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Holy Stone HS420: An In-Depth Review

By: Richard J. Gross
Updated On: February 14, 2024

Picture this! I’m sitting with a cup of coffee in my hands, looking out at the open sky and pondering over my next major tech investment. That’s when it strikes – I need a drone! Not any random drone, though. I need one that masters the art of blending high performance with high-tech features, and there you have it! My search ends at the Holy Stone HS420.

It’s no secret that drones are an integral part of today’s technology-driven world, whether for professional photography or personal entertainment purposes. The Holy Stone HS420 is no exception, but rather a shining example of what a good quality drone looks like.

This little gadget left me impressed with its power-packed features like a strong control range, lightning-fast speed modes, and crisp 720P live view quality- all packed into a design so sleek it challenges the skyline!

What You’ll Discover Here:

  • A comprehensive review of why the Holy Stone HS420 is your next best purchase
  • A detailed account of each core feature packed into this marvel
  • Insights about how these features translate to real-world functionality
  • Why I believe this could very well be your first step towards mastering aerial videography

Unveiling the Holy Stone HS420 Review

When it comes to user-friendly drones that deliver top-notch quality, few can compete with the Holy Stone HS420. This drone serves as an excellent accessory for beginners and professionals alike. I could ramble all day about this gem, but let’s dive right into the detailed specifications that make up this outstanding device.

Unveiling the Holy Stone HS420 Review

A Closer Look at the Specifications

Before we go into intense details about each spec, here’s a tabular rundown of important information:

Size84 x 90 x 34 mm
Flight Distance330 feet / 100 m
FPV Distance98 feet / 30 m
Flight Time6 minutes x2 (with two batteries)
Charging Time60 minutes
Camera Adjustable Range-90° to 0°
Video/Photo ResolutionHD 1280 x 720P
Live View Quality 720P@20fps
Battery Type3.7V 300mAh Li-Po
Maximum Control Range:50 meters
Speed Modes: 2-speed modes available
360° Flip CapabilityYes

Holy Stone HS420 Unboxing and First Impressions

Well, my friends, today is quite a day indeed. I got my hands on the Holy Stone HS420 drone—the latest addition to my collection of aerial beauties. I have been eagerly waiting for this moment, ever since I caught wind of its stellar performance reviews online. So, let’s dive right in and check out this amazing mini-drone, shall we?

Packaging Details

When the package finally arrived at my doorstep, I was genuinely impressed by the compact yet sturdy box that secured the Holy Stone HS420 drone.

  • The Box: The exterior protective box was well into the range of sturdy—designed to take a beating without endangering its precious contents.
  • Inside the Box: On opening it, right there neatly organized by each component type were:
  • The Holy Stone HS420 Drone
  • Controller with Hs HS420 labeling
  • Two Li-Po Batteries (For doubling your adventure session)
  • Charging Cord
  • Standard set of propellers along with spares (You gotta love extras!)

I must say that while unboxing such items may seem trivial to some, I found everything from unwrapping to inspecting each item an absolute pleasure—the result of a perfect presentation.

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Drone Design and build quality

Now that we’ve marveled at the contents of our package for long enough let’s get down to business—that business involving a thorough inspection and analysis of our new toy’s anatomy!

  • Size & Weight: Not only does this mini beast boast a dimensional profile measuring at just 84 x 90 x 34 mm but also weighs in at only around (invisible)1.1oz — making it incredibly portable.
  • Build Material: It gave me collective satisfaction when my hand reached up to feel the robust and seemingly durable casing. I could tell it’s made from high-grade plastic aimed to withstand harsh impacts.
  • Design Aesthetics: Sporting a sleek, matte black finish along with the glowing Holy Stone logo—it certainly doesn’t lack in the looks department. Adding to it are those red LEDs blinking ever so enticingly, preparing you for a night-time mission.
  • Camera: The HS420 drone has an adjustable camera range from -90° to 0° complete with HD 1280 x 720P live view quality which is something I can’t wait to test out!

So there we go! The unboxing and first impressions of our little friend here—the Holy Stone HS420—have come out pretty impressive indeed. Now all that remains is some airtime fun!

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Technical Specifications about the Holy Stone HS420

At first glance, the Holy Stone HS420 might seem like just another drone, but I assure you, it’s far more than that. Not only is it compact, lightweight, and conveniently portable at 31g/1.1oz and 84 x 90 x 34 mm in size, but it also packs an impressive punch when it comes to technical aspects. Let’s unpack some of these key features.

Technical Specifications about the Holy Stone HS420

Flight Performance

As someone who’s piloted their fair share of drones over the years from all different manufacturers, with all different specs and capabilities – I can tell you firsthand that the flight performance of the HS HS420 is nothing short of exceptional.

  • It boasts a maximum control range of 50 meters which facilitates easy navigation even in spacious outdoor environments.
  • You can rely on two-speed modes offering flexibility for beginner drone enthusiasts or those seeking a bit more speed and excitement.
  • Offering a flight distance of up to 330 feet or approximately 100 meters – there might very well be no limit to how high your Hs HS420 drone explorations can go!

