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The Difference Between Spektrum DX6 vs DX6e: Which is Better?

By: Propel RC
Updated On: September 17, 2021

When it comes to RC drone enthusiasts, Spektrum is a household name, which has got some very cool products like the DX6 and the DX6e radio transmitters. Both the models have their own pros and cons but are loved by RC enthusiasts all around the globe. The comparison between the Spektrum DX6 vs DX6e can be made from many different aspects, including the look and feel of the transmitter, features, performance, and price.

Both the models are almost the same to look at, but the DX6e is slightly lighter and smaller than DX6. However, DX6 has a more professional feel and look to it, while DX6e seems like a toy because of its lightweight and small size. Different people prefer different designs and the DX6e has its own place among those who like smaller and lighter models.

Spektrum DX6 vs DX6e: Which one is Better in 2021?

The DX6 has a sleek and professional look, with a full array of switches, buttons, and knobs. DX6e, on the other hand, is more lightweight and very easy to use because of its simple design. Let's go through both the products one by one.

Spektrum DX6 vs DX6e

Spektrum DX6

Spektrum DX6 is a full-range transmitter that is able to offer amazing performance while operating a drone. The DX6 has got a six-model memory making it great for those who change their RC toys often. What makes DX6 different from DX6e is the voice alerts system, which tells you all about your model's status, battery life and which model you have selected.

DX6 radio transmitter offers a wide range of features like telemetry, voice alerts and much more. DX6 has got an operating voltage of 4.8V. It comes with a throttle stick that is spring-loaded, which lets you select your model easily.

The DX6 comes with 6 different modes, all of which can be outfitted with an audio voice alert system. This aids you to fly without taking your eyes off your model- this is not possible with most transmitters in the market today, but DX6 offers this benefit. These models are equipped with sensors that make sure that the aircraft's movements are in order.

The DX6 has got a spring-loaded throttle stick, making it easy for you to choose which mode you want without having to remove your eyes off the model.

The Spektrum DX6 comes with a set of 4 AA batteries and runs on a 4.8V battery. It is a highly advanced transmitter that will suit anyone who wants the best performance from his RC toy. It has all kinds of switches like telemetry switches, 2 position flaps, dual rate and sub trim switches.

DX6 comes with an R6DS receiver that is able to communicate between your model and the DX6 transmitter; this makes sure that everything runs smoothly.

One of the finest features of DX6 other transmitters is the telemetry switch which lets you know how much battery remains on the model so that you can land it properly without injuring yourself or damaging your RC toy.

These are just a few of the many distinct highlights of the Spektrum DX6 despite being in the budget range when it comes to pricing, it is a fantastic performer in 2021.

You'd genuinely believe it was priced a lot more since it has so many useful, fantastic, and downright amazing features. For sure, the other expensive models come with better features and specifications, but at this price point, nothing can beat the Spektrum DX6.

Spektrum DX6e

The Spektrum DX6e is a great entry-level transmitter that's super practical and perfect for those who want to try RC drones. It comes with a protective outer shell that keeps the vital components safe and secure from the elements. It has got an improved gimbal and cushions, providing your model with better stability as well as support.

DX6e's flaps provide 20 degrees of up as well as down travel for aerobatic flight. It offers you the option to program a flip button, which, if pushed, will make your model flip 360 degrees instantly. It works with a four-channel DSM2 receiver, which is included in the package along with the DX6e transmitter.

DX6e has got all the features that DX6 comes with, plus some exclusive ones like telemetry, adjustable dual rates and sub trim switches, an audio warning system for failing batteries and so on. It can be easily programmed with dx5, dx4s as well as dx3 models.

The Spektrum DX6e is durable enough to protect your model from any damage. It has got a protective outer shell that takes the brunt of whatever falls on it, so you don't have to worry about damaging your transmitter when playing with your RC toy.

This model has got an operating voltage of 4.8V, making it perfect for lesser heat emission while running at full power. DX6e is a fantastic controller which will offer you a perfect flying experience. DX6e comes with a number of unique features; DX6e is the special edition DX6 radio transmitter.

DX6e offers six-model memory, making it great for those who change their RC toys often. DX6e allows you to mix all kinds of switches like sub-trims, dual rates and flaps. DX6e is a fully programmable radio transmitter that allows many different features and functions.

The DX6e offers a variety of programming choices, so you can fly pretty much everything. It comes with all the flying modes, which includes aeroplanes, helicopters, sailplanes, and multi-rotors. Naturally, the signal's frequency is also 2.4GHz.

We will recommend DX6e in 2021 to everyone who is interested in having a radio transmitter that has got several great features without costing too much. It also comes with a two-year warranty which keeps you at peace of mind, even if something goes wrong.

The DX6e can be used indoors or outdoors, and it includes a failsafe that offers total protection for your RC toy, so it cannot be damaged by the loss of signal or low battery power. It is a fantastic model that's worth every penny.

DX6e comes with a barometer and two sensors that keep you up to date on your exact altitude and how much pressure you're experiencing while flying. All these amazing features make it one of the best economic radio transmitters out there in the market.

DX6e is designed so that it can be used for a long time without any malfunctioning. It also come with 2 antennas which are made of tough material; this helps the DX6e's signal remain strong and consistent. It is a great value for money, and no other transmitter offers so much at this price. DX6e can be used by any skill level RC user, from beginners to experts.

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Difference Between the 2021 Spektrum DX6 vs DX6e

There are different points and features to compare the Spektrum DX6 vs DX6e models in 2021. Let's go through the points one by one.

Spektrum DX6 vs DX6e

Channel Count

DX6 comes with 6 channels, and DX6e comes with 12. There is a vast difference between the channel count of both models.

RC Functions

RC functions in DX6 are the same as DX6e, but the only thing is that DX6e comes with some additional switches that DX6 doesn't come with. DX6e can be used in helicopters, planes and multi-rotors, while DX6 is only best suited for aeroplanes.

Programming Capabilities

The programming capabilities of DX6e are better than DX6. DX6e allows mixing of several different control types like sub-trims, dual rates and flaps; DX6 doesn't allow all these. DX6 has got voice alerts system which allows you to utilize all the functions of DX6e without taking your eyes off what you're flying, DX6e does not have this function.

DX6 is a fully programmable radio transmitter that allows many different features and functions. DX6 offers a spring-loaded throttle stick, while DX6e does not offer a spring-loaded throttle stick.

Channel Frequencies

DX6 transmits at 2.4GHz frequency, and DX6e also transmits on 2.4 GHz, but if we compare the quality, DX6 is better than DX6e. DX6e comes with a barometer and two sensors that keep you up to date on your exact altitude and how much pressure you're experiencing while flying, where DX6 does not come with this feature.

Signal Type

DX6 uses advanced DSMX technology, while DX6e uses both DSM2/DSMX that is compatible with most Chinese made quadcopters, Fatshark goggles, and the new Immersion RC Vortex Mini Quadcopter. So DX6e is good for the starters who are on a low budget as DX6e costs less than DX6, DX6e is best suited for non-computerized quadcopters.

Alert System

DX6 offers a voice alerts system that allows you to utilize all the functions of DX6e without taking your eyes off what you're flying. DX6e does not have this function.

Battery Type

Both Spektrum DX6 and DX6e runs on a Ni-Mh battery, but DX6 comes with a rechargeable lipo battery, whereas DX6e does not come with a built-in rechargeable battery. For that, they provide an external charger which adds extra weight and money.


To conclude, it's all up to you. Everything depends upon how much do you want to spend on your gear. Both the transmitters DX6 and DX6e are great for someone who is just starting out and selectively for experts.

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