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Unveiling the Holy Stone HS110D: A Comprehensive Review

By: Richard J. Gross
Updated On: December 16, 2023

When it comes to aerial photography, we all adore drones that can capture high-quality soaring shots. Even more delightful is a drone that blends functionality, affordability, and durability. One such masterpiece making waves in the drone world is none other than the Holy Stone HS110D.

The captivating released footage from bird’s-eye perspectives has skyrocketed the popularity of drones, especially for photography enthusiasts like me aiming to perfect their craft. Today, I am thrilled to dive deep into an exceptional product – Holy Stone HS110D – that you need to know about.

What You’ll Gather Here

  • Detailed assessment of Holy Stone HS110D features
  • Understanding how Holy Stone HS110D caters to your needs
  • Insights on using and maximizing the Holy Stone HS110D
  • Comparing and contrasting with similar drones in its category
  • Making informed decisions on purchasing this powerful machine

Unveiling the Holy Stone HS110D Review

When it comes to drones, I’ve always been a bit of a stickler. You see, I believe that a drone should deliver on performance and durability and possess user-friendly features. With this, however, I found what appears to be a near-perfect blend of these requirements.

Unveiling the Holy Stone HS110D Review

A Closer Look at the Specifications

Below is a markup table summarizing the specifications of the Holy Stone HS110D:

Camera1080P HD with a 120° wide-angle lens
Battery LifeTwo batteries included for a total flight time of up to 20 minutes
Control RangeUp to 100 meters of control distance
Flight ModesIncludes Headless Mode for easy orientation
Gesture ControlAllows you to control the camera with hand gestures
Gravity Sensor ControlControl the drone by moving your smartphone
Trajectory FlightDraw a flight path on the app for autonomous flight
Protection GuardsGuards to protect the drone and objects in case of collision
Real-time TransmissionLive video feed with 1080P@20fps transmission to your smartphone
Easy to FlySuitable for beginners with responsive controls and durable design
Altitude HoldMaintains a stable flight level, even in light wind
Wide Angle CameraGreat for flying in First Person View (FPV) and capturing photos
VR Goggles CompatibleFly the drone using VR goggles for an immersive experience

Understanding Holy Stone HS110D

When talking about drones, Holy Stone is one of the big names that pop up, and their HS110D model stands tall among other models. Let’s delve now into understanding the Holy Stone HS110D drone.

What is Holy Stone HS110D?

The Holy StoneHS110D is not your regular drone. It’s a high-end sporty model capturing attention worldwide due to its unique features and HD camera capabilities. The fact that it carries a feature-rich 1080P HD Cam with a 120° wide-angle lens makes it a perfect pick for breathtaking aerial shots.

Right out of the box, the HS110D drone arrives with two batteries, providing a total flight time of up to 20 minutes. At 100 meters of control distance, you can be assured of dynamic control over your craft during its flight span.
One major stand-out feature is its headless mode for easy orientation during flights, which few can match in this age.

Moreover, it comes with an array of innovative user-centric functionalities:

  • Gesture Control
  • Gravity Sensor Control
  • Trajectory Flight

Typical drones don’t offer such options! This innovation uniquely positions this Holy stone HS110D as a great choice for those who seek more in technological advancement.

In addition, special protection guards included in the design act as protective shields against any potential collision, ensuring added safety during fights – an innovation aimed at preserving the long-term integrity of your drone.

A remarkable mention here would be its real-time transmission capability, delivering live video feeds directly to your smartphone. Not just that! It also provides altitude hold, broad-angle camera capabilities, and compatibility with VR goggles, making it highly versatile.

Why choose the Holy Stone HS110D?

Many reasons stand out why you should think about getting yourself the Holy Stone HS110D. Here’s why:

  • Its 1080 HD camera with a 120° wide-angle lens allows you to capture crystal-clear aerial photos and videos.
  • The Double Battery Life gives you up to 20 minutes of uninterrupted flight time, which is pretty good compared to other models in this range.
  • The Headless Mode, Gesture Control, Gravity Sensor Control, and Trajectory Flight open up a whole new world of user-friendly operations.
  • With its protective guard design, the chances of damaging the drone in collisions are minimized.
  • Experience the thrill of controlling your drone from afar with an extensive control range of up to 100 meters!
  • Lastly, its compatibility with VR goggles makes for an immersive flying experience.

