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JJRC X5 Review: Advanced Features, Pros, Cons & More (2024)

By: Richard J. Gross
Updated On: May 2, 2023

Welcome to our review of the JJRC X5 drone! In this article, we will take an in-depth look at this popular drone model and discuss its features, pros and cons, and our overall thoughts on its performance.

The JJRC X5 is a budget-friendly drone that has garnered attention from drone enthusiasts and beginners alike. So, let’s dive into the details and see what the JJRC X5 offers.

JJRC X5 Specifications

Flight time16-18 minutes
Range500-600 meter
Camera2k 1080p / 90° adjustable camera
Speed30 km/h
Dimension35 × 35 × 9.5cm
Weight400 gram
Battery7.4V 1800mAh
Charging time5 Hours
Advanced FeaturesBrushless motor, Point Of interest, Advanced GPS, One Key Return, Failure Return To Home, Headless Mode, Follow Me, Altitude Hold, Adjustable Camera, App Motion Control

Flight time

The JJRC X5’s flight time of 16-18 minutes is a decent amount of time for a drone at this price range. It allows users to capture more footage and fly for extended periods without needing to land and recharge the battery.

It’s important to note that flight time can vary depending on factors such as wind conditions, temperature, and how aggressively the drone is flown.

JJRC X5 Specifications

Flight range

With a range of 500-600 meters, the JJRC X5 allows users to fly the drone a decent distance away from them and capture footage from different angles. This is especially useful for those who want to explore new locations or capture footage of events from unique perspectives.

However, it’s essential always to follow local regulations and ensure that the drone remains within line of sight.

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The JJRC X5’s camera is a standout feature, boasting a 2K 1080p camera that is 90° adjustable. This lets users capture high-quality images and videos from different angles and perspectives.

JJRC X5 Camera

It’s important to note that the camera’s quality may be impacted by factors such as lighting conditions and the stability of the drone while in flight.


The JJRC X5’s maximum speed of 30km/h is fast enough for most casual users. It’s not the fastest drone on the market, but it’s still quick enough to capture footage of fast-moving subjects or to fly through open spaces.

It’s important to note that the drone’s speed may be impacted by factors such as wind conditions and the drone’s battery life.

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Size and Weight

At 35 × 35 × 9.5cm, the JJRC X5 is a relatively compact drone. This makes it easy to transport and store, which is essential for those planning to take the drone. The drone’s compact size makes it easy to control and maneuver, even in tight spaces.

Weighing in at 400 grams, the JJRC X5 is relatively lightweight for a drone. This makes it easy to carry around and maneuver, which is especially useful for those who plan to take the drone on hikes or other outdoor adventures.

However, it’s important to note that the drone’s lightweight may make it more susceptible to wind conditions and other environmental factors.


The JJRC X5’s 7.4V 1800mAh battery provides decent power and flight time for most casual users. However, users may want to consider purchasing an additional battery to extend their flight time, especially if they plan to use the drone for extended periods.

Charging time

The JJRC X5’s battery takes approximately 5 hours to charge fully. While this may be longer than some other drones on the market, it’s still a reasonable amount of time and allows users to plan for their flights.

It’s important to note that charging time may be impacted by factors such as the battery’s temperature and the power source used to charge it.

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Advanced Features of JJRC X5

The JJRC X5 is a popular drone with a range of advanced features. These features set it apart from other drones in its price range and make it an excellent choice for beginners and experienced pilots. Some of the advanced features of the JJRC X5 include:

  • Brushless motor: The JJRC X5 is equipped with a brushless motor, which provides a more efficient and powerful performance than a traditional brushed motor. It also helps to reduce noise and increase the lifespan of the motor.
  • Point Of Interest: This feature allows the drone to automatically circle a specific point, capturing a 360-degree view of the area. It’s perfect for capturing panoramic photos or videos of landscapes or architecture.
  • Advanced GPS: With the built-in GPS module, the JJRC X5 can precisely position and hover, making it easier to control and fly. It also enables the drone to automatically return to the takeoff point or fly to a pre-set destination.
  • One Key Return: This feature allows the drone to return to the takeoff point with just one button press, making it a convenient and safe option for beginners or in an emergency.
  • Failure Return To Home: In case of a low battery or lost connection, the JJRC X5 will automatically return to its takeoff point, ensuring the safety of the drone and its contents.
  • Headless Mode: This feature allows the drone to fly in any direction without worrying about its orientation. It’s perfect for beginners or when the drone is far from the pilot.
  • Follow Me: The drone can follow the pilot and maintain a constant distance from them, capturing their movements from a unique perspective. It’s perfect for outdoor activities like hiking or cycling.
  • Altitude Hold: This feature enables the drone to maintain a stable altitude while in flight, making capturing clear and steady photos or videos more accessible.
  • Adjustable Camera: The JJRC X5 has a 2k 1080p camera that can be adjusted up to 90 degrees, allowing you to capture stunning aerial shots from different angles.
  • App Motion Control: The drone can be controlled through a smartphone app, which allows for more precise and intuitive control. You can also use hand gestures to control the drone’s movements, adding a fun and interactive element to your flying experience.

Pros and Cons of JJRC X5

The JJRC X5 is a popular drone with a reputation for its advanced features, user-friendly design, and affordability. However, like any drone, it has its share of pros and cons. Here are some of the main advantages and disadvantages of the JJRC X5:

  • Extended Flight Time
  • Impressive Range
  • Fast Speed
  • High Quality Camera
  • Long Charging Time
  • Bulky Design

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the JJRC X5 is a solid drone option for those seeking a mid-range option with advanced features like GPS and follow-me mode. With decent flight time, range, and camera capabilities, it is an excellent choice for beginners and more experienced pilots.

Our thoughts regarding this product are that it offers an outstanding balance between price and performance. If you’re looking for a drone with advanced features but don’t want to break the bank, the JJRC X5 is worth considering.

Thank you for reading our review of the JJRC X5. We hope it helped make your decision and happy flying!

Richard J. Gross

Hi, my name is Richard J. Gross and I’m a full-time Airbus pilot and commercial drone business owner. I got into drones in 2015 when I started doing aerial photography for real estate companies. I had no idea what I was getting into at the time, but it turns out that police were called on me shortly after I started flying. They didn’t like me flying my drone near people, so they asked me to come train their officers on the rules and regulations for drones. After that, I decided to start my own drone business and teach others about the safe and responsible use of drones.

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