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DJI Care Refresh Explored: Is it Worth it? (2024)

By: Richard J. Gross
Updated On: November 27, 2023

Ever wondered about keeping your precious drone safe? When you invest in something as nifty and high-tech as a drone, you want to make sure it lives its life to the fullest, right? That’s where DJI Care Refresh steps into the spotlight—but is it truly the guardian angel for your flying buddy? Stick around because I am going to dive deep into what this mysterious protector truly offers for your peace of flying joy.

Let’s cut to the chase: based on my experience and thorough understanding, opting for DJI Care Refresh can be a game changer. Imagine this – you’re having a great time with your drone, and suddenly, it decides to take an unplanned swim or nosedive. Heartbreaking, isn’t it?

With DJI Care Refresh, such nightmares could turn out to be just minor bumps on the road instead of wallet-crushing catastrophes. It’s not just about repairs; we’re talking about potential replacements, too!

What You’ll Find In This Read:

  • Insight on how DJI Care Refresh can save your day
  • The simple truth behind this coverage scheme
  • A no-fuss breakdown of plans and prices
  • Real stories that could have ended differently without coverage

Digging Deep Down into DJI Care Refresh

In an attempt to explore the nuances of drone care options, I’m drawn towards the popular DJI Care Refresh. But what exactly is this? How does it aim to make your drone flying experience smoother?

Digging Deep Down into DJI Care Refresh

What Exactly is DJI Care Refresh?

Well, in simple terms, DJI Care Refresh is a comprehensive protection plan offered by the renowned drone manufacturer DJI. Think of it as a kind of insurance for your cherished drone. The main objective? To provide you complete peace of mind while operating these high-tech devices.

It offers coverage not only for accidents but also for damage from a variety of circumstances outside your control, such as water damage and collisions. This means that if I accidentally muddled my controls and ended up crashing my drone into a tree or inadvertently flew over the water and had to see it sinking helplessly – DJI Care Refresh would have me covered.

Now that we’ve established what DJI Care Refresh means let’s navigate through its benefits.

Benefits of Opting for DJI Care Refresh with Your New Drone

The first and foremost benefit I see here is the peace of mind it provides. I mean, accidents do occur irrespective of how careful we are as drone pilots. But with this dedicated protection plan, I can operate my prized possession without any worry.

  • Extensive Coverage: As stated earlier, the breadth and depth of coverage under DJI Care refresh are significant – from accidental damages such as collisions or water-related mishaps to other random technical issues.
  • Replacement units: Pardon me if you’re new to drones, but they aren’t exactly cheap! With this plan, if my drone is damaged extensively, I could receive replacement units at a minimal additional charge.
  • Hassle-free service: Dealing with repairs and replacements can be daunting. But DJI Care Refresh paves the way for me to avail of simplified after-sales service – which I consider to be another real advantage.

Of course, this isn’t an exhaustive list, but it sure gives you reasons why taking up DJI Care Refresh can prove to be a wise choice.

So there you have it! Here are some solid reasons for opting for DJI Care Refresh with your new drone purchase.

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Evaluating The Scope of Coverage

When it comes to my drone, I like to make sure I’ve got all bases covered. That’s why looking at what DJI Care Refresh offers is key before making any decisions.

Unpacking What’s Covered Under DJI Care Refresh

When I buy something pricey, like a drone, I usually think about how to keep it safe. That’s where DJI Care Refresh comes in handy for drones. This is a service plan, kind of like insurance, that covers your drone if something bad happens to it.

So, what does this plan actually cover? First off, if you have an accident and your drone gets damaged, DJI will help fix it. They either repair the parts or replace the whole thing if needed. And good news – they send you a replacement before you even send the broken one back in some places.

Another big point is water damage. For those of us who might accidentally land our drone in water or get caught in heavy rain, DJI has got our backs here, too.

Let’s not forget about flyaways – although rare, sometimes drones decide to go on an adventure by themselves and can’t be found again. If that ever happens while you’ve got DJI Care Refresh, they’re willing to replace the missing drone.

