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10 Best GoPro Drones For Stunning Aerial Photography in 2024

A cura di: Richard J. Gross
Updated On: Aprile 18, 2024

In my search for the top GoPro drones for aerial photography in 2024, I’ve found 10 standout models. The ATOMO Potensico SE offers 62 minutes of flight with a 4K camera, while the Bwine F7GB2 features a stabilized 3-axis gimbal. For beginners, the Force1 F100GP provides a 1080p HD camera at a budget-friendly price.

Il Pietra Sacra HS360S is light and robust with UHD capabilities. For those prioritizing portability, the Holy Stone HS440 and Ruko U11S are excellent choices, offering foldable designs and intuitive controls.

Each model brings a unique set of functions and advantages to meet various drone filming needs. I’m sure you’ll find these insights important for narrowing down the best options.

A Quick Overview of The Best GoPro Drones in 2024

ATOMO Potensico SE
ATOMO Potensico SE
  • Durata del volo: 62 min (dual batteries)
  • Raggio di volo: 4000 m
  • Peso: <250 g
Bwine F7GB2
Bwine F7GB2
  • Durata del volo: 75 min (triple batteries)
  • Raggio di volo: 3000 m
  • Peso: 550 g
Force1 F100GP
Force1 F100GP
  • Durata del volo: 30 min
  • Raggio di volo: 500 m
  • Peso: not specified
Pietra Sacra HS360S
Pietra Sacra HS360S
  • Durata del volo: 20 min
  • Raggio di volo: 2952 m
  • Peso: <250 g
Holy Stone HS440
Holy Stone HS440
  • Durata del volo: 20 min
  • Raggio di volo: 100 m
  • Peso: 166 g
  • Durata del volo: 46 min (dual batteries)
  • Raggio di volo: 500 m
  • Peso: 225 g
Ruko U11S 4K GPS Drone
Ruko U11S
  • Durata del volo: 40 min (dual batteries)
  • Raggio di volo: 300 m
  • Peso: 275 g
Bugs 3 Brushless Motor Quadcopter
Bugs 3
  • Durata del volo: 15-20 min
  • Raggio di volo: 1000 m
  • Peso: 1400 g
Blackhawk Long Range Drone
  • Durata del volo: 15 minuti
  • Raggio di volo: 300 m
  • Peso: 485 g
Technology AP9 GPS Drone
Technology AP9
  • Durata del volo: 25 min
  • Raggio di volo: 500 m
  • Peso: 

1. Potensic ATOM SE

Best GoPro Drones: Potensic ATOM SE
PesoLess than 250 grams (8.8 oz/0.55 lb)
PortabilitàThe foldable design fits in a jacket pocket
Macchina fotografica4K HD Camera with ShakeVanish stabilization
SensoreSony 12MP CMOS sensor
Risoluzione fotografica12MP (JPG and RAW/DNG)
Risoluzione video4K HD at 30fps
Field of View (FOV)118°
Inclinazione della fotocameraVertical +20° to -90°
Gamma di trasmissioneUp to 4km/13,123ft (with Pixsync 2.0 technology)
Controllo del voloSurgeFly system with 3 flight modes (Video, Normal, Sport)
Max Speed (Sport Mode)16m/s in 2.8s
Indoor FlightToF sensor for accurate positioning and stable control
Funzionalità GPSReturn-to-Home, Follow Me, Points of Interest, Circle Flight
Tempo di voloUp to 31 minutes per battery (62 minutes with Fly More Combo)
Batteria2500mAh LiPo battery
CompatibilitàiOS 11+ and Android 7.0+ (via USB OTG cable)

Il Potensic ATOM SE GPS Drone, featuring a 4K camera under 249g, is ideal for aerial photographers seeking a lightweight and high-performance option. You’ll find the foldable design makes it incredibly portable, while the dual 2500mAh batteries offer up to 62 minutes of flight time, letting you capture more footage on a single outing.

Il 4KM FPV transmission range and up to 16m/s speed guarantee you can explore vast areas without losing control or detail in your shots.

Suo SurgeFly flight control system with three modes adapts to different flying conditions, enhancing your control and the drone’s stability. You’ll appreciate how features like Auto Return and Follow Me assist in managing flight paths, making your aerial photography experience both enjoyable and effective.

Ideale per: Enthusiast photographers and videographers looking for a lightweight, portable drone with advanced imaging and flight features.


