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Holy Stone HS440 Review: A Perfect Drone To Start With

By: Richard J. Gross
Updated On: February 14, 2024

Welcome to my in-depth look into the Holy Stone HS440, a drone that’s rapidly becoming the go-to choice for both beginner and pro pilots. I invested quality time determining what makes this tiny powerhouse unique, why it’s built a reputation among drone enthusiasts, and just how beautifully it ably conquers skies with its aggressive yet controlled style of flight. Trust me, when you get a hold of the Holy Stone HS440 for yourself, your aerial adventures will never be the same again.

Whether you’re an established hobbyist or someone just venturing into drone flight, my comprehensive Holy Stone HS440 review is must-read material! It goes beyond just nuts and bolts – providing in-depth insights about its flight performance, innovative features like a FOV 112° wide-angle lens, and advanced technology. So, let’s together unveil what makes Holy Stone HS440 an ace pick among droves of drones today!

Why Stick Around? Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • Key Specifications: An itemized list breaking down crucial specs of the Holy Stone HS440.
  • Robust Flight Performance: How does this drone fare in real-time conditions?
  • Innovative Features: Out-of-the-box solutions that increase your flying pleasure.
  • High-Quality Camera Capabilities: Have a closer look at its superior imaging assets.
  • Comparisons & Expert Opinions: How does it stack up against other brands on the market?

Unveiling the Holy Stone HS440 Review

As a drone enthusiast, I’m eager to get my hands on the latest models that reach the market, and the Holy Stone HS440 has certainly been a game-changer in my collection.

Unveiling the Holy Stone HS440 Review

It’s impressive how this drone enthusiast’s gem quickly forms a reputation for its durability, compactness, and fantastic video capabilities. Trust me when I say getting invested in it is worth every penny.

A Closer Look at The Specifications

Size (unfolded)289 x 195 x 59 mm
Size (folded)125 x 81 x 59 mm
Flight Distance330 feet /100 m
FPV Distance330 feet /100 m
Flight Time20 minutes
Charging Time180 minutes
Lens AngleFOV112°
Adjustable Range-90° to 0°
Resolution in TF CardHD1920x1080P
Resolution on mobile phoneHD1280x720P
Live View Quality20fps

An Overview of Holy Stone HS440

When I first got my hands-on on the Holy Stone HS440, it struck me how its aesthetic charm was brilliantly matched by an equally impressive lineup of features. In this review, we will analyze each key element that sets the HS440 apart.

Innovative Design Characteristics

The first thing about the Holy Stone HS440 that’s hard to miss is its compact and sleek design. With a folded size of just 125 x 81 x 59 mm, it’s easy to carry around and lightweight too, hitting the scales at around only 166g/5.9oz. The professionally engineered foldable structure makes this drone convenient for transport without compromising structural integrity.

When you unfold it for flight, it expands to 289 x 195 x 59 mm in size—a pretty decent footprint for balance and agility in the air. The youthful aesthetic combined with its user-friendly mechanics further endears this drone to beginners and regular fliers alike.

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Advanced Flight Capabilities

Flyers of all ages will appreciate Holy Stone HS440’s advanced flight capabilities, which make it stand out in the cluttered drone marketplace. One of the most celebrated features is the 20-minute flight time, an impressive feat considering other drones within this segment.

This drone offers a considerable flight distance of up to 330 feet, or roughly 100 meters, which grants users admirable range during flights even without having top-tier gear or years of experience flying drones.

Its advanced gyroscope, coupled with acceleration sensors, provides superior stability during flights—a facet usually lacking among entry-level drones.

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Camera Specifications

The next factor any serious drone enthusiast would look into would be camera specifications, and the Holy Stone HS440 does not disappoint. It carries a powerful camera offering an adjustable lens angle of FOV 112°. The camera’s resolution on your mobile phone stands at HD 1280 x 720P, which guarantees high-quality live-view media streaming.

If you are recording onto a TF Card, you can get HD video at an impressive resolution of 1920 x 1080P. The supported TF Card capacity is up to an astounding 32GB, ensuring plenty of space for all your aerial footage.

Battery Life & Charging Time

Last but not least—let us delve into the much-important aspect of any drone user: battery life and charging time. The Holy Stone HS440 offers considerable flight times, with each full charge yielding around 20 minutes in the air.

Yes, this means no more unexpected power interruptions in the middle of capturing that perfect sunset or hiking scene. However, as with most drones, you would need to plug it in for charging between flights—a process that takes approximately 180 minutes to fill up completely—a small price to pay for consistently longer flight times!

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Experience with Flying The Holy Stone HS440

The Holy Stone HS440 is a drone that has carved out its own space in the world of aerial videography. With its impressive specs and performance, this drone holds promising prospects for both beginners and experienced pilots.

