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Holy Stone HS110G Drone Review

By: Richard J. Gross
Updated On: December 16, 2023

If you’re in search of quality and affordability in a single package, then you don’t want to miss out on the Holy Stone HS110G. Wrapped in a sturdy shell, this drone promises an exhilarating time navigating the sky. Bursting with features such as enhanced GPS capabilities and voice recording options, it’s one drone certainly worth considering.

In today’s competitive drone market, finding the right mix of function and price can be an uphill task. But fear not! The Holy Stone HS110G ensures you don’t have to compromise one for another; it’s well-thought-out design and impressive performance are what make this model stand out from the crowd.

How You’ll Benefit From This Post

  • Clarified understanding of Holy Stone HS110G functionality
  • Decoding the top-notch GPS features
  • Insights into utilizing the Custom Flight Path setting
  • First-hand knowledge of 1080P camera quality
  • Gaining knowledge about Drone laws around the world

As a drone enthusiast, I am perennially on the lookout for innovative drones that combine quality, convenience, and value. Imagine my delight when I laid my hands on the Holy Stone HS110G – a drone that scores high on each of these parameters!

Unveiling the Holy Stone HS110G Review

As a drone enthusiast, I’m always on the hunt for the next best thing in the world of drones, and Holy Stone HS110G is certainly an intriguing player. Before delving into specifics, let’s first take a closer look at this quadcopter’s specifications.

Unveiling the Holy Stone HS110G Review

A Closer Look at the Specifications

FAA RegistrationNot required (FAA Free)
Flight TimeUp to 26 minutes
BatteryComes with two batteries
Maximum Flight Distance984 feet
GPS AssistanceFor Safe Return
Follow Me featureAutomated tracking
Custom Flight Path setting via the app
 capability Voice Recording
ConstructionDurable quality plastic
GPS Lockfor precise location stability
Camera Positioning Fixed, wide-angle

Dive into the Holy Stone HS110G

As an avid drone enthusiast or maybe even someone new to drones, wouldn’t it be amazing to take flight with a trusty sky companion? Meet the Holy Stone HS10G, a stylish and reliable drone that promises an incredible performance. As we delve deeper into my experience with this astoundingly versatile drone, let’s first take off with some basic specifications and features.

The Basics and Specs

When it comes to the technical details of the Holy Stone HS110G, I was quite impressed with what it had to offer. Despite being a lightweight model at just 176g, its being FAA-free translates into there is no need for FAA registration. This certainly adds to its appeal because who wouldn’t prefer less paperwork?

The drone also boasts of an efficient battery system with two powerful batteries ensuring up to 26 minutes of uninterrupted flight time – now that’s something! Furthermore, its maximum flight distance stands at 984 feet – perfect for exploring those scenic landscapes from high above!

But what makes the whole flying adventure even more thrilling is the built-in GPS Assistance, which enables a safe return of your airborne buddy. Also noteworthy are added functions like automated tracking through the Follow Me feature and custom flight path settings via its dedicated app. Camera enthusiasts will love its impressive 1080P camera, which is further coupled by fixed wide-angle positioning.

Built from durable quality plastic yet expertly designed for premium visual appeal, this unit asserts durability in all conditions. Lastly, you can’t ignore splendid features like voice recording capability or GPS Lock for precise location stability.

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Unboxing Experience

Unboxing my new Holy Stone HS110G was truly quite an exciting experience! Packed securely yet easy enough to open without needing too many tools or excessive force – trust me when I say I’ve had my fair share of unbox therapy.

The packaging itself boasts a sleek and clean design – quite indicative of the drone within. As I unwrapped, there was the drone itself, looking every bit as stylish and compact as it promises to be.

Along with the Holy Stone HS110G, third in the box were two powerful batteries offering promising flight time. For complete user convenience, all accessories, like propellers, were neatly arranged. The controller was quite ergonomic, too, with clearly designated buttons and switches that make navigation easier for users at all skill levels.

With everything neatly labeled and packed- from the comprehensive user manual down to an array of handy spare parts- you are assured an absolutely hassle-free assembly process in moments!

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Essential Features of Holy Stone HS110G

Let me take you on a journey with the Holy Stone HS110G. Just one glance, and I bet you’ll find yourself hypnotized by its sleek design. But are you ready to find out what’s under this drone’s durable quality plastic hood? Here, we’re going to delve into three topics that matter most to drone enthusiasts: Camera Quality, Flight Performance, and Battery Life. So buckle up!

Essential Features of Holy Stone HS110G

Camera Quality

Your jaw might hit the floor when I tell you that the Holy Stone HS110G comes with a 1080p high-definition camera. Imagine capturing all your adventures in crystal-clear visual glory straight from the skies! Trust me; this camera is no joke.