  • Extended flight time of up to 62 minutes with dual 2500mAh batteries, ideal for longer sessions.
  • A high-quality 4K EIS camera with ShakeVanish technology ensures stable and clear aerial shots.
  • Versatile flight modes and features like Auto Return, Follow Me, and Circle Flight enhance user control and experience.


  • The learning curve may be steep for beginners unfamiliar with advanced drones.

2. Bwine F7GB2 GPS Camera Drone

Best GoPro Drones: Bwine F7GB2 GPS Camera Drone
Macchina fotografica4K video, 120° FOV, 3-axis gimbal, 5x digital zoom
Tempo di volo75 minutes (3 x 2600mAh batteries)
Peso550 g
Gamma di trasmissione video3 km
Max Altitude2000 meters
Resistenza al ventoLevel 6
Modalità di volo intelligentiAutomatic return-to-home, follow me, waypoint navigation, circling
App FeaturesFPV, social media sharing, photo/video editing
Garanzia2 years

If you’re seeking a high-performance drone for aerial photography, the Drone con fotocamera GPS Bwine with FAA Certification (F7GB2) features a Telecamera 4K stabilized by a Cardano a 3 assi, making it an ideal choice.

It’s packed with a trio of batteries, ensuring an extended flight time of up to 75 minutes, so you can capture more footage from various angles. This drone can reach an impressive altitude of 2000m and withstand L6 wind levels, making it robust for outdoor use.

Il Funzionalità GPS includes auto-return and a follow-me feature, enhancing your shooting capabilities without constant manual control. Plus, it comes with an advanced app that allows for easy photo and video editing and sharing, perfect for both beginners and seasoned drone enthusiasts.

Ideale per: Drone enthusiasts and photographers looking for high performance and extensive flying time with advanced features like a stabilized 4K camera.


  • Extended flight time of 75 minutes with three batteries included
  • Stabilized 4K camera with 3-axis gimbal for high-quality aerial footage
  • Features like GPS with auto-return and follow-me for enhanced usability


  • Requires FAA registration and compliance, adding an extra step before first use.

3. Force1 F100GP Drone

Best GoPro Drones: Force1 F100GP Drone
Macchina fotografica1080p HD camera
GoPro compatible (Hero 3 & 4)
Wide-angle lens
MotoriMotori senza spazzole
2 speed options
Prestazioni di voloGamma: Up to 500 meters
Tempo di volo: Up to 30 minutes
CaratteristicheHigh landing gear for camera protection
3 interchangeable shells (white, blue, black)
Telecomando2.4 GHz frequency
Requires 4 AA batteries (not included)
Batteria2 x 1800mAh Li-Po batteries
Includes balance charger
Additional Accessories4 extra propellers
4 propeller guards

For aerial photography enthusiasts, the Force1 F100GP drone, equipped with a 1080p HD camera, offers a thorough and budget-friendly option perfect for capturing high-quality images from the sky.

You’ll find it especially appealing if you’re starting out or if you’re on a tight budget but don’t want to compromise on the quality of your aerial shots. This drone features a GoPro-compatible camera and includes three interchangeable shells in white, blue, and black, allowing you to customize its appearance.

Moreover, it’s designed with powerful brushless motors, ensuring a stable flight range of up to 500 meters. You’ll also appreciate the inclusive kit that comes with extra batteries, propellers, and guards. Whether you’re capturing landscapes or action shots, the Force1 F100GP makes it affordable and fun.

Ideale per: Beginners and aerial photography enthusiasts looking for a cost-effective drone with high-quality video capabilities.


  • Equipped with a 1080p HD GoPro-compatible camera for high-quality aerial footage.
  • Includes multiple accessories such as extra batteries, propellers, and propeller guards.
  • Features powerful brushless motors providing a stable flight range of up to 500 meters.


  • Charger reliability has been a concern among users.

4. Holy Stone HS360S

Best GoPro Drones: Holy Stone HS360S
Peso249 g / 8.78 oz
Tempo di volo massimo20 minutes (per battery)
Intervallo operativo di temperatura14°F to 104°F
Dimensione141 x 94 x 56 mm (folded)
297 x 215 x 56 mm (unfolded)
Batteria del drone
Tipo di batteriaLithium-ion Polymer Battery
Rated Power11.1 Wh
Charging Temperature Range41°F to 104°F
Tempo di ricaricaabout 3 hours
Cavo di ricarica USB
Rated Power10 W
Operating Frequency5500-5700 MHz
Distanza massima di volo9842 ft (outdoor and unobstructed)
Tipo di batteria3.7V 1500mAh
Tempo di ricaricaabout 2 hours
Usage Timeabout 2 hours
Intervallo operativo di temperatura14° to 104°F
Macchina fotografica
Operating Frequency5500-5700MHz
Lens AngleFOV 85°
Max Photo Resolution3840×2160P (in TF card)
3840×2160P (in mobile phone)
Risoluzione video massima3840×2160P@20fps (in TF card)
1280x720P@20fps (in mobile phone)
Distanza massima di trasmissione3840×2160P (outdoor and unobstructed)
Formati videoAVI/MP4
Photo FormatsJPEG
File SystemFAT32
Supported TF CardsClass 10 or above TF Card with storage up to 128 GB (not included)