Furthermore, no aerial maneuver is too complicated for this little speedster – its built-in capability to perform seamless 360° flips allows for spectacular aerial acrobatics.

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Camera Quality

The Holy Stone HS420 has been designed keeping photography enthusiasts specifically in mind. What’s really amazing is its camera – an HD camera that professes a video/photo resolution set at HD 1280 x 720P.

  • The live view quality makes watching real-time footage feel like an interactive adventure at a quality set at truly enticing sharpness: 720p@20fps.
  • To top this all off – its camera adjustable range from -90° to 0° makes capturing images and videos at difficult angles a piece of cake.

Adventure awaits you in every direction with the Holy Stone HS420. Just imagine all the unique, dynamic photos and footage you can capture!

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Battery Life

Battery life is a significant aspect to consider while purchasing any drone. The Holy Stone HS420 knows this well.

  • One of its outstanding features is its battery type – a durable 3.7V 300mAh Li-Po battery that promises uncompromising playtime.
  • Once fully charged, which takes about an hour, you can enjoy flight times up to 6 minutes x2. That’s right, the HS420 comes with two batteries doubling your exploration adventures.

Therefore not only does this drone promise extended periods of blissful flight time on a single charge but also relatively quick recharging times – which means less waiting around for it to power back up.

Well, there you have it folks! If you’re in search of an entry-level drone with professional-grade features that offers a great balance between performance, quality, and price – I’m sure by now, we’ve established why the Holy Stone HS420 could very possibly be the holy grail!

Feature Analysis Of The Holy Stone HS420

When I first laid eyes on the Holy Stone HS420, I was immediately drawn to its sleek design. But after getting my hands on it and exploring its features, I have discovered that beauty really is more than skin deep. Let’s take a deeper look into what makes the Holy Stone HS420 more than just an appealing gadget.

GPS Enabled Features

The first thing that caught my attention was the GPS-enabled features this drone boasts. The convenience and security they provide are without measure:

  • Return Home Function: With this feature, even if you lose sight of your HS HS420 drone, there’s no need to panic. By simply pressing a button, you can trigger the drone’s GPS system to return it back home safely.
  • Follow Me Mode: This is one of those must-have functions for adventure seekers like me who love documenting their journeys and adventures but don’t have an extra pair of hands to do so.

With such advanced functionalities packed in its compact size, the Holy Stone HS HS420 undoubtedly proves that good things do come in small packages.

Other Advanced Features

Apart from its exceptional GPS-based attributes, holy stone HS420 sweeps us off our feet with other innovative options:

  • Gesture Control: This drone can recognize specific gestures allowing you to control it without having to hold a transmitter all along. You can instruct it for photo clicks or video recording through simple motions.
  • Photography Prowess: Possessing an HD 1280x720P camera range coupled with a live view quality reaching 720P@20fps gives me high-quality footage every time.
  • Extended Flight Time: Owing to two batteries included within the package, enjoy a total flight time of 12 minutes which is quite uncommon for drones within this size and price range.
  • Flip Capability: As an additional fun element, the Holy Stone HS420 has a 360-degree flip capacity that helps me capture some stunning mid-air shots.

With each new feature explored, holy stone HS420 promises and delivers more than what meets the eye. This tiny technology wonder continues to impress with its capabilities and robustness offering users both convenience and bursting with creativity.

Usability & Control Of The Holy Stone HS420

When you’re buying a drone like the Holy Stone HS420, the first thing you should think about is usability and control. Whether it would be perfect for beginner pilots or ideal for seasoned enthusiasts, understanding these factors is crucial. Therefore, let’s cut to the chase and discuss how friendly HS420 is from an operating perspective followed by discussing its remote control quality in detail.


I found that operating the Holy Stone HS420 drone was surprisingly easy. Even if you’re new to drones entirely, this model won’t give you much trouble. Why? Here are the reasons:

  • Ease of setup: Right out of the box, I had it up and flying within minutes.
  • User-friendly manual: The instructions are well written and straightforward to understand. Even if this is your first time around drones, the ambiance won’t be daunting.
  • Sensitivity Adjustments: You can easily adjust the sensitivity depending on your level of expertise which provides greater control over how quickly or slowly the drone responds to commands.
  • Auto return function: This function allows the drone to automatically return home which comes in handy when the battery gets low.

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Remote Control Quality & Range

Speaking about remotes—the handheld object determining your flight experience—we noticed that quality and range play pivotal roles in terms of gaining an elevated experience with Holy Stone HS420. Here’s my take on it:

  • Sturdiness: The remote control feels solid & comfy in hands signaling towards its solid built quality.
  • Ease of Use: It houses all necessary features within reachable distances making maneuvering quick & easy.
  • Flexible Controls: The controls can be adapted to ‘beginner’ or ‘expert’ mode based on the pilot’s skill level.
  • Range: The HS420 covers an impressive range of 100 meters (330 feet), ideal for capturing wide aerial panoramic shots. Limited but considering its profile, quite appreciable.
  • Battery Indicator: An integrated battery level indicator ensures you never unexpectedly run out of power mid-flight.