And if you’re flying your drone and bump into something by mistake, causing little nicks or big breaks in your propellers or arms, this care plan covers those kinds of collisions as well.

For people who travel a lot with their drones, there’s also global coverage, which means you can get help even when you are far away from home.

What makes me really appreciate this plan is how easily they’ve made everything happen digitally. You just go online when there’s trouble rather than having tons of paperwork to worry about.

Important to remember: Each incident is counted and has its own service fee, but considering what could happen without coverage, I’d say it’s better to be safe with this plan than sorry without it.

The Exclusions You Need To Know Before Opting for DJI Care Refresh

But as with most things out there offering protection or peace of mind – there are rules about what isn’t covered, which are just as important as what is covered.

Here’s what DJI Care Refresh does not include:

  • Losses on purpose: If someone damages their own drone on purpose and tries to claim coverage (not cool at all).
  • Stolen drones: If your gadget gets swiped by someone else – sadly, that’s not part of the deal.
  • Batteries after a certain point: The battery’s only covered for so much use; after many full charges (they call these ‘charge cycles’), batteries are not part of the deal anymore
  • Accessories apart from the main unit: Things, like carry cases or extra parts, won’t be replaced unless they came originally within your package.

DJI also expects people using Care Refresh to take some basic steps to keep their drones safe – so if someone doesn’t follow flying rules or disregards advice from manuals and things go wrong because of that, support might say no-go on covering that incident.

People often confuse warranty with care plans, too – but simple wear-and-tear over time isn’t looked after by this program. So, those common issues from using your device a lot aren’t included here either.

Finally, cosmetic stuff – like scratches that don’t really change how well the drone flies – won’t make the cut for repairs under this care plan.

Knowing these boundaries helps manage expectations right from the start because who wants surprises – especially when it involves tech toys we love?

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Deciding on DJI Care or Upgrading to DJI Care Refresh Plus

When you buy a drone from DJI, you often think about how to keep it safe. There’s a choice: stick with the basic DJI warranty coverage or take a step up to DJI Care Refresh Plus. But what does this mean for you?

DJI care refresh

Comparative Insights: Is Upgrading to ‘Refresh Plus’ a Smart Move?

So, you’ve got your new flying buddy, and now it’s time to make a choice about protecting it. I’ve looked into both options—DJI Care and DJI Care Refresh Plus—to see which one might fit your needs.

DJI Care is like having basic health insurance for your drone. It offers:

  • Coverage for damage.
  • There is a limited number of replacement drones if yours gets damaged.

If that sounds good but not quite enough, there’s Refresh Plus. Here’s why upgrading might be smart:

  • More Replacements: With Refresh Plus, if an accident happens, not only do you get replacements just like in the original plan, but you get one extra, too! That’s peace of mind!
  • Longer Coverage: The original plan covers your drone for a year; Refresh Plus extends that cover by another 12 months.
  • Free VIP Phone Service: Have questions or need help? Get straight through to support with this special service for members.
  • Faster Replacement: You’re moved ahead in line when waiting for replacements under Refresh Plus.
  • Flyaway Coverage (for some models): If your drone decides to go on an adventure without you and gets lost, Refresh Plus can cover even that!

But let’s be clear: these benefits don’t come free of cost.

Thinking about prices, getting the basic plan will cost less than upgrading. Still, the extra investment could save you from future headaches and unexpected costs if something goes wrong with your drone down the line.

Considering whether Refresh Plus is right for you comes down to how much risk you are willing to take versus peace of mind. Fly often? Fly over water or rough terrain? Then consider upgrading seriously—it might be the safety net that lets you enjoy flying without worry!

Remember, though, no matter how tempting these plans are, they won’t cover everything—always read the fine print before making decisions.

And that’s what it boils down to, weighing out how much those extra features are worth to you and your flying habits when thinking of upgrading from DJI Care to DJI Care Refresh Plus!