Ideal for aerial photography enthusiasts, the Holy Stone HS360S GPS Drone features a Telecamera 4K UHD with advanced imaging capabilities. You’ll appreciate its design leggero, as it weighs less than 250g, freeing you from FAA registration hassles.

The drone’s GalaxyCore sensor guarantees your photos and videos are crystal clear, and with real-time image streaming, you won’t even need WiFi. You can fly up to 9,000 feet away and enjoy 20 minutes of flight time, while GPS positioning and a return-home function make your flying experience worry-free.

Additionally, it’s user-friendly with an upgraded control system and intelligent functions like Seguimi, making it easier to capture stunning aerial shots. Perfect for both beginners and seasoned flyers, this drone combines functionality with fun.

Ideale per: Aerial photography enthusiasts and recreational flyers looking for an affordable, lightweight, and feature-rich drone.


  • Lightweight design under 250g avoids FAA registration requirements.
  • Equipped with a 4K UHD camera and advanced imaging capabilities for high-quality photos and videos.
  • Features GPS-assisted flight and intelligent flight modes like Follow Me for enhanced usability and fun.


  • Short battery life and long charging times may limit extended use.

5. Holy Stone HS440

Best GoPro Drones: Holy Stone HS440
Peso166g / 5.9oz
Size (Unfolded)289 x 195 x 59 mm
Size (Folded)125 x 81 x 59 mm
Distanza del volo330 piedi / 100 m
Tempo di volo20 min
Tempo di ricarica180 minuti
temperatura di esercizioda 32°F a +104°F (da 0°C a +40°C)
Batteria del drone
Capacità3.8V 1900 mAh
TipoLipo Battery
Operating Frequency2,4 Ghz
Tipo di batteria1.5V AAA (Not included)
Macchina fotografica
Operating Frequency2,4 Ghz
Lens AngleFOV 112°
Adjustable Range-90°~0°
Resolution (TF Card)HD1920x1080P
Resolution (Mobile)HD 1280x720P
Live View Quality20fps
Supported TF Card32GB (Not included)

The Holy Stone HS440 Foldable FPV Drone, featuring a 1080P HD adjustable camera with a wide-angle lens, is a perfect choice for beginners enthusiastic to explore aerial photography. With a 90° vertically pivoting camera and a 112° field of view, you’ll capture sweeping landscapes effortlessly. \

Its foldable design and carrying case make it easy to take on adventures. You’ll appreciate the up to 20 minutes of flight time per charge, thanks to the modular battery.

It’s equipped with features like automatic takeoff, precise hovering, and a one-key high-speed rotation to simplify your flying experience. Plus, it’s robust enough to survive the occasional crash, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Whether you’re a novice or looking to entertain the kids, the Holy Stone HS440 presents great value for its price.

Ideale per: Beginners and kids who are eager to try out aerial photography without a steep learning curve.


  • 1080P HD camera with adjustable angles and wide field of view for beautiful captures.
  • The foldable design and carrying case enhance portability and protection.
  • Features like automatic takeoff, precise hovering, and one-key rotation make flying easy and fun.


  • The light weight of the drone can be a disadvantage in windy conditions.


Best GoPro Drones: TENSSENX TSRC A6
Macchina fotografica4K Ultra HD, 120° wide-angle, 90° adjustable
Trasmissione FPV5 GHz
Funzionalità GPSAuto Return Home (Low battery, signal loss, out of range)
Tempo di volo46 minutes (2 batteries, 23 minutes each)
Caratteristiche del voloHeadless Mode, One Key Take-off/Landing, Altitude Hold, Optical Flow Positioning, Speed Adjustment
PortabilitàFoldable design, carrying case included, < 250g (No FAA registration required)
Modalità di volo intelligentiFollow Me, Waypoint Fly, Point of Interest, Voice & Gesture Control
Peso225 gram
Distanza massima di volo1640 feet / 500 meters (unobstructed)
Distanza massima di trasmissione984 feet / 300 meters (unobstructed)
Numero massimo di schede TF supportate64GB (not included)

Dotato di a Telecamera 4K and advanced flight features, the TSRC A6 Foldable GPS Drone is your perfect companion for capturing high-quality aerial photography. It’s tailored for beginners and offers a design pieghevole that makes it highly portable. You’ll appreciate the dual battery system that provides up to 46 minutes of flight time, letting you shoot longer without worrying about a recharge.

