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Top 5 Best EXO Drones To Buy In 2024| Budget-Friendly Drones

By: Richard J. Gross
Updated On: May 1, 2024

I’ve explored the five best EXO drones of 2024 for enthusiasts, and here’s what I found. The EXO X7 Ranger excels with its 4K camera and high wind resistance, perfect for photography. The EXO Blackhawk 2 offers exceptional 4K video and long flight times, aimed at professionals.

The EXO Scout kits provide versatile options for both beginners and seasoned pilots. Drone boasts unique features and performance enhancements that will definitely pique your interest further.

EXO X7 Ranger
EXO X7 Ranger
  • Flight time: 25 min/battery
  • Flight range: 1/2 mile (3500ft)
  • Weight: 22 oz (625g)
EXO Blackhawk 2
EXO Blackhawk 2
  • Flight time: 35 minutes
  • Flight range: 5+ miles
  • Weight: 550g
EXO Mini Pro
EXO Mini Pro
  • Flight time: Up to 40 minutes
  • Flight range: 5 miles
  • Weight: 249g
EXO Recon Drone
EXO Recon Drone
  • Flight time: 10 mins
  • Flight range: 30M
  • Weight: 97g
EXO Scout Drone
EXO Scout Drone
  • Flight time: 18 min
  • Flight range: 400ft
  • Weight: 245g

1. EXO X7 Ranger

Best EXO Drones: EXO X7 Ranger
Image Source: Amazon
Speed26 mph
Wind ResistanceLevel 5
Photo Resolution4K / 9MP
Video Resolution2K
Camera Sensor1/3in Sony Sensor
Camera Tilt110-degree (birds-eye view)
Range½ mile (3500ft)
Flight Time25min/battery
FeaturesReturn to home, HD live-feed, bomb-proof quadcopter
Setup Time1 minute
Customer ServiceFree USA support and tutorial videos
Dimensions (Unfolded)14 x 12 x 3 in
Weight22 oz (625g)
Stabilization3-Axis Gimbal
Frame Rate30FPS
Live-Feed Range1750ft
Live-Feed Resolution720p
Maximum Height400ft (legal limit)

The EXO X7 Ranger, with its 4K camera and GPS, is the perfect choice for photography enthusiasts looking for precision and high-quality aerial shots. You’ll appreciate its robust features, including a 3-axis gimbal and a 1/3-inch Sony Sensor that guarantee your images are sharp and stable.

With the ability to capture 4K photos and 2K videos, you can explore the intricate details of your aerial footage like never before.

Moreover, its top speed of 26MPH and level 5 wind resistance capability make it reliable even in less-than-ideal conditions. You’re also getting a drone that’s easy to control, thanks to precise joystick controls and smart features like GPS Return to Home. This makes the EXO X7 Ranger not just powerful, but also reassuringly user-friendly.

Best For: Photography enthusiasts and professionals seeking a durable and high-performance drone for capturing stunning aerial images and videos.


  • Equipped with a 4K camera and a 3-axis gimbal for high-quality, stable footage.
  • Features a robust construction with Level 5 wind resistance and a top speed of 26MPH.
  • Includes smart features such as GPS Return to Home and HD live feed for enhanced usability.


  • Limited to a ½ mile range which may be restrictive for some advanced uses.

2. EXO Blackhawk 2

Best EXO Drones: EXO Blackhawk 2
Image Source: Amazon
Camera12MP, 1/2.6in CMOS sensor, f/2.2 aperture
Video4K UHD (100Mbps)
Flight Time35 minutes
Weight550 g
Range5+ miles
Additional Features3-axis gimbal stabilization
Wind resistance up to 30MPH
Intelligent flight modes (Follow Me, Hyperlapse, Waypoints etc.)
Foldable design

If you’re a professional photographer or videographer looking to elevate your aerial footage, the EXO Blackhawk 2 Professional 4K UHD Drone might be your best pick.

It features a 3-axis gimbal and 4K video capture for crisp and stable shots. The advanced gimbal technology ensures smooth and detailed footage due to its ability to shoot 4K video at 100mbps.

With a flight time of 35 minutes and a range exceeding 5 miles, the Blackhawk 2 is ideal for lengthy shoots, even in windy conditions over 30MPH.

Smart features such as Follow-Me and Return to Home make your flying experience hassle-free. Additionally, the drone is foldable, comes with free accessories, and includes a Part 107 course, making it both practical and powerful.

Best For: Professional photographers and videographers who need high-quality, stable aerial footage with extensive flight capabilities.


  • Equipped with a 12MP camera and 3-axis gimbal for high-resolution photos and smooth 4K videos.
  • Long flight time of 35 minutes and a range of over 5 miles, suitable for extensive shooting sessions.
  • Foldable design with additional free accessories and a Part 107 course included, enhancing portability and user readiness.


  • Some users report dissatisfaction with battery life, which may affect extended usage.