  • High Definition: The HD 1080p camera ensures clarity even when soaring at high altitudes or racing at top speeds.
  • Wide-Angle: Ever worried about not being able to capture everything within your view? Well, worry no more with the wide-angle feature of this dynamic drone.
  • Fixed position: Some might see its fixed position as a downer – but honestly, it’s a perfect design for stability and precision.
  • GPS Lock: This might sound like tech jargon. Allow me to simplify it for you – imagine having a built-in Sat Nav in your camera, which ensures stable footage regardless of those pesky winds!

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Flight Performance

If there’s anything scarier than crashing your brand-new drone on its maiden flight– well, I haven’t found it yet! Thankfully, flying this Holy Stone HS110G drone is as smooth as a coyote’s tongue.

  • Speed and agility: With a max flight distance of 984 feet, this drone brings speed while its sleek design ensures agility.
  • GPS Assistance: Worried about losing your prize possession? The built-in GPS assistance for safe return has your back (and front!)
  • Custom Flight Path: Ever wanted to be an air conductor – orchestrating the path of your drone? With custom flight path settings via the app, bam! Consider it done.
  • Automated Tracking: And it doesn’t stop there! The ‘Follow Me’ feature opens new possibilities in my drone journey. Imagine it – capturing every twist, turn, and wiggle as you show off your skills.

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Battery Life

Can we agree that sudden battery death can be a bummer? This HS110G drone comes loaded with not one but – two batteries. Yes, you heard right!

  • Battery Life: Believe me, I was over the moon when I found out that each charge gives me up to 26 minutes of flight time.
  • Additional Battery Included: Like icing on a cake, they generously throw in an extra battery to double our fun time.

Advanced Capabilities

The Holy Stone HS110G is not just your average drone; and it comes packing a host of advanced features that make it easy to use and navigation a breeze. From GPS-assisted flight to user-friendly design, here’s a deep dive into what makes this drone such an excellent choice.

GPS Features

One of the key selling points of the Holy Stone HS110G is its impressive suite of GPS functions. These features add a layer of convenience and safety to your drone operations that you’ll definitely appreciate:

  • GPS Return Home: Gone are the days of losing your drone because it flew out of sight. With this feature, the HS110G will automatically return home when its battery is low or if it loses signal. Pretty neat, right?
  • Follow Me Mode: Want your drone to act as your personal cameraman? The Follow Me mode ensures the HS110G stays focused on you, regardless of where you move. This comes in handy, especially during adventurous trips where you want to capture every moment.
  • GPS Lock: Ever wished for stable shots while capturing scenery or moving objects? With GPS lock, the Holy Stone HS110G stays precisely locked at one position in mid-air, resulting in crystal clear photographs and smooth videos.

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Ease Of Use

The Holy Stone has considered user experience considerably when designing the HS110G. Here’s how they’ve made it easy for users both novice and seasoned:

  • User-Friendly Design: Compact and lightweight with robust construction, Holy Stone HS110G fits comfortably in hands, making maneuverability easier than ever. Its well-labeled buttons ensure intuitive operation without any confusion.
  • App-Assisted Operation: Using their smartphone app along with remote control users can harness the full potential of this magnificent drone by setting up custom flight paths as per their wish.
  • Beginner Friendly: Adding to the intuitive design, its advanced features come in handy even for beginners. With voice recording capabilities and automated tracking, new drone enthusiasts can have a great time using the HS110G.

Pros And Cons of Holy Stone HS110G

Let’s be realistic, no drone is perfect. Even the most expensive top-tier models have their quirks and shortcomings. This rule applies to the Holy Stone HS110G just as much as any other drone on the market. However, it’s also equipped with a suite of features that set it apart from its competition.


  • High-Quality Camera: The HS110G sports a 1080P camera capable of capturing high-definition images and videos. This makes it ideal for both amateur photographers looking to dive into aerial photography and seasoned professionals seeking a lightweight, convenient tool for capturing their unique perspectives.
  • Weight Advantage: Weighing only 176g, this drone remains under the weight limit that requires FAA registration (which is anything over 250g). The lightweight construction enhances its portability and ease of use.
  • Impressive Battery Life: With up to 26 minutes of flight time offered by each battery (and it comes with two!), this means there’s plenty of air time for your filming needs, exploration ventures, or simply recreational fun.
  • GPS Assistance: The HS110G comes equipped with GPS assistance making safe returns easy and ensuring you never lose your drone due to signal loss or power failure.
  • Follow Me Feature & Custom Flight Path Setting: For those who fancy hands-free operation, the Follow Me feature allows the drone to automatically track you while you’re on the move – ideal for action shots! Coupled with custom flight path settings via the app, users can design complex shots effortlessly!
  • Voice Recording Capability & Durable Construction: Intriguingly, this model also offers voice recording capabilities allowing for more creative videography. Its durable quality plastic construction guarantees its longevity even in harsh conditions.
  • GPS Lock & Fixed Wide-Angle Camera: The GPS lock for precise location stability and a fixed wide-angle camera means this drone is ready to capture the beauty of life from above with incredible clarity and undisturbed stability.


