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Holy Stone HS700D: подробный обзор для любителей дронов

По: Ричард Дж. Гросс
Обновлено: 14 февраля 2024 г.

There it was, poised for flight in the early morning light – the Holy Stone HS700D. As a беспилотник enthusiast, I find the arrival of a new drone on my doorstep as exhilarating as Christmas morning. And trust me when I say this – my initial experience with the Holy Stone HS700D only amplified that excitement.

As an unapologetically demanding user when it comes to drones, I could feel the thrill of anticipation coursing through my veins. Right from its eye-catching design to its promise of top-tier performance, everything about the Holy Stone HS700D had me itching to give it a whirl.

My world revolves around drones, and ensuring my (and thereby your) choice is worth every penny spent is paramount! So buckle up as I share my experience and provide an in-depth review of this newcomer.

From This Article You Will Discover:

  • Essential Specifications
  • A personal assessment based on real-time experiences
  • Benefits and drawbacks
  • Details regarding usability, performance, features
  • Insights into whether or not it’s worth your investment

Overview of the Holy Stone HS700D Review

I’ll be upfront: the Holy Stone HS700D has been an absolute delight to test. From the robust body design to its impressive list of features and jaw-dropping in-flight capabilities, it made me realize how far беспилотная технология has come.

Overview of the Holy Stone HS700D Review

Более пристальный взгляд на характеристики

First off, let’s take a glance at what this model comes packed with:

Технические характеристикиПодробности
Вес630 grams
Размеры434 х 434 х 151 мм
Время полета22 минуты
Время зарядки5~7 Hours
Расстояние от первого лица984~1640 feet / 300~500 m
Расстояние полета3280 feet / 900m
Частота камеры5 ГГц
Угол камерыот -90° до 0°
RVideo/photo Resolution3840 x 2160 / 4k (stored in TF card); 1920 x1080 (stored on mobile phone)
R Live Video Transmission Range984~1640 ft
R Max Control Range3280ft

Holy Stone HS700D Key Features

I’ve gotten a lot of requests in recent times to analyze the Holy Stone HS700D and its wide range of features.

Holy Stone HS700D Key Features

So, let’s dive into it!

Camera and Video Capabilities

Every drone enthusiast will agree with me that capturing breathtaking visuals is one of the sheer joys of flying drones. The Holy Stone HS700D provides just that! Armed with an onboard camera backed by 5GHz frequency, this drone promises excellent video and image-capturing capabilities.

Let’s sum up the key points:

  • Its 4K ultra HD option ensures high-quality images (3840 x 2160 resolution) stored on your TF card.
  • You’ll also get 1080p image resolution stored directly on your mobile phone.
  • With adjustable camera angles ranging from -90 degrees to 0 degrees, you have ample flexibility for creative shots or videos.

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Летные характеристики

Next up in my Holy Stone HS700D review is flight performance – another critical box to tick when looking for a satisfactory flying experience.

Here are a few takeaways about the flight performance:

  • It has a significant control range reaching up to 3280ft (approx. 900m). It gives plenty of room for those long-range captures.
  • Equipped with powerful motors (2204 1400KV Brushless Motor), this beast guarantees swift reactions against sudden сопротивление ветру or changes, ensuring extra stability.
  • The maximum flight time is approximately 22 minutes – quite impressive in its price bracket.

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Battery Life and Range

My Holy Stone HS700D review would be incomplete without the noteworthy battery life and range of this drone.

What impresses me are the following:

  • Its battery capacity is quite large, standing at 2800mAh with a voltage of 7.4V.
  • Сайт drone’s flight time extends up to 22 minutes on a full charge, which takes about 5-7 hours.
  • The FPV Distance (first-person view) can stretch between 984 –1640 feet/300 to approximately 500m.

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Pros And Cons of Holy Stone HS700D

I had the incredible opportunity to test out the Holy Stone HS700D, and I couldn’t wait to share my experiences with you. I’m here to share all about its upsides as well as shortcomings—nothing held back!

Pros of Holy Stone HS700D

Not every drone turns out to be a star, but the HS 700D certainly took me by surprise in several fantastic ways:

  • Weight and Dimensions: Its weight is approximately 630 grams, which effectively provides stability during windy situations. Moreover, without protection guards, its dimensions are 434 x 434 x 151 mm, ensuring compactness and maneuverability. It’s not too bulky or too fragile – just the right size for an adventure-filled flight.
  • Magnificent Flight Time: The HS 700D became my go-to drone mainly because of its long flight time, which goes up to a maximum of mind-boggling 22 минуты. Couple this with a max control range of 3280ft, and there are very few places you can’t reach.
  • Solid Camera Specs: Supporting video/photo resolution offers premium quality images & videos with staggering details even from great heights. If we get into specifics—I could gain up to 4k stored content on TF cards on mobile phones, though it sums up at HD quality, i.e., 1920×1080.
  • Бесщеточный двигатель: The inclusion of a robust 2204 1400KV Brushless Motor sets the standard for efficient performance while drastically reducing breakdown instances due to overheating.

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Cons of Holy Stone HS700D

Like every coin has two sides, each product has areas where it could do better—the same holds for this drone:

  • Long charging Time: A full recharge takes around 5 to 7 hours, which can be quite a wait if you’re looking for frequent flights.
  • Lack of TF Card: A TF card doesn’t come pre-included with the package. You will need to purchase it separately, which could incur additional expenses, especially if you’re buying your first drone.
  • Short FPV Distance: While the HS 700D boasts of a maximum flight distance of 3280 ft, its First-Person View (FPV) distance is significantly faster, maxing out at 1640 ft. This means that videos or images captured beyond this point would not be transmitted in real-time.

