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Holy Stone HS190: Affordable and Compact Drone You’ll Love

By: Richard J. Gross
Updated On: January 12, 2024

Surrounding myself with a multitude of drones, the unique characteristics of the Holy Stone HS190 never fail to catch my attention. As someone who lives and breathes drones, I find this model particularly intriguing. This tempting little gadget is not just an ordinary drone; it is an affordable piece of technology designed for everyone who dreams of feeling like a pro without breaking the bank.

In the vast world of drones, you might wonder, “Why should I consider Holy Stone HS190?” The answer lies in its incredible features packed within a compact design that can literally fit into your pocket! It’s your handy friend ready to capture fascinating aerial shots or spice up your leisure time with loads of fun.

What You’ll Learn From Here:

  • A meticulous review of Holy Stone HS190 that leaves no stone unturned.
  • The high-end features that differentiate Holy Stone HS190 from other drones.
  • Useful tips for operating this compact and budget-friendly drone.
  • A comprehensive verdict – is it worth your investment?

Unveiling the Holy Stone HS190 Review

I was thrilled when I first got my hands on the Holy Stone HS190. It’s a mini-drone with features that can put larger drones to shame. Today, I’m going to dive deep into this gem and explain why it’s setting new standards in compact drones.

A Closer Look at the Specifications

Let’s start with its specifications:

Weight23.2 grams
Dimensions91 x 55 x 29 mm
Flight Time5-7 minutes
Charging Time30-40 minutes
Transmitter Range50 meters
Battery3.7V 220mAh Li-Po
DesignFoldable and compact
Special Features360-degree flips and spins
Speed ModesThree-speed options
GPS CapacityNo GPS capabilities

The Holy Stone HS190 Overview

As an ardent drone enthusiast, I know how important it is to choose the right device to meet your needs. Today, I’d like to take a few moments to talk about one of my personal favorites: the Holy Stone HS190. I’ve found that its unique blend of functionality and affordability makes it stand out amongst its peers.

The Holy Stone HS190 Overview

The Brand Behind the HS190

Holy Stone is a well-known name in the world of recreational drones, not just for their commitment towards affordability and performance but also due to their diverse range of products catering to both beginners and seasoned flyers alike. As a company, they’ve created a legacy that resonates with unmatched quality and enduring trust among drone users worldwide.

Their offerings include everything from entry-level drones for those just getting their feet wet in aerial photography to profiled racing drones for adrenaline junkies who crave speed along with stability.

The Holy Stone HS190 stands as a testament to this characteristic blend of passion and proficiency, presenting an exhilarating mix of speed, control, and stability in its compact form.

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Quick Look at Holy Stone HS190

The Hs HS190 drone by Holy Stone warrants closer inspection with some striking features neatly packed into its foldable design:

  • Dimensions: With dimensions measuring 91 x 55 x 29 mm, the main focus here is compactness, which adds portability as another feather in its cap.
  • Weight: Weighing just approximately 23.2 grams (without prop guards), it enables easy control even under breezy outdoor conditions.
  • Flight Time: Perhaps one trade-off for all these features might be seen in flight time where you can expect around 5-7 minutes of airborne activity after a full charge.
  • Charging Time: Charging the device is another aspect Holy Stone HS190 scores well in with an estimated charge time of about 30-40 minutes via its 3.7V 220mAh Li-Po Battery.
  • Transmitter Range: The drone offers a sufficiently far-reaching transmitter range of about 50 meters, which is great for beginners testing their piloting skills.
  • Design: A foldable and compact aesthetic gives flexibility and portability that makes it an easy-to-carry device, perfect for quick aerial shots whenever you need them, wherever you need them.

Even at an operational level, the Holy Stone HS190 isn’t just about specifications. Equipped with capabilities for performing impressive aerial acrobatics such as 360-degree flips and spins, it’s all about excitement coupled with mastery over each flight. Also included are optional three-speed modes, which allow pilots to choose their desired pace, offering greater control over drone movements.

It’s essential to note, though, that while the Holy Stone HS190 boasts many impressive features, it lacks GPS capabilities, which many other drones in its category might offer.

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In-depth Look at The Holy Stone HS190 Functions

When it comes to drones, the Holy Stone HS190 truly stands out in the crowd. I can’t get enough of its features and capabilities! Let’s dive deep into what makes this drone a special piece of engineering.

Camera Capabilities of The Holy Stone HS190

First, let’s talk about the camera capabilities. I was genuinely impressed by how well this small flyer could capture images and videos.

  • For starters, its onboard camera can pull off a surprising amount of detail from such a compact package.
  • It presents beautiful, clear aerial shots that satisfy my inner photographer. Of course, you can’t compare it with professional-grade cameras on high-end drones – but given the HS190’s price point, I’m more than happy with what it delivers.
  • Another feature that stole my heart is the FPV (First Person View) viewing capability. This makes you feel as if you’re sitting right inside the drone, flying through the sky.

Isn’t it amazing? Drones have truly revolutionized photography like never before. Just imagine – who would’ve thought we’d be capable of capturing such breathtaking images from mid-air?