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Purchasing Peace of Mind: Acquiring Your Plan

Getting your drone to soar into the blue skies is thrilling. Yet, like anything that takes flight, there’s a chance it may come down with a bump. That’s where DJI Care Refresh comes into play. It’s like a safety net for your drone.

A Comprehensive Guide on Purchasing DJI Care Refresh

When you buy a new drone, especially one from DJI, you might hear about something called DJI Care Refresh. What is it? It’s like insurance for your drone that can cover you in case of accidents. In simple words, it helps fix your drone if something bad happens to it and saves you money. Here’s how to get this plan:

  • Buy a new DJI drone: The first step is pretty obvious — you need a drone from DJI.
  • Go to the official website: Once you have your new flying buddy, visit the official DJI website.
  • Find ‘DJI Care Refresh’: Look for the section that talks about “DJI Care Refresh.” — Here, they will list all the drones that can get this plan.
  • Choose your plan: There are different options depending on how long you want coverage — usually one or two years.
  • Enter your serial number: You’ll need to type in your drone’s unique serial number found on the box or the drone itself.
  • Follow instructions: The website will guide you through steps like making an account if needed and filling out any other details.
  • Pay for the plan: Finally, make sure to use a credit card or other accepted payment and buy the coverage.

After these steps, they’ll send an email confirming everything is all set!

Investment Consideration: Pricing Rundown for Various Drones

The cost of getting DJI Care Refresh depends on which drone model you have because some drones cost more than others.

  • For smaller drones like the Mavic Mini, it may not be a lot — think about as much cash as a nice dinner out.
  • For bigger ones like Mavic 2 Pro or Phantom 4 Pro V2.0, think more about what you might pay for a high-end smartphone.

Why does this matter? Well, knowing what price goes with what kind of drone helps you decide if it fits your budget before even buying a new one from DJI.


  • Prices can change: Always check current costs before deciding because they might go up or down with time.
  • Be quick: If possible, try to add this care plan soon after buying your new toy (there’s often a time limit).

Think of these prices as investing in keeping your flying camera ready no matter what happens during its adventures!

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In An Accident? Here’s How You Can Claim Your Coverage?

If you’ve had a mishap with your drone, and you’re sitting among the bits and pieces of what used to be your flying buddy, don’t panic. If you have DJI Care Refresh, there’s a way to get help. I’ll guide you on how to file a claim with DJI and use your drone insurance responsibly.

Filing an Effective Claim With Ease Under Your DJI Insurance Plan

So, something went wrong during your flight—a gust of wind was stronger than expected, or perhaps the drone just decided to take a sudden dip in the lake. Whatever the case might be, DJI Care Refresh is here for these moments. Let me walk you through how to make sure you get your coverage claim right:

  • Assess The Damage: First things first, check out what’s wrong with your drone. Take photos; these will come in handy when explaining the situation.
  • Find Your Info: You’re going to need certain information for your claim:
    • Your DJI account details
    • The serial number of the damaged drone
    • Proof of purchase
  • Visit The Website: Head over to DJI’s official support site—this is where all claims start their journey.
  • Fill Out The Form: There should be a form dedicated to claims under DJI Warranty Coverage or similar service plans like DJI Care Refresh.
    • Put in all requested details carefully; accuracy is key.
    • Upload any photos that show what happened.
  • Wait For A Response: After submitting your form, patience is important—they might take some time reviewing it.
  • Send It Off: If they approve it, they’ll want your damaged drone sent over.
    • Pack it up nicely and safely (keep all its accessories together).
    • Use the shipping label provided by DJI.
  • Sit Tight And Follow Up: Shipping might feel like ages, but give it some time before reaching out for updates.
  • Receiving Replacement or Repair: Once they’ve fixed up or replaced it, get ready for a reunion! They will send it back good as new—or nearly so!

The process should feel straightforward if followed step-by-step because that’s how this drone protection plan works best—from acknowledging the issue to getting back into airworthy condition again.

But keep in mind—you must act promptly after an accident since delays could make things more complicated than necessary!

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Keeping Your Drone High and Safe—Do You Really Need Coverage?