3. EXO Mini Pro

Best EXO Drones: EXO Mini Pro
Image Source: Amazon
Photo Quality48 Megapixels, 1/1.3in CMOS sensor, HDR, f/1.85 aperture, night mode
Video Quality4K UHD HDR video at 200mbps, 2.7K 60fps
Stabilization3-Axis electronically stabilized gimbal
Flight TimeUp to 40 minutes
Range5 miles
Wind Resistance30mph+ (Level 5)
Weight249 grams (no registration required in the USA)
Internal Storage64GB or 128GB options
Additional FeaturesObstacle avoidance, Follow-Me, Return to Home, Quickshots, Hyperlapse, 15+ built-in smart features

Are you a professional photographer or videographer looking for a drone that combines portability with powerful imaging capabilities? The EXO Mini Pro Professional Drone might just be your perfect match.

This compact marvel weighs only 249 grams and boasts a foldable design, making it incredibly portable. Yet, it doesn’t skimp on power. With a 48MP 4K UHD HDR camera supported by an advanced 3-axis gimbal, you’ll capture stunning, stable footage every time.

The drone offers up to 40 minutes of flight time and can handle winds over 30MPH, thanks to its robust build and smart features like obstacle avoidance and Follow-Me.

Whether you’re shooting in challenging conditions or trying to capture complex shots, the EXO Mini Pro is designed to deliver exceptional results.

Best For: Content creators and hobbyists who need a lightweight, high-quality drone with advanced features for capturing professional-grade photos and videos.


  • Equipped with a 48MP 4K UHD HDR camera and an advanced 3-axis gimbal for stunning, stable footage.
  • Long flight time of up to 40 minutes with a 35-minute battery life and 30MPH+ wind resistance.
  • Smart features including obstacle avoidance, Follow-Me, and Return to Home enhance usability and safety.


  • Limited to 64GB of storage which might be insufficient for professional videographers needing extended shooting time.

4. EXO Recon Drone

Best EXO Drones: EXO Recon Drone
Image Source: Amazon
Max Flight Time10 Mins
Max Transmission Range30 M
Battery Capacity1000 mAh
Battery Charge Time100 Mins
Dimensions (folded)5.11 x 3.15 x 2.16in
Dimensions (unfolded)10.2 x 7.87 x 2.16in
Weight With Battery97 G
Max Speed (X Axis)3 M/S
Max Speed (Ascent)2 M/S
Max Speed (Descent)1 M/S
Max Video Res1920×1080
Max Photo Res1920×1080

For avid photographers and videographers, the EXO Recon Drone Kit offers stunning 48 Megapixel photos and 4K UHD videos, making it an exceptional choice in the 2024 drone market.

You’ll find that the f/1.85 aperture and night mode capabilities allow for crisp, clear images even in low light conditions. Plus, the 3-axis gimbal guarantees smooth video capture.

Despite its impressive specs, it’s worth mentioning that users have reported mixed feelings about the drone’s battery life and overall durability.

Some have also expressed dissatisfaction with customer service and the accuracy of product information. Keep these points in mind as you weigh the benefits against potential drawbacks.

Best For: Enthusiasts and professionals in photography and videography looking for high-resolution imaging and advanced flight features.


  • High-resolution 48-megapixel camera with f/1.85 aperture and night mode for superior image quality in various lighting conditions.
  • Advanced features such as a 3-axis gimbal for stable video, obstacle avoidance, and multiple automated flight modes including Hyperlapse.


  • Mixed reviews regarding battery life, with some users reporting shorter-than-expected performance.

5. EXO Scout Drone

Best EXO Drones: EXO Scout Drone
Image Source: Amazon
Dimensions (folded)5 x 3 x 2.5in
Dimensions (unfolded)8 x 8 x 2.5in
Weight With Battery245g
Max Speed (X Axis)15MPH
Max Flight Time18 min
Max Transmission Range400ft
Battery Capacity1800mAh
Battery Charge Time90 minutes
Max Video Res1080p
Max Photo Res5MP

If you’re looking for a user-friendly drone that combines portability with high-quality imaging, the EXO Scout Drone Kit with Camera and Accessories is an ideal choice. This kit offers an easy setup and control system, making it perfect for both beginners and seasoned flyers.

You’ll enjoy the flexibility of three-speed levels, with a top speed of 15MPH, allowing you to capture smooth 1080p videos and 6MP photos effortlessly.

The drone’s design isn’t only lightweight and portable but also features a foldable structure, making it convenient to carry on all your adventures. Additionally, its reliable hover precision and auto-landing safety features enhance your flying experience, ensuring peace of mind.

With two included Lithium Ion batteries, you can extend your flight sessions, capturing more of your surroundings without a hassle.

Best For: Beginners and travel enthusiasts looking for a compact, easy-to-use drone with quality imaging capabilities.


  • Easy setup and control suitable for all experience levels
  • High-resolution camera captures detailed 1080p videos and 6MP photos
  • Foldable and lightweight design enhances portability


  • Performance may be affected under windy conditions

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Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best EXO Drones in 2024

When selecting the best EXO drones for 2024, it’s important to take into account several key factors.

I’ll explore essential performance specs, evaluate camera quality, and assess battery life to make sure you make a well-informed decision.

Additionally, I’ll look into connectivity options and weather resistance to cover all bases for ideal drone operation.