Experience with Flying The Holy Stone HS440

Now, let me walk you through my personal experience with this remarkable creation that humbles many with its aesthetic design and superior functionality.

Outdoor Usage Experience

My initial experience piloting the Holy Stone HS440 outdoors was nothing short of amazing. From my first flight, I noticed an immediate difference in terms of control stability compared to other drones I’ve tried in the past. The combination of a long 330-foot flight distance with smooth maneuverability gave me complete control over each movement when flying.

One of the main selling points of the drone remains to be its extended flight time – critically vital when capturing long sequences or exploring larger areas. With a 20-minute endurance that borders on advanced-tier models, the territory is outstanding for a quadcopter in this price range.

The capability to capture stunning visuals was another game-changer for me during usage. This drone carries a FOV 112° wide-angle lens, which ensures panoramic shots without visible distortion. The onboard camera captures HD photos (1920 x 1080P) onto your TF Card and has FPV capabilities transmitting HD live footage (1280 x 720p) right to your mobile device! Truly incredible stuff!

However, one minor drawback I felt while using this drone outdoors lies in its light body weight (just around 166g/5.9oz). Often, strong winds would cause disruptions, making it necessary for careful navigation, especially around tall trees and buildings.

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Indoor Usage Experience

Apart from outdoor flights, I had ample opportunity to test the Holy Stone HS440 indoors, too, thanks to its compact design. (Once folded, it’s merely 125 x 81 x59 mm!) This drone is absolutely ideal for piloting indoors and under unyielding weather circumstances.

Inside the roomier spaces of my home, the HolyStone HS440 proved to be a superstar. The propellers are protected by durable guards, so there’s less risk of damage from accidental crashes or bumps into furniture or walls. It also has an impressive control range that works well within smaller premises.

An important trait I noted during indoor flights was its low noisiness, which can be especially advantageous while trying to maintain a sound-friendly environment indoors.

Lastly, this drone’s smart features are simply delightful to use in an indoor setting. With features like Gravity Control and Gesture Control modes taking off and landing, this drone is as easy as a mobile game!

On the flip side, though, longer charging time (approx 180 minutes) can be slightly disappointing, mainly because once you start flying this fantastic machine, you just don’t want to put it down!

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Command and Control: Getting Familiar with Remote and App Functions

When it comes to navigating the Holy Stone HS440, I stress the importance of understanding both remote and app functions. It can really make or break your drone flying experience. Now, are these controls user-friendly for both beginners and seasoned drone pilots alike? Let’s dive in.

Easy-to-handle Remote

The remote control of HS440 was designed with intuitiveness in mind. It is comfortable to handle, with clearly marked buttons ensuring you’re not left guessing which button does what.

  • The left stick controls the roll/pitch motion of the drone while the right one operates ascent/descent and turns.
  • There’s a dedicated button for auto take-off/landing; even if you’re new to drones, this is very handy.
  • For capturing memories, buttons for photos or videos are available at your fingertips.
  • To add a layer of safety, there’s an emergency stop button – quick access when things appear dicey.

Innovative Mobile App Functionality

Just as robust as its physical counterpart, the mobile application introduces additional innovative features that take the HS440 flight experience to another level.

  • The intuitive interface makes real-time monitoring a breeze during flight.
  • You can operate FNPS Mode or draw flight paths directly on your phone screen.
  • Gravity Sensor Mode allows you to fly your drone in accordance with the direction you tilt your phone -an exciting feature experienced users will love!
  • Most importantly, beginners should appreciate Headless Mode. Regardless of where their front nose points, this mode ensures drones move according to control stick action—no more worrying about orientation confusion!

While every detail might seem overwhelming at first glance – trust me – after a few practice sessions it’ll feel like second nature! Whether you’re considering becoming a certified drone pilot or just enjoy flying as a hobby, get started by familiarizing yourself with these fundamental controls.

Experience will teach you all you need to know. However, I’d recommend reading about the balance of drone propellers for a smoother flight and less wear on your motors.

Bear in mind that every drone is unique. You might be asking: how does Holy Stone HS440 compare to other popular models on the market? My next section will unveil how this eye-catching drone stacks up against its peers: The Hubsan models. We’ll delve into their specifications and characteristics! So stay tuned for my upcoming Holy Stone HS440 vs Hubsan Models comparison review!

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Pros And Cons of Holy Stone HS440

Flying high into the skies on a sunny day with your Holy Stone HS440 drone makes for quite an adventure. Whether you are a professional aerial photographer or simply enjoy exploring the world from above, understanding the pros and cons of this device can make your flying experience that much better. Here, based on my personal testing results, is a balanced look at its strengths and weaknesses.