When I got my first drone, one question kept bugging me: do I really need to get insurance for it? It’s like when you buy a new smartphone or laptop—you’re offered some extra protection plan, and you wonder if it’s worth the extra cash.

Real User Scenarios – Answering Whether The Insurance is Worth It For You

Let’s break down real situations that might happen if you own a drone. By looking at these cases, we can decide if getting something like DJI Care Refresh makes sense.

  • Crash Landing: Imagine you’re flying your drone, having the time of your life. Suddenly, a gust of wind pushes it into a tree, and down it goes! Without coverage like DJI Care Refresh, repairs or replacements would come out of your pocket.
  • Water Damage: Drones don’t mix well with water. If by any chance your drone takes an unexpected dip in a lake or pool, having an insurance plan can be the difference between “Oh no!” and “Oh well.”
  • Normal Wear & Tear: Over time, drones can suffer from wear just from regular use. Some protection plans might help take care of parts that give up too soon.
  • Lost Drones: It happens more often than you’d think—a strong wind picks up, and whoosh! Your drone is gone with the breeze. Finding it might be hard, if ever possible. Insurance could be handy here.
  • Learning Curve: If you’re new to flying drones, this could lead to more accidents while learning the ropes—for newcomers, especially, having insurance could save stress and money.

In each scenario above, DJI Care Refresh offers different benefits that could turn a bad situation around by either replacing or repairing your damaged or lost drone for less money than buying a brand-new one.

So, is it worth getting DJI Care Refresh? Think about how much you’ve invested in your flying buddy—not just in money but also in emotional value—and how often you use it:

  • Are you keen on aerial photography with risks of damage from above-ground obstacles?
  • Is this an expensive model that will cost quite a bit to fix?
  • Do you fly over water or in tough conditions where accidents are more likely?

If any of these ring true for you—or if just thinking about dealing with damages without support gives you anxiety—then getting drone insurance such as DJI Care Refresh seems like a smart move.

Read all details carefully before signing up because every coverage has its limits; know what’s included inside out.

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Can you purchase a DJI care refresh after the damage has occurred?

No, you can’t buy DJI Care Refresh if your drone is already broken. You need to get it when your drone is new or before any accidents happen. It’s like car insurance; you can’t buy it after the car has crashed and expect it to cover the costs of that accident.

Are there any time limitations for purchasing a plan after buying a new drone?

Yes, there are time limits. For most drones, you have up to 48 hours after you first activate it to get DJI Care Refresh. However, if you missed this window, DJI gives you another chance but asks for video proof showing the drone is fine. This option usually allows up to 30 days from activation. Always check with their latest policies, though.

How does international coverage work with my insurance?

With DJI Care Refresh, your drone is protected even when you fly outside your country. But there’s something important: The service only works in regions where DJI Care Refresh is available. If your drone gets damaged overseas, they will only fix it in the region where you bought the plan or where the service exists.


The journey into DJI Care Refresh has been a thorough one. We’ve dived deep into what it is, the coverage it grants, and whether upgrading is prudent. Delving into such a topic is no small feat, but understanding the ins and outs of drone insurance plans like DJI Care Refresh offers not just knowledge but also empowerment for drone enthusiasts. It’s all about gauging if that peace of mind is worth the investment for your specific situation.

Key Takeaways:

  • DJI Care Refresh provides extensive coverage.
  • Know exclusions before purchasing.
  • Consider upgrading to ‘Refresh Plus’ for extended benefits.
  • The process for claiming coverage is straightforward.
  • Evaluate if insurance aligns with your drone usage patterns.
Richard J. Gross

Hi, my name is Richard J. Gross and I’m a full-time Airbus pilot and commercial drone business owner. I got into drones in 2015 when I started doing aerial photography for real estate companies. I had no idea what I was getting into at the time, but it turns out that police were called on me shortly after I started flying. They didn’t like me flying my drone near people, so they asked me to come train their officers on the rules and regulations for drones. After that, I decided to start my own drone business and teach others about the safe and responsible use of drones.

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