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Flight Capabilities of The Holy Stone HS190

Next up are flight capabilities, which shape up to be equally impressive:

  • To start with speed, the Holy Stone HS190 might be small in size, but boy does pack a punch when it comes to speed! It offers three-speed options that allow both beginners and experienced flyers to enjoy their ride.
  • Talking about flight range, its transmitter range extends up to 50 meters, ensuring an exciting and thrilling experience far above your regular sight.
  • Another aspect worth noting is stability during flights. Thanks to its solid design and state-of-the-art technology, it holds up wonderfully well against breezy conditions.
  • Besides, HS190 comes with three flight modes, amazingly adapting to different skill levels. So whether you are a newbie or a seasoned pilot, this drone has got you covered!

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Unique Features only Found in The Holy Stone HS190

Last but not least – what truly sets the HS190 apart:

  • The foldable design of this drone surely is a head-turner. It’s extremely compact, making it convenient to carry around without much hassle – it even fits into my pocket!
  • This isn’t all! This small package of joy can astonish you with its stunning 360-degree flips and spins. Even the most comparable drones aren’t capable of pulling something like that off! Holy Stone HS190 surely knows how to put on a show.

Featuring several unique aspects blended in such an affordable package – the Holy Stone HS190 is one remarkable drone indeed. Whether it’s snapping extraordinary pictures from mid-air or performing breathtaking acrobats, there’s nothing quite like flying a Hs HS190 drone.

Flying Experience with Holy Stone HS190

From the moment I unboxed the Holy Stone HS190, I knew I was about to embark on an unforgettable flight journey. With its compact and foldable design allowing for easy transport and usage, this drone quickly became my go-to flying partner.

User-friendliness for Beginners on Flying The Holy Stone HS190

I believe that starting in any new hobby can be somewhat intimidating, especially in the world of drones. However, fear not because the Holy Stone HS190 is designed with beginners in mind. Here’s why:

  • It is incredibly easy to assemble out of the box.
  • Equipped with a simple controller, this drone takes away any unnecessary complications needed for operation.
  • The drone has three-speed options, allowing beginners to adjust it according to their comfortability level – you can start slow and go fast later!
  • With a flight time averaging between 5-7 minutes per full charge (which takes 30-40 minutes), making it ideal for short flight sessions.

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What truly caught my attention was the HS190’s automatic return function. In instances when I lost sight of my drone or had difficulty controlling it, all it took was one press of a button, and voila! The drone began retracing its path back towards me – a perfect feature preventing beginner pilots from losing their precious drones.

Intermediate and Advanced Flight Experience with The Holy Stone HOHS90 Drone

Advanced users aren’t left out, either! For those seeking more thrill than simply hovering around open spaces, Holy Stone includes some interesting features that captivated my attention:

  • Manual Controls: Yes, you read it right! HS190 leaves room for creativity with manual control options, which helped me perform those cool drone stunts you see on YouTube.
  • Tricks and flips? Well, it’s capable of those 360-degree spins we discussed earlier. All it took was a simple button press on my controller.
  • The HS190 does not have GPS capabilities, meaning a higher degree of skill is needed to navigate the drone with precision and avoid any obstacles.

Battery Life and Durability of The Holystone HS190

When it comes to the finer aspects of drone operation, battery life and durability stand out as significant considerations. Let’s explore these in the context of the Holy Stone HS190 drone.

Battery Life Insights on The Holy Stone HS190

Where battery life is in question, the Holy Stone HS HS190 offers a flight time of between 5-7 minutes on a single charge. This sort of endurance may sound short, but it is quite fitting for a drone within this price range and size category.

  • Flight Time: You can pilot your HS190 drone for around 5-7 minutes, which provides ample opportunities to perform flips, spins, or capture quick aerial shots.
  • Battery Capacity: The drone boasts a 3.7V 220mAh Li-Po battery – a reliable source of power that ensures you maximize your time in the air.
  • Charging Time: On average, recharging its batteries will take you between 30-40 minutes.

The crafty design, together with lightweight materials, contribute significantly to affording you more airtime apart from saving on power consumption. However, bear in mind that maintaining an optimal speed mode also plays into managing battery usage effectively.

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Durability Of Holy Stone hs90 Drone After Crash

Drones inevitably have their share of bumpy landings or outright crashes leading to potential damages. Thankfully, here’s where durability comes into play for our little flyer — “Holy Stone HS190”.

Let’s discuss how solid this aircraft stands when faced with the likelihood of bumps and bruises:

  • Shock Resistance: It’s reassuring to note that despite its compact size – dimensions reading at 91 x 55 x 29 mm – this mini-drone has been designed to withstand shocks. Its robust construction ensures that it can tolerate minor crashes without serious harm.
  • Recovery: Not only is the Holy Stone HS190 built to be durable, but its design also allows for easier post-crash recoveries. For instance, the foldable design and lightweight frame enable quick retrieval after crashes and easy repair in case of damage.
  • Spare parts: In case of damage, Holy Stone provides inexpensive spare parts for your HS190 drone. So if a part needs replacement after a crash, you don’t have to dig deep into your pockets.