This drone includes functionalities like auto return home, follow me, and altitude hold, making it simple to operate. At less than 250g, it doesn’t require FAA registration, which is a big plus.

With its reliable Trasmissione FPV a 5 GHz, you’re set for stable video capturing, making your aerial photography sessions both epic and enjoyable.

Ideale per: Enthusiasts looking for a user-friendly drone with advanced features for high-quality aerial photography.


  • The dual battery system provides up to 46 minutes of flight time.
  • Lightweight and portable design, no FAA registration required.
  • Features such as auto return home, follow me, and altitude hold enhance usability for beginners.


  • Wind sensitivity may affect flight stability.

7. Ruko U11S 4K GPS Drone

Best GoPro Drones: Ruko U11S 4K GPS Drone
Fonte immagine Amazon
FAA ComplianceRemote ID compliant, no additional module needed
Target UsersBeginners, families
Macchina fotografica4K UHD, 120° FOV
Positioning SystemsOptical flow (indoor), GPS (outdoor)
Tempo di voloUp to 20 minutes per battery (2 batteries included)
Peso275 gram
Gamma300 m
TrasmettitoreRechargeable, one-key functions, automatic return
PortabilitàFoldable, compact design

Beginners will find the Ruko U11S 4K GPS Drone perfect for mastering aerial photography with its user-friendly features and foldable design. You’ll appreciate the 90° adjustable 4K camera that captures ultra-high-definition pictures and videos.

Whether you’re flying indoors or outdoors, the optical flow and GPS positioning guarantee stable and precise flights. Plus, the intelligent battery extends your flight time up to 40 minutes, so you can practice longer and capture more.

The lightweight, compact nature of the Ruko U11S makes it a breeze to carry on all your adventures. With one-key functions on the transmitter, you can start, land, and return the drone with just a press of a button. It’s designed to make your entry into aerial photography as smooth as possible.

Ideale per: Beginners seeking an easy-to-use drone for aerial photography with user-friendly features and enhanced portability.


  • 90° adjustable 4K camera allows for high-quality photography and videography.
  • Extended flight time of up to 40 minutes with intelligent battery management.
  • Foldable and lightweight design enhances portability and ease of use.


  • Durability concerns with the remote control’s mobile phone mount.

8. Bugs 3 Brushless Motor Quadcopter

Best GoPro Drones: Bugs 3 Brushless Motor Quadcopter
Tipo di motoreBrushless
Tempo di volo15-20 minuti
Gamma di controlloUp to 1,000 feet
MaterialeDurable Nylon Fiber
Peso1.4 kg
Caratteristiche3D flips and rolls
Risoluzione della fotocamera1080p (1920×1080)
Batteria del drone3.7V 950mAh Li-Po (x2)
Controller Battery4x 1.5V AAA batteries
Tempo di ricarica60 minuti
Operating Range80-100 meters
FPV Transmission Range50 metri

Designed for both novice and seasoned enthusiasts, the Bugs 3 Brushless Motor Quadcopter excels in delivering stable and exhilarating aerial footage with its robust brushless motors and durable design.

You’ll enjoy up to 20 minuti di volo and control it smoothly even in high winds thanks to its tough nylon fiber construction. It’s great for pulling off impressive 3D flips and rolls with precision.

The lack of GPS and altitude hold means you’ll hone your piloting skills more acutely, giving you a hands-on flying experience.

Whether you’re capturing stunning 4K video or just enjoying the thrill of flight, the Bugs 3 makes it easy and fun, backed by responsive customer support should any issues arise.

Ideale per: Intermediate pilots who want to improve their manual flying skills and enjoy a robust, high-performance flying experience without the aid of advanced navigation features.


  • Durable construction with nylon fiber that withstands high-speed winds.
  • Brushless motors provide longer flight times and quieter operation.
  • Supports 4K video capture resolution for high-quality aerial footage.