  • Fixed Camera Positioning: The camera positioning is fixed, which may limit your flexibility when trying to capture specific angles or shots.
  • Limited Flight Distance: A maximum flight distance of 984 feet might be sufficient for hobbyist pilots; however, it might feel limiting to professionals seeking to cover broader ranges.
  • FAA Free Only For United States: This pro can turn into a con if you’re outside the United States as the FAA free regulation doesn’t apply.
  • Limited Weight May Affect Stability In Windy Conditions: Although lightweight has advantages in terms of portability and FAA registration, this could negatively affect the drone’s stability during windy conditions.
  • No Additional Features Like Collision Detection And Avoidance: Whilst Holy Stone kit-out this bad boy with some impressive tricks, it lacks some modern conveniences like collision detection and avoidance that make operating drones safer for beginners and more accessible for everyone!

Recommendation – Who Should Buy It?

As I have delved into every feature of the Holy Stone HS110G, it’s becoming clear to me who might benefit the most from this drone. After all, every product has its target audience, and understanding who that is can significantly improve your purchasing decisions.


First and foremost, beginners looking to enter the world of drones would admire the simplicity and ease of use that come with the Holy Stone HS110G. This drone offers essential features like GPS Assistance for Safe Return, making it very beginner-friendly. Not having to worry about losing your new drone on a test flight can be quite comforting.


It’s not just beginners though, even experienced hobbyists could find Holy Stone HS110G to their fancy. As someone in need of a product that serves them well in numerous endeavors besides professional photography or videography, this might just be it!

  • The optical flow positioning and altitude hold make it exciting for recreational use.
  • Its sharp 1080P camera paired with customized flight path settings could be beneficial for those intending to explore nature or capture family moments from a unique perspective.
  • Plus, being FAA-Free ensures you can travel around without too much hassle.


The term ‘adventure’ paints an image of conquering the outdoors and capturing breathtaking views from staggering heights. Well, guess what? The Holy Stone HS110G is equipped with a Follow Me feature that lets you document your journey effortlessly while keeping up with your pace!

  • Whether it’s hiking or biking on trails or lounging around in your backyard.
  • No matter where life takes you; always remember – you’ve got a companion hovering above ready to seize beautiful shots throughout!

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How does Holy Stone HS110G perform at night?

Being equipped with a brilliant 1080P HD camera, the Holy Stone HS110G provides decent footage even in low-light environments. However, be aware it doesn’t possess any unique night-flying features.

What is unique about its camera performance?

The Holy Stone HS110G’s camera boasts 1080P resolution and a fixed, wide-angle setting. This combination delivers beautiful shots and videos from stunning perspectives. It even includes voice recording capability.

Can beginners handle this drone effectively?

Absolutely! A key attribute of the Holy Stone HS110G is its user-friendly design. With features like Follow Me automated tracking and GPS Lock for precise location stability, it’s quite an easy drone to operate for newcomers to the hobby.

What is its effective radius for control?

The maximum flight distance of the HS110G Drone is reported as 984 feet which allows ample room for exploration while maintaining reliable control over your device.


The Holy Stone HS110G not only exudes a sleek design but also packs in features that cater to both newbies and experienced fliers. With a high-definition 1080P camera, steady GPS lock, and an impressive flight time of up to 26 minutes, this drone is designed for fun and exploration.

The additional features like Custom Flight Path settings, Follow Me feature for automated tracking, and voice recording capability truly make it stand out among many other drones in the same price range. The quality build ensures durability while the weight of just 176g keeps it FAA-free.

Key Takeaway Points

  • High-quality 1080p Camera
  • Impressive Flight Time
  • Custom Flight Path & Follow Me Features
  • No FAA Registration Required
  • Durable Construction & Lightweight
Richard J. Gross

Hi, my name is Richard J. Gross and I’m a full-time Airbus pilot and commercial drone business owner. I got into drones in 2015 when I started doing aerial photography for real estate companies. I had no idea what I was getting into at the time, but it turns out that police were called on me shortly after I started flying. They didn’t like me flying my drone near people, so they asked me to come train their officers on the rules and regulations for drones. After that, I decided to start my own drone business and teach others about the safe and responsible use of drones.

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