Pros And Cons of Holy Stone HS440


  • Lightweight: At just 166g/5.9oz, it is easy to carry around in your backpack.
  • Portable: The drone folds up to a compact size of 125 x 81 x 59 mm.
  • Decent Flight and FPV Distance: It boasts a solid flight & FPV distance of up to 330 feet / 100 m.
  • Long Flight Time: With up to 20 minutes of flight time per charge, this piston propels you into longer-lasting adventures in the sky.
  • Adjustable Range Lens: The FOV lens angle is adjustable from -90° to 0°, providing more flexibility in capturing shots.
  • HD Resolution Images/Videos: Supporting resolutions up to HD1920x1080P on TF card or HD1280x720P on mobile phone assures high-quality images and videos.


  • Charging Time: Though it offers ample flight time, it charges slowly, taking about 180 minutes for full battery replenishment.
  • Limited Live View Quality Rate: It has a live view quality rate of only 20fps, which might be improved for optimal viewing.
  • Supports Limited Size TF Card: Despite good image resolution quality, it supports only up to 32 GB-sized TF card, which might limit storage capacity.

Now that we have surveyed our flying buddy’s highs and lows, let’s understand how these could affect you. Depending upon your needs or requirements, these pros and cons will dictate how well the Holy Stone HS440 suits you whether for professional use or amusement.

Recommendation – Who Should Buy the Holy Stone HS440?

If you’re on the lookout for a new drone, you may be wondering if the Holy Stone HS440 is right for you. Let me assure you that this model has an array of expert-grade features packaged in a user-friendly design, making it suitable for almost anyone interested in drone piloting.

First and foremost, the Holy Stone HS440 is perfect for beginners. Why? Because it offers:

  • An easy-to-fly design: The unit’s user-friendly interface makes initial setup effortless.
  • Stable flight controls: This allows newbies to become familiar with controlling drones without being overwhelmed.
  • FPV Camera feature: It allows you to see what your drone sees from your mobile device. So, even first-time pilots are getting an incredible perspective!

Moreover, let’s not forget about advanced users! The HS440 isn’t just beginner-friendly; it has several features that seasoned flyers will also appreciate.

  • Precise controls and adjustable lens angle: It provides more control over your video capturing needs than most general-purpose drones.
  • A decent flight time of 20 minutes on a single charge, which can be considered impressive in its price range!
  • Flexibility thanks to its compact size when folded. Great for those wanting to take their device on the go!

On top of these specifics, hobbyists interested in aerial photography and videography can greatly benefit as this product provides HD-quality images and videos, which can undoubtedly enhance any portfolio.

Even small businesses looking towards aerial capture may find impressive value with its affordable price point yet high-end performance!

While the Holy Stone HS440 might not have all the professional-grade specifications like those found on the best Autel drones, it does offer tremendous value for anyone embarking on their maiden voyage into drone piloting or even experienced users seeking versatility at attractive pricing.


How does one set up the Holy Stone HS440?

Setting up your HS440 involves charging the battery, installing it into the drone, and then syncing it with your controller and mobile device. Be sure to consult your user manual for detailed steps.

How many HD modes does it have?

The Holy Stone HS440 possesses a single High Definition mode which records footage in 1920 x 1080P resolution on a TF card and 1280 x 720P resolution on your mobile phone.

Can you fly this at night?

Absolutely! The HS440 has LED lights that ensure visibility in low-light scenarios and night skies, so you won’t lose track of it when flying at night.

What is the maximum flying distance?

The impressive maximum flight distance of the Holy Stone HS440 is 330 feet or approximately 100 meters, giving its users ample space for adventurous flights.


My time with the Holy Stone HS440 has been quite an adventure. Its compact size, coupled with the 20-minute flight time, makes it an excellent option for both amateurs and pros alike. I have flown up to a distance of 100m without a hitch while enjoying unparalleled visuals thanks to the drone’s HD camera. Furthermore, its fast charging time and adjustable angles make the experience all the more exhilarating.

Key Takeaway Points:

  • Stable flights up to 100m
  • Quality HD Visuals
  • Impressive Flight Time
  • Quick Charging Time
  • Easy Controls
Richard J. Gross

Hi, my name is Richard J. Gross and I’m a full-time Airbus pilot and commercial drone business owner. I got into drones in 2015 when I started doing aerial photography for real estate companies. I had no idea what I was getting into at the time, but it turns out that police were called on me shortly after I started flying. They didn’t like me flying my drone near people, so they asked me to come train their officers on the rules and regulations for drones. After that, I decided to start my own drone business and teach others about the safe and responsible use of drones.

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