  • Lacks GPS, compass, and altitude hold which may challenge beginner pilots.

9. Blackhawk Long Range Drone with Camera Mount (GoPro Compatible)

Best GoPro Drones: Blackhawk
Compatibilità fotocameraGoPro HERO 3 & 4 (or similar sized action cameras)
Gamma di trasmissioneUp to 300 meters (approx. 984 feet)
Tempo di volo15 Minute
Peso485 gram
Durata della batteriaUp to 17 minutes per charge
CostruzioneStable metal body (heavy duty)
Stabilità del volo6-axis gyroscope for smooth & realistic flying
Motor ProtectionAutomatic Lock Protection to prevent burnouts
Additional PartsExtra propellers & optional propeller guards

If you’re seeking a drone that combines durability with advanced flying capabilities, the Blackhawk Long Range Drone with Camera Mount is an ideal choice for both novice and seasoned pilots. It’s a powerful, fast flyer known for its sturdy build. You’ll find it offers a great bang for your buck, featuring a long flight time and extensive range that stand out in its class.

This drone’s compatibility with GoPro Hero3 and Hero4 cameras makes it perfect for aerial photography enthusiasts looking to capture high-quality footage from the skies. It also comes with handy accessories like landing legs and prop guards, enhancing its overall utility and resilience.

Remember, while it’s facile da usare, mastering its controls will take some practice.

Ideale per: Beginners and experienced flyers looking for a durable, high-performance drone with GoPro compatibility for aerial photography.


  • Long flight time and extensive range provide good value for the price.
  • Compatible with GoPro Hero3 and Hero4 for high-quality aerial footage.
  • Includes additional accessories like landing legs and prop guards for enhanced durability.


  • Requires practice to master flying controls.

10. Technology AP9 GPS Drone Quadcopter for Action Cameras

Best GoPro Drones: Technology AP9 GPS Drone
Macchina fotograficaMount only (Compatible with AEE S-Series and GoPro HERO)
Stabilità del voloGPS auto-stability, Semi-autonomous (position hold, hover)
Portata massima500 metri
VelocitàMax: 44 MPH, Cruising: 22-33 MPH
Weather ResistanceLight/Medium Rain & Snow, Class 4 Wind Resistance
Batteria5300 mAh LiPo
Tempo di volo25 minuti
Caratteristiche di sicurezzaFail-safe with auto-return home
Aggiornamenti del firmwareMini-B USB input

You’ll find the Technology AP9 GPS Drone Quadcopter is an excellent choice for both beginners and seasoned pilots, featuring GPS semi-autonomous flight and automatic stability to enhance your aerial photography adventures. It’s equipped with a robust GPS receiver, barometric pressure sensor, 3D compass, and a 6-axis gyro that together guarantee stable and controlled flight.

This drone is designed to carry either AEE S-Series or GoPro Hero action cameras, with two different mounts included to suit your camera choice.

Capable of reaching speeds up to 44 MPH and a cruising velocity between 22 and 33 MPH, the AP9 can handle various weather conditions thanks to its all-weather body. With a 5300 mAh LiPo battery, you’ll enjoy up to 25 minutes of flight time, making it ideal for capturing those extended, breathtaking aerial shots.

Ideale per: Enthusiasts and hobbyists looking for a drone that balances ease of use with advanced flight capabilities and camera compatibility.


  • GPS semi-autonomous flight and automatic stability features enhance user control and flight experience.
  • Compatible with popular action cameras such as AEE S-Series and GoPro Hero, with two mounts included.
  • Resilient all-weather body and 5300 mAh LiPo battery allow for up to 25 minutes of flight time.


  • Some users have reported calibration issues and erratic drone behavior.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best GoPro Drones in 2024

When choosing a GoPro drone for aerial photography, there are several important factors to keep in mind.

You’ll need to take into account the camera quality, as it affects the sharpness and detail of your photos and videos.

Additionally, aspects like tempo di volo, wind resistance, drone weight, and durata della batteria will greatly impact your drone’s performance and usability in various conditions.

Camera Quality Insights

Selecting a GoPro drone requires careful consideration of camera quality features like resolution, stabilization, and lens type to guarantee excellent aerial footage. Typically, these drones boast cameras that can capture footage in crisp 4K or 1080p resolutions.

I’ve found that the addition of image stabilization is vital for smooth, cinema-like shots, especially when dealing with unpredictable air currents. Wide-angle lenses are a must for capturing expansive landscapes without needing to fly too far from the subject.