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Detailed Features of Holy Stone HS110D

Walking into a drone store or scrolling online options, you’ll be overwhelmed with all the tantalizing, clever, and high-tech machines. But one that stands out in particular is the Holy Stone HS110D. It’s more than just a fancy remote-controlled toy.

Design and Build Quality

The first thing I noticed about the Holy StoneHS110D was its robust build and sleek design. It’s certainly built to withstand minor crashes or bad weather conditions. The dark black color also gives it a professional yet stylish look.

  • Durability: The durable ABS plastic frame provides solid protection for accidents and crash landings. I tested it out on several hard surfaces, and to my surprise, it came out unscathed every time.
  • Lightweight: Despite having such tough materials used in its construction, the drone surprisingly weighs only 145g. This makes it easier to achieve higher speeds while requiring less power from your battery.
  • User-Friendliness: Every part of this drone is designed for convenience; the propellers fold up neatly when not in use while enhancing portability.

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Camera Functions

Would you believe me if I said this little beast comes equipped with an HD camera?

  • Cam Specs: The 1080P HD camera doesn’t hold back at delivering solid performance with a 120° wide-angle lens that captures detailed aerial shots effortlessly.
  • Video Stream: The real-time live video feed allows me to see exactly what my drone sees – something not too common in drones within this price range!
  • VR Compatibility: Have VR goggles collecting dust somewhere? Well, now you can put them to use because HS110D is compatible with them! This function provides an immersive and exciting way to fly the drone.

Flight Performance

For my fellow drone lovers out there who are more interested in how the Holy Stone HS110D flies instead of how it looks, don’t fret – I haven’t forgotten about you!

  • Speed Power: Despite its weight, this beauty is absolutely speedy. It can zoom across vast fields with ease.
  • Wind Resistance: Fortunately, it’s also engineered to resist wind conditions rather well, which means you can still take it out for a spin on a windy day!
  • Various Modes: The HS110D is blessed with numerous modes, such as Headless Mode, Gesture Control, Trajectory Flight, and Altitude Hold. Each delivers unique flight experiences.

Surely, no one meets this incredible machine and forgets the experience!

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Pros & Cons of Holy Stone HS110D

In an effort to provide a comprehensive Holy Stone HS110D review, I subjected the drone to rigorous testing. I must say this little beast has left me quite impressed and was no less than a stroke of genius in aerial photography. But before we dive deep into the specifics, let’s cut to the chase and talk about the pros and cons based on my personal testing results.


  • Camera Quality: The camera features 1080P HD resolution freshened up by a 120° wide-angle lens. This makes for sharp, poignant images that stand raving tall in terms of quality.
  • Battery Life: Holy Stone is packed in not one but two batteries, extending your flight time to quite noteworthy up to 20 minutes. This means double fun for drone enthusiasts!
  • Different Flight Modes: The HS110D brings ample flexibility with it, including Headless Mode that helps with orientation issues for newbies as well as pros alike.
  • Gesture Control: Who says you need bulky controllers? With just your hand gestures, you can command your drone’s camera like never before.
  • Protection Guards: Fear those sneak-ghastly collisions no more! The protection guards are there to tackle any accidents if they do occur.
  • Easy control system: For beginners or experts alike, this drone’s responsive controls make it easy to get off the ground and start flying quickly.


  • Limited Control Range: One setback is the maximum flight radius of about 100 meters, which is typically suitable for backyard fun but potentially limiting for larger open-space flights or professional projects.
  • Lackluster Wind Resistance: Although lightweight drones aren’t expected to withstand gusty wind conditions very well, some users had issues, even with light breezes against Holy Stone HS110D.
  • Non-modular Battery: Instead of quick-swap functionality found in high-end drones, changing batteries needs complete power off – somewhat compromising the possibility of uninterrupted cinematography sessions.

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Recommendation – Who Should Buy It?

When it comes to who should buy the Holy Stone HS110D, I would broadly recommend this drone for hobbyists and beginners to aerial photography. This isn’t only due to its user-friendly nature but also because it offers an outstanding fusion of features and affordability.