Essential Performance Specs

Choosing the right EXO drone requires evaluating several key performance specifications to match your specific needs. First, consider the flight time, range, and speed. You’ll want a drone that can stay airborne long enough and travel far enough at a satisfactory speed for your activities.

Features like obstacle avoidance, GPS return to home, and smart flight modes are important for convenience and safety, enhancing the flying experience greatly.

Additionally, assess the drone’s wind resistance to make sure it performs well in various weather conditions. Also, don’t overlook ease of setup, control options, and the availability of responsive customer support. These factors greatly impact your overall satisfaction and the usability of the drone in everyday scenarios.

Camera Quality Insights

For top-tier aerial imagery, it’s important to take into account the camera quality of EXO drones. These drones boast cameras ranging from 12MP to 48MP, and their 4K UHD HDR capability guarantees that every detail is captured with precision.

The 3-axis gimbals provide stability, making your videos smooth and your photos sharp, even in challenging conditions. Night mode and HDR enhance image quality under various lighting scenarios, adding versatility to your shoots.

Whether you’re shooting at 100mbps or 200mbps, the results are consistently impressive. Features like Follow-Me mode and smart shooting options allow for dynamic and creative aerial shots. It’s clear that with an EXO drone, capturing stunning visuals is made easy and reliable.

Battery Life Evaluation

After exploring the impressive camera capabilities of EXO drones, let’s now examine how their battery life affects overall performance and usability.

When selecting an EXO drone, it’s important to take into account the battery life since it directly impacts flight time. Longer battery life means you can fly longer without frequent stops to recharge, making it ideal for extended filming or exploration.

Battery capacity, measured in milliamp hours (mAh), is a key indicator; higher mAh typically provides longer flight times. Keep in mind, that factors like wind resistance, speed, and camera usage also drain the battery.

It’s vital to understand the average flight time per charge to plan your drone activities effectively, ensuring you don’t get cut short mid-session.

Connectivity Options

When selecting an EXO drone, consider the variety of connectivity options available, as these features greatly enhance the drone’s functionality and ease of use. EXO drones typically offer Wi-Fi connectivity, which allows for seamless communication between the drone and the controller.

This tech also supports the linking of the drone with other compatible devices, making it easier to manage flight operations and data transfer.

Some models include SD media slots, enabling you to store and transfer photos and videos directly from the drone. However, be sure to check that connectivity features can vary depending on the model you choose. Always review the specific capabilities of each model to make sure it meets your requirements.

Weather Resistance

Weather resistance is an important factor to take into account when selecting EXO drones, as their capability to withstand high winds and adverse conditions can greatly affect performance.

EXO drones are designed to manage wind speeds of 25-30MPH, making them versatile for various weather scenarios. Their sturdy construction guarantees reliable operation in windy settings, allowing for smooth, controlled flights.

Features like obstacle avoidance and precise joystick controls enhance their navigability in tough weather. Additionally, the Return to Home function is essential for safety, ensuring drones can return autonomously during unexpected bad weather.

The high-quality cameras and gimbals maintain clear, stable footage despite the conditions, making these drones ideal for capturing superior aerial shots in nearly any weather.

Warranty Policies

Besides considering their resilience to weather, it’s also important to examine the warranty policies of EXO drones before making a purchase. These warranties often cover manufacturing defects and malfunctions, but the length can vary—ranging from 30 days to several years depending on the drone model.

It’s vital to register your product as some warranties require this step to activate. Keep in mind, that warranties typically don’t cover damages from accidents, misuse, or unauthorized tweaks. Always read the terms and conditions carefully to understand what’s included and what isn’t.

This careful review ensures you know what protection you have, helping you make a well-informed decision about your EXO drone purchase.

Price Comparison Tips

To secure the best value when shopping for EXO drones, it’s important to compare prices across various retailers. I always look for discounts, promotions, or bundle offers that can greatly reduce costs.

It’s essential to evaluate the features and specifications of each drone model to make sure the price matches the value provided. I often consider refurbished or open-box drones as they offer a great way to save money without sacrificing quality.

Additionally, keeping an eye out for seasonal sales or special events can lead to substantial savings. By carefully considering these factors, I make sure I’m getting the most out of every dollar spent on these sophisticated flying machines.


In choosing the best EXO drone for 2024, consider your needs and budget. High-end models like the EXO X7 Ranger offer advanced features for serious enthusiasts, while options like the EXO Scout provide quality at a more accessible price point.

Factor in camera quality, battery life, and additional accessories. Whether you’re a professional or a hobbyist, there’s an EXO drone that fits your requirements, ensuring you capture stunning aerial footage with ease and precision.

Richard J. Gross

Hi, my name is Richard J. Gross and I’m a full-time Airbus pilot and commercial drone business owner. I got into drones in 2015 when I started doing aerial photography for real estate companies. I had no idea what I was getting into at the time, but it turns out that police were called on me shortly after I started flying. They didn’t like me flying my drone near people, so they asked me to come train their officers on the rules and regulations for drones. After that, I decided to start my own drone business and teach others about the safe and responsible use of drones.

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