Features such as HDR imaging and slow-motion recording enhance the dynamic range and detail in various lighting conditions, while adjustable camera angles allow for creative flexibility. For professional-grade results, these aspects are essential for filmmakers and content creators.

Tempo di volo

Understanding tempo di volo is essential when choosing a GoPro drone, as it greatly impacts your ability to capture extended riprese aeree. Flight times vary considerably among drones, typically ranging from 5 to over 40 minutes.

If you’re planning longer shoots, consider drones with options for multiple or high-capacity batteries. However, remember that factors like the drone’s weight and capacità della batteria influence flight duration. Heavier drones or those with powerful motors might’ve shorter flight times despite their capabilities.

Thankfully, advancements in battery technology are continually extending the potential flight times of newer models, allowing you more time in the air to get that perfect shot without constant landings to recharge.

Wind Resistance Levels

Wind resistance levels are essential for ensuring stable and controlled flights in various weather conditions while using GoPro drones. Higher wind resistance ratings mean a drone can handle strong winds better, making it perfect for outdoor use in challenging weather.

As a pilot, I always check the wind resistance capabilities to confirm my drone can perform well, especially when capturing high-quality aerial images or videos. Advanced wind resistance is important for maintaining stability and clarity in shots, which is crucial for professional results.

When selecting a GoPro drone, considering its ability to withstand different wind strengths helps decide if it’s suitable for the intended flying environments. This consideration is a cornerstone for successful aerial photography.

Drone Weight Importance

After considering resistenza al vento, I also examine the weight of the GoPro drone, as it greatly influences both regulatory compliance and performance. Drones under 250g are often exempt from FAA registration, which can be a huge plus for hobbyists looking to avoid extra paperwork.

However, a heavier drone typically offers better stabilità and can handle windy conditions more adeptly, which is essential for high-quality aerial photography. On the flip side, lighter drones are more portatile, making them ideal for travel and quick shoots.

When choosing, I think about how the drone’s weight will affect its usability in different scenarios, prioritizing either ease of transport or enhanced stability based on the shooting conditions I anticipate.

Considerazioni sulla durata della batteria

Taking the durata della batteria into account is crucial when selecting a GoPro drone, as it determines how long I can stay airborne to capture footage. Longer battery life means I don’t have to worry about frequent landings to recharge, giving me more time to get the perfect shot.

The battery’s capacity, measured in mAh, is a key indicator of how long the drone can fly. A higher capacity typically supports longer flights. It’s also important to bear in mind the battery’s voltage, which affects the overall power available for the drone’s operation.

Advances in battery technology have greatly enhanced the efficiency and tempi di volo of GoPro drones, ensuring I can focus more on shooting and less on power management.

Advanced Feature Overview

When selecting a GoPro drone, it’s important to take into account advanced features such as Funzionalità GPS e obstacle avoidance technology for improved control and safety. The GPS helps in precise positioning and enables automated flight paths, making it easier for me to focus on capturing the perfect shot rather than piloting.

Obstacle avoidance is a lifesaver, preventing collisions that could damage my drone or disrupt my footage. Additionally, I look for drones with advanced camera stabilization systems like gimbals. They guarantee my videos are smooth and my images are sharp, even in challenging conditions.

Caratteristiche come Registrazione video 4K e intelligent flight modes, such as Follow Me, also enhance my aerial photography experience, allowing me to take stunning, creative shots effortlessly.


Choosing the right GoPro drone for epic aerial photography in 2024 all comes down to your specific needs. Whether you prioritize a design leggero, advanced camera capabilities, or a reliable GPS, there’s a drone on this list for you.

Consider factors like camera quality, battery life, and ease of use before making your decision. Investing wisely will guarantee you capture stunning, high-quality aerial photos and videos that meet your creative or professional goals.

Richard J. Gross

Salve, mi chiamo Richard J. Gross e sono un pilota di Airbus a tempo pieno e proprietario di un'attività commerciale con i droni. Sono entrato nel mondo dei droni nel 2015, quando ho iniziato a fare fotografie aeree per le società immobiliari. All'epoca non avevo idea in cosa mi stessi cacciando, ma è emerso che la polizia mi ha chiamato poco dopo aver iniziato a volare. Non volevano che facessi volare il mio drone vicino alle persone, così mi hanno chiesto di venire a formare i loro agenti sulle regole e i regolamenti dei droni. Dopo di che ho deciso di avviare la mia attività con i droni e di insegnare ad altri l'uso sicuro e responsabile dei droni.

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