Here’s why this drone may be a perfect match for you:

  • First-Time Flyers: If you’re new to the drone world, the simplicity of operating a HS110D is surely going to appeal. With its intuitive functions such as headless mode, altitude hold, and easy one-button takeoff/landing, even complete novices can achieve smooth flights.
  • Hobbyist Photographers: Armed with a 120° wide-angle 1080P HD camera that supports real-time transmission of live video feed onto your smartphone, this could be the ideal starting point for developing your aerial photography skillset.
  • Adventurous Souls: If you’re someone who loves innovations in technology or spends a considerable amount of time exploring outdoors, then the HS110D would give you good company with superior quality photos from unusual vantage points.
  • Tech Geeks: The gesture control feature and VR compatibility pave way for tech enthusiasts who want to dive deep into advanced drone technologies without burning a hole in their pockets.
  • Budget-Conscious Consumers: Unlike several other drones that require heavy investments before offering substantial features, Holy Stone HS110D comfortably sits within an affordable range while still maintaining high-tech capabilities.

Listening to Others – Real User Experiences

There’s nothing quite as valuable as listening to real users. As a drone enthusiast, one of the most insightful pieces of information I’ve come across is the rave reviews and straightforward feedback from fellow drone lovers about the Holy Stone HS110D. From individuals just starting their drone journey to experienced hobbyists, their perspectives significantly contribute to our understanding of this popular model.

Listening to Others - Real User Experiences of Holy Stone HS110D

Some observations gleaned from other reviews are:

  • A majority seem to agree on how user-friendly it is, making it particularly intended for novice flyers.
  • The long flight time afforded by its two included batteries receives praise, with many enjoying up to 20 uninterrupted minutes.
  • Its 1080P HD camera with a 120° wide-angle lens has also been discussed positively online. Drone pilots appreciate it for both its photo and video capabilities.
  • The control range received mixed reviews. While some users found the Holy Stone HS110D dynamic in terms of control distance, covering up to 100 meters efficiently, there were others who hoped for a bit more reach.
  • Users have particularly loved the diverse flight modes offered – gravity sensor control and trajectory flights have been lauded by beginners and pros alike.

However, remember no product can satisfy everyone entirely:

  • Some reviewers reported struggling with maintaining stability in light wind conditions despite the altitude hold function of HS110D.
  • Issues regarding real-time transmission were brought up by a few users who faced interrupted live video feeds despite having excellent network connectivity.

By exploring diverging opinions across numerous elements, including flight mechanics or video transmission reliability among others, we’re presented colored perspectives that truly encapsulate the flying experience with a Holy Stone HS110D drone.

All these considered details contribute fascinatingly towards our better understanding of this model’s functionality which you might not find simply by reading the manufacturer’s package insert or online product descriptions.


How durable is the Holy Stone HS110D?

The Holy Stone HS110D comes with a robust build quality that can easily withstand a few bumps and scrapes. It’s formulated with durable materials and propeller guards to ensure it stays intact during minor accidents and crashes.

How good is its flying range?

The control range of the Holy Stone HS110D is pretty impressive. With up to 100 meters distance coverage, it provides an ample playground for your aerial adventures.

Can I control everything through my smartphone with this drone?

Absolutely! The HS110D drone enables complete control via your smartphone. From gravity sensor functions to drawing your flight path, all essential commands can be effortlessly managed on your phone.

Is it suitable for someone new to drones?

Yes, indeed. The Holy Stone HS110D is perfect for beginners in the drone space. Its easy-to-use controls, altitude hold feature, and headless mode provide an uncomplicated flight experience for first-time pilots.


Now having flown the Holy Stone HS110D, I want to commend its performance. This drone’s superior control range, stellar 1080P HD camera and innovative flight modes are top-tier. Notably, the gestural and gravity sensor controls surprised me with their user-friendliness. The safety protections guards, real-time transmission features and compatibility with VR goggles round out an impressive feature set.

The Holy Stone HS110D clearly stands out as a fantastic option for beginners looking to enjoy a satisfying flight experience. It’s not just easy to fly but offers an immersive experience unlike any other.

Key Takeaway Points

  • Outstanding 1080P HD Camera: With its wide-angle lens, capturing quality photos is a breeze.
  • Exceptional Gesture Control: Controlling the drone has never been more intuitive.
  • Brilliant Flight Time: With two batteries included, enjoy up to 20 minutes of uninterrupted flight.
Richard J. Gross

Hi, my name is Richard J. Gross and I’m a full-time Airbus pilot and commercial drone business owner. I got into drones in 2015 when I started doing aerial photography for real estate companies. I had no idea what I was getting into at the time, but it turns out that police were called on me shortly after I started flying. They didn’t like me flying my drone near people, so they asked me to come train their officers on the rules and regulations for drones. After that, I decided to start my own drone business and teach others about the safe and responsible use of drones.

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