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Recommendation – Who Should Buy the Holy Stone HS700D?

If you’re in the market for a quality drone, the Holy Stone HS700D might just be what you need. But who exactly would benefit most from this superior model?

Recommendation – Who Should Buy the Holy Stone HS700D?
  • Фотографы и видеографы: With its 4k resolution camera that captures high-quality videos and photos (stored in TF card) as well as real-time video transmission capability up to 1640 ft, this drone is a dream come true for individuals with a knack for aerial photography. And if your primary focus is on stay-in-place shots, the Holy Stone HS700D’s motor, a 2204 1400KV brushless mechanism, offers amazing stability even in windy conditions.
  • Любители дронов: If flying drones gets your adrenaline pumping, then you’re surely going to love the HS 700D drone. It prides itself on a sensational flight distance of up to 3280 feet! Notably, an impressive control range works hand in hand with this distance attribute, translating to maximum piloting fun.
  • Drone Beginners: Are you new to drones? Look no further! Its intuitive operation, coupled with advanced features like return-to-home functionality, makes it perfect for beginners.
  • Long Flight Lovers: If uninterrupted flight time is what you’re after, then voilà; expect good airtime of about 22 minutes with HS700 holy stone. Furthermore, when power runs out – which rarely happens too soon thanks to its lithium polymer battery capacity of a whopping 2800mAh – it only takes between five and seven hours to juice up and be ready to hit the skies again!
  • Гонки с видом от первого лица and Exploration: This drone model shines in first-person view (FPV), giving you around 900m flight distance, a feature that drone pilots are going to love. Plus, with the ability to tilt the camera anywhere from -90° to 0°, pilots can explore all angles of their surroundings.

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Слушаем других – реальный пользовательский опыт

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my years of flying drones, it’s that every drone pilot has a unique perspective and valuable insights to share. When the subject turns to the Holy Stone HS700D, opinions seem to vary just as much as the users themselves. After scouring various online platforms, here are a few candid experiences from other drone enthusiasts:

  • John, an avid drone user, feels that the Holy Stone HS700D scores high on maneuverability. Being able to navigate obstacles and handle tricky flight paths is something he values greatly in a drone. The responsive controller further adds to his positive review of this model.
  • Contrarily, Sarah, another drone hobbyist, had mixed feelings about this particular quadcopter due in part to its hefty weight. She felt that at 630 grams with dimensions of 434 x 434 x 151 mm (without protection guards), it might not be the best option for those who prize portability above all else.
  • Keen photographer Mike highlights the Holy Stone HS700D’s camera capabilities as one of its strongest points. Armed with a 5GHz frequency camera that offers video/photo resolution of up-to3840 x 2160 or 4k (stored in TF card), Mike raves about the quality aerial footage he captured.
  • But then comes Rachel, whose review was more critical than others. Despite valuing its prolonged flight time (up to 22 minutes), she shared concerns about lengthy charging times, which can extend up-to5-7 hours.

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Часто задаваемые вопросы

How easy is it to transport the HS700D, and does it come with a carrying case?

Yes! The Holy Stone HS700D makes portability a breeze. Weighing at 630 grams and dimensions of 434 x 434 x 151 mm make it easy to pack up and set off on your photographic journeys. However, it doesn’t come with a carrying case.

How does the GPS-assisted flight feature work in the Holy Stone HS700D?

The Holy Stone HS700D comes equipped with GPS-assisted flight. This means that the drone can accurately locate your position and automatically return home when the battery is low or the signal is lost – making flying this drone simple even for beginners!

What is the maximum flight time I can expect from the Holy Stone HS700D?

Impressively, despite its compact size, you can expect about 22 minutes of uninterrupted flight time thanks to its powerful battery capacity (2800 mAh), and remember that charging takes between five to seven hours.

What are the available flight modes and intelligent features of this drone?

Сайт HS700D caters to various intelligent functions such as Follow Me, Circle Fly, and Tap-Fly, which provide you with an enhanced, hassle-free flying experience, making it perfect for all levels of flyers.


After having hands-on experience with the Holy Stone HS700D, I can firmly say that it’s a power-packed drone worth considering. Needed video quality? Check! Impressive flight time? Double-check! Singularly great for hobby-flying or transitioning to professional videography.

The brushless motor and large battery capacity ensure extended playtime while its 4K camera captures intricate details. And don’t get me started on its considerable flight range.

Ключевые выводы

  • Outstanding 4K UHD Camera
  • Увеличенное время полета
  • Robust build quality
  • Excellent value for money
Ричард Дж. Гросс

Привет, меня зовут Ричард Дж. Гросс, я постоянный пилот Airbus и владелец коммерческого бизнеса по производству беспилотников. Я увлекся дронами в 2015 году, когда начал заниматься аэрофотосъемкой для компаний, занимающихся недвижимостью. В то время я понятия не имел, во что ввязываюсь, но оказалось, что вскоре после того, как я начал летать, на меня вызвали полицию. Им не понравилось, что я летаю на своем дроне рядом с людьми, поэтому они попросили меня приехать и обучить их сотрудников правилам и нормам для дронов. После этого я решил открыть свой собственный бизнес по производству дронов и обучать других безопасному и ответственному использованию дронов.

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