We undoubtedly live in an era whereby drone piloting has been demystified enough so that even hobbyists can partake in this fun activity reliably. Through this Holy Stone hs190 review, we understand better how factors such as battery life and durability play into assuring a smoother experience as you navigate your drone through open spaces or obstacles alike.

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Pros And Cons of Holy Stone HS190

After spending significant time with the HS190 drone in testing sessions, I’ve gathered together a detailed list of what I consider to be the drone’s various pros and cons. Now, don’t misunderstand me, no drone or product is without its share of drawbacks.

Pros And Cons of Holy Stone HS190

However, it’s understanding these strengths and weaknesses that really help us get a real feel for the product in question.

So let’s dive right in:


  • Exceptional Portability: The most commendable feature this drone sports is its foldable design, which easily fits into your pocket, allowing for transport without any hassle.
  • Beginner-friendly operations: With easy controls and three-speed options, the Holy Stone HS190 makes it very convenient for beginners to adapt quickly.
  • Agile Performance: Despite being on the lighter side (weighing only 23.2 grams), this drone is surprisingly fast and can pull off impressive stunts like 360-degree flips and spins.
  • Affordability: One more advantage that gives HS190 an edge over others in its competitors’ line-up is that it comes at an affordable price bracket without compromising on performance.


  • Limited Flight Time: Perhaps one of the prominent weaknesses of these drones is that their flight time ranges from just 5-7 minutes per full charge, which significantly limits long filming sequences.
  • No GPS Capabilities: Unlike some higher-end drones, the Holy Stone HS190 lacks GPS capabilities, limiting its functionality as a tracking and exploration tool.
  • Limited Transmitter Range: The control range tops out at around 50 meters, which may not be sufficient to meet precise requirements.

The key takeaways from my short experience with this device are mainly positive. The careful balance between affordability, ease of use, and functional design make the Holy Stone HS190 an attractive option, especially for beginners.

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Recommendation – Who Should Buy It?

Given its features, the Holy Stone HS190 is an ideal choice for a variety of users. You might ask yourself if you fit in any of these categories. So, let’s delve into who can really benefit from this model.

  • Beginners: With intuitive controls and straightforward operation, it’s a perfect entry point for those new to the drone world. Easy handling paired with three-speed options caters to skill development at a comfortable pace.
  • Young Enthusiasts: The compact design, lightweight nature (weighing just 23.2 grams), and 360-degree flips and spins feature make it an exciting device for younger drone enthusiasts seeking some fun aerial acrobatics.
  • Travelers: The portability factor given by its foldable design qualifies the HS190 among the best travel companions. Those bucket-list destinations could be even more breathtaking when captured from above.
  • Budget-conscious Individuals: Given the relatively affordable price tag of the Hs HS190 drone, it provides considerable value for money without sacrificing key features that make droning fun and accessible to many.

While some advanced users may find certain features lacking—like GPS capabilities—the holy stone hS190 comes packed with plenty that appeals to a broad range of people seeking out their first or next drone adventure.

Before making your final decision, be sure you’re familiar with relevant regional drone laws in California, or wherever you plan on taking flight; safety should always come first!


Is the Holy Stone HS190 suitable for beginners to use drones?

Absolutely! The Holy Stone HS190 has a beginner-friendly design with three different speed options and a 360-degree flip feature, making it an ideal choice for drone beginners.

Does the Holy Stone HS190 drone have FPV capabilities?

Unfortunately, the Holy Stone HS190 doesn’t come with FPV (First Person View) capabilities. It’s designed more simply and is focused on recreational use.

What precautions should I take when operating the Holy Stone HS190?

Remember to always start in an open space to avoid collisions. Be sure to check out local drone laws before you begin flying too. For instance, in Utah, there are guidelines about where and how you can fly drones.

Can I replace parts on my own for the Holystone HS190 Drone?

Yes, replacement parts are readily available for purchase. This allows you to perform any necessary repairs or replacements at home should anything go wrong with your unit.


When I finally put down the Holy Stone HS190, smiling with absolute satisfaction, it felt like I had spent hours in a whole new world of endless possibilities. This machine is a sign that the future of compact yet powerful drones is in safe hands. With a palatable mix of vibrant design, durability, and impressive performance, the Holy Stone HS190 has won me over by a long shot.

Seeing it perform seamless 360-degree flips and spins felt like watching an ace acrobat aerialist in adrenaline-gushing action. The speed modes brought heterogeneity to the flying experience – each presenting a different thrill level. Though it lacks GPS capabilities, for its price range and purpose – that’s quite fair.

Richard J. Gross

Hi, my name is Richard J. Gross and I’m a full-time Airbus pilot and commercial drone business owner. I got into drones in 2015 when I started doing aerial photography for real estate companies. I had no idea what I was getting into at the time, but it turns out that police were called on me shortly after I started flying. They didn’t like me flying my drone near people, so they asked me to come train their officers on the rules and regulations for drones. After that, I decided to start my own drone business and teach others about the safe and responsible use of drones.

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