In short, Holy Stone HS420 is versatile enough, friendly for beginners but engaging for veterans too. I indeed had an enjoyable time testing it out and I am sure you will relish it in a similar vein! Can’t wait to hear about your real-world user experiences in the comments section below!

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Pros & Cons of Holy Stone HS420

The Holy Stone HS420 offers quite an impressive set of advantages for drone enthusiasts who are looking for power-packed performance while going easy on the wallet. But just like any tech gadget, it’s not all peachy; there are a few hiccups as well.


  • Great Flight Time: The HS420 comes with a flight time of 6 minutes, but here’s the best part – you get two batteries in the box. This means you’re up in the air enjoying your flying time twice as long.
  • Compact Size: With dimensions of 84x90x34 mm and weighing just 31g/1.1oz, this mini drone is incredibly portable, fitting neatly in your backpack without taking up much space.
  • Adjustable Camera Angles: The camera on this model adjusts from -90° to 0° allowing you to capture stunning aerial shots from different perspectives.
  • 360-Degree Flip Capability: Who doesn’t love a little fun with their drones? With its ability to flip a full 360 degrees, the entertainment potential is endless!
  • Two Speed Modes: Whether new to flying or already an experienced pilot, having two-speed modes available proves handy in various scenarios.


While I’ve indicated that Holy Stone HS420 packs a punch given its price point and size, it does retain a few drawbacks that should be mentally tagged before purchasing:

  • Limited FPV Distance: The maximum first-person view (FPV) distance offered by this drone is only about 30 meters or around 98 feet which might limit exploration possibilities for some users.
  • Lower Resolution Images: While having an onboard camera adds to its advantages artillery, don’t expect crystal-clear images out of it; it comes with HD 720P, but then again remember your price point.
  • Limited Control Range: The control range maxes out at around 50 meters or approximately 164 feet, which might be slightly disappointing for those intending longer-range explorations.

I invite you all to meet this flying gadget and all its cool features personally. A small word of caution, where you can fly a drone can highly vary based on local laws. But don’t worry – got you covered; here’s everything you need to know about local regulations in different parts of the USA before letting your Holy Stone HS420 take its first flight.

Recommendation – Who Should Buy It?

Upon examining the Holy Stone HS420, it can be said that this drone is suitable for a wide range of users. Given its impressive specifications and flight features, let’s break down who I believe can truly benefit from this model:

examining the Holy Stone HS420
  • Novices: With easy-to-operate controls and a user-friendly interface, the Holy Stone HS420 drone is a great starting point for aspiring pilots. It’s forgiving enough for beginners but offers room for skill growth and development.
  • Hobbyists: If you’re someone who enjoys flying drones casually in your free time, this drone might be perfect for you. Its robust functionality provides an enjoyable flying experience every time.
  • Photography Enthusiasts: The high-quality camera offering HD 1280 x 720P video/photo resolution makes it an excellent choice if you’re interested in aerial photography or videography. Capture stunning landscapes or fun outdoor adventures with this lightweight device.
  • Travelers: The HS420’s compact size [84 x 90 x 34 mm] and convenient portability make it ideal for travel enthusiasts looking to document their journeys from unique perspectives.

One more thing to note is that regardless of whether you’re new to drones or have been piloting them for ages, it’s crucial to read up on local laws dictating where and how these devices can be flown. For instance, Drone Laws In California can help you understand what to be aware of if you’re flying anywhere in The Golden State.

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How does the return home function work on a Holy Stone HS420?

The Return Home function of the Holy Stone HS420 is quite intuitive. By pressing a dedicated button, it enables the drone to automatically retrace its path and return to its take-off location.

What kind of camera does the Holy Stone HS420 have?

The Holy Stone HS420 is outfitted with an HD 1280 x 720P resolution camera. The camera range can be adjusted from -90° to 0°, which allows taking magnificent photos and videos from unique angles.

Is it easy to operate the drone for beginners?

Certainly! The Hs HS420 was designed with beginners in mind. Structured with straightforward controls and equipped with two-speed modes, this drone is very user-friendly – even for those new to flying drones.


The Holy Stone HS420 drone truly impresses with its compact size, robust capabilities, and superlative performance. I believe the HS420 sets a new precedent in the realm of affordable drones, given its fantastic functionality and technological prowess.

This impressive piece offers seamless control even for beginners, effective range, decent flight time along solid video quality. Trust me when I say it; this is one investment you won’t regret.

Key Takeaway Points:

  • The Holy Stone HS420’s lightweight yet sturdy build ensures excellent maneuverability.
  • An ideal drone offering good value for money.
  • Easy to control even for beginners.
  • Decent flight time for an uninterrupted experience.
Richard J. Gross

Hi, my name is Richard J. Gross and I’m a full-time Airbus pilot and commercial drone business owner. I got into drones in 2015 when I started doing aerial photography for real estate companies. I had no idea what I was getting into at the time, but it turns out that police were called on me shortly after I started flying. They didn’t like me flying my drone near people, so they asked me to come train their officers on the rules and regulations for drones. After that, I decided to start my own drone business and teach others about the safe and responsible use of drones.

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