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How to Reset a Drone? Best & Easiest Method (June 2024)

By: Richard J. Gross
Updated On: January 1, 2022

How to reset a drone? Resetting a drone is a widespread problem for new drone flyers. There are numerous reasons to reset a drone, including crashes, flyways, or remote control malfunctions.

The most common reason behind resetting drones is to reset the drone factory settings is when the drone does not work as expected. Another reason might be that there will be a change in ownership when you give or sell your drone.

A factory reset solves many problems, including power outages, drone range, gimbal calibration difficulties, and other calibration issues.

A standard reset restores your drone to the factory default settings, which may serve as a great starting point for returning it to its original condition.

Sometimes, a drone’s factory reset does not resolve all of the issues, and you may need to restart the controller or the smart battery, which have their own inner processing systems.

In some cases, to reset the drone, you need to have the manufacturer’s software. Otherwise, you can reset the drone with any updating software. It all depends on the brand of your drone.

Let’s discuss all the different methods to perform a factory reset on your drone.

How to Reset a DJI Drone?

To reset a DJI drone, you should connect your DJI drone to the PC or laptop using a USB cable. Follow these steps:

  • Install the latest update of the GO 4 App from the official DJI website.
  • Plugin a USB cable into a computer and plug the other end of the USB cord into your drone.
  • In case if it is asked for permission, then click on allow.
  • Open the “DJI GO 4″ app on your computer device. Go to the top left corner of the screen and click on ‘Device’. Then click on ”Drone Reset”. A pop-up will appear now, which will give you different options to select from. Click on the Factory Reset option. Now, press the shutter button for 3 seconds; after this action is done, your drone factory reset will be completed. Now, unplug the USB cord and turn off the controller.

The DJI drones like Phantom 3 Standard, Advanced or Professional use a software called DJI Assistant 2.

To reset Dji drones with this software, follow these steps:

  • Connect your drone to your computer via USB cable
  • Click on ‘Settings.’
  • Select ‘Reset Settings’ to complete the factory reset of your DJI drone.

Resetting the Controller of Your Drone

How to reset a drone

Sometimes the controller does not work as it should. In this case, one must reset the controller to get it to work as it needs to. Other ways to solve these problems aren’t publicly known; hence a most common way to solve them is to reset the controller.

Almost all the drones and their controllers can be reset with one method itself, which is by connecting it to a device and resetting it through the software of its manufacturer.

Given below is the step-by-step process to reset the drone’s controller; first of all, hold the power button for around 10 seconds until there is a beep in the controller.

  • Turn off the drone and its controller.
  • Now long-press the pause, Fn and the bottom right shoulder; hold all these buttons for as long as it takes for the drone controller to start beeping and continuously beep.

Reset Drones from Other Drones

Resetting any other drone is not much different from resetting the DJI drone. First of all, you need to install the manufacturer’s software into your device.

Once you have the software installed on the device, you will have to connect the drone to your device. Once you have successfully connected the drone, look for the reset option on the screen. You will find the reset option under the headings settings/systems/firmware update.

How to reset a drone from another drone

Many other drones do not need any external device or any software to reset the drones. Drones from brands like Parrot, such as Parrot Mambo and Parrot Bebop, can be reset through the controller. To reset

These drones, first of all, turn on the drone from the power button and wait for all the lights to go green. Then, after 30 seconds, press the power button a second time but hold it for approximately 30 seconds. As you press and hold the power button, the two drone LEDs will alternate from red to red.

Then they’ll flash as they change. Wait for a few moments, and the blinking will become more regular, indicating that you are in the end stage of the reset procedure.

Do not release the power button before all the lights turn green; otherwise, you must repeat the process. Once all the lights turn green, the drone is reset successfully.

Drone Wifi Reset

The reset feature is found under the settings section. The reset button will be different for each model, but it can generally be found by scrolling to the bottom of the screen.

How to reset a drone wifi

Resetting the Wifi of your drone will only delete or reset the information stored through or for your wifi connections; everything else will remain as it is, even after the reset is successful.

Follow the steps mentioned below to complete the process of wifi reset for your drone,

  • Switch on your drone, and if you are using a drone, you must be knowing how to turn on the drone; still, long-press the power button for long enough, and the fan will start.
  • If you are using a DJI drone, then you will have to have the manufacturers software to reset the wifi. Different DJI drone models work fine on different software, but the basic manufacturer’s software works well with all the models.
  • Connect the drone with your device.
  • Surf through the menu, and you will find the Wifi menu on the top. select the option and then press the drones power button for not less than 10 seconds, and the Wifi of your drone is reset successfully.

How to Reset the Smart Battery from DJI Drones?

The reset of the smart battery is also similar to that of the Wifi; you need to connect your device with the drone and press its power button for at least 10 seconds.

No matter if you are resetting any other smart battery or a DJI smart battery, you will always be asked whether you want to update it after resetting. If yes, then all the progress made until now on the previous firmware will be deleted and replaced by the new version that started downloading after resetting.

How to reset a drone

You need to know that resetting the battery is different for different drones.

If it is a DJI drone, then connect your device with the DJI Go app and press and hold down all three buttons- power, home, and volume up for a minimum of 10 seconds; beep sounds will let you know when you can release these buttons.

The reset process may take longer depending on the model of your drone and its firmware version. If, after resetting, you do not see the progress bar in the DJI Go app, then it is time to charge your battery.

Reset Smart Batteries from Other Drones

For resetting a Parrot and similar brand drone’s smart battery for longer flight time, you will have to hold down the power button for approximately 30 seconds after you turn it on.

Then, its lights should change color as follows: one solid amber light followed by two blinking red lights, then three solid red lights in succession, and finally all four lights turning off at once.

Now, wait for about 30 seconds or so until each of those lights starts blinking again consecutively from the first light, which is now red once more. This signals a successful reset of a Parrot drone’s smart battery.


A factory reset can be done for different drones. However, the process is not the same for all of them. It varies according to the model and third-party software used with it.

The general procedure stays basically the same, where you have to connect your device with it and press its power button, which will guide you through the process rather than just holding that button-down.

How to reset a drone is explained in the article. Sometimes, if it doesn’t work, you have to charge your device and go through the same steps again till it works properly for you.

If there is an issue with your DJI app or a firmware update fails, or some other problem that requires a factory reset of the drone, then you need factory resetting of the DJI device.

How to reset a DJI drone is explained in detail above. How to factory reset a fly more combo is also provided in this article for your convenience.

Richard J. Gross

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