hrs which may seem too long considering how little the drone flies, but once it's fully charged up, there's no need to wait until the battery drains out again.


This drone comes with a 2.7 k recording with 90-degree rotation and a 120-degree wide-angle lens, which means you will be able to record videos in high-definition quality. The recording is done on a microSD card that can support up to 16 GB of memory space for longer flights, which makes the device great when it comes down to video recording features too!


One of the best features offered by Holy Stone HS270 Drone is its GPS tracking technology because it lets you choose from a list of preset routes so that your drone can fly autonomously via those preprogrammed paths.

This feature makes this device perfect for professional photographers who need to explore new areas and record footage without worrying about where their drone will fly and what it will record- since all of those details are set in advance, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the show!


The range might be an issue when it comes down to Holy Stone HS270 Drone because the manufacturer only claims that it can fly up 600 meters in the distance which is not a lot considering how most high-end drones can go as far as three miles away from their pilot.

The good news about this drone is that there's no need for you to worry about the device flying away because it has a one-key return function that will make sure your drone comes back to you no matter how far it flies, so there's nothing dangerous or risky in using this model.

Review: Holy Stone HS270

If you're a drone enthusiast who's been waiting to find the perfect size and battery life, Holy Stone has it! This 13.39 x 10.39 x 4.09-inch mini drone is small enough for easy storage in any backpack or carry-on bag yet still comes with 18 minutes of flying time per charge.

It has a replaceable battery, which makes this a great choice when you need something that'll last even when your explorer friends decrease your allotted flight time by trying to view nature during an airshow.

This drone is one of the best drones in its size and price range due to its advanced features of GPS tracking, one-key return home, and preprogrammed flight routes.

The price is very affordable compared to other drones with similar specifications, which makes this drone even more attractive for professional photographers who need a portable device that won't break the bank but still has all the necessary features to make them feel like they are flying their favorite high-end drones.

This Holy Stone HS270 Drone is an amazing mini drone that you can use for professional video recording and photo capturing. Go ahead and buy this drone.


Mini drones are the perfect tool for anyone who wants to capture videos or photos from a new perspective. If you're new to this technology, don't worry! We've put together some helpful tips that will help you find your way through the best mini drones on the market today.

When comparing different models, it's important to look at specifications like range and battery life as well as features like stabilization mode and camera resolution. Check out our guide above before selecting which drone is right for you!

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