Propel RC Vendor Selection

Atom Micro Drone

  • Functions include forward, reverse and left and right turns as well as push-button
  • 360° aerial stunts 
  • 2.4 GHz digital transmitter offers multi-speed controls and provides a flight range of up to 100'-Built-in LED's offer a cool look 
  • 3 speed setting for beginner to advanced quad-copter pilots 
  • 6-axis gyro offers stability in most conditions

HD Video Drone with Streaming

  • Flight range up to 500 feet 
  • Push button 360 ̊ aerial stunts 
  • On board camera records high-definition video and captures still pictures 
  • Streams video to your mobile device 
  • Air pressure sensor locks flight altitude for stable video footage 
  • Automatically lands with the push of a button Digital controller, li-poly battery, micro sd hc card reader and additional replacement parts included
  • Companion App

Neutron HD

  • 6-axis gyro keeps the Neutron extremely stable in all conditions 
  • Records beautiful HD video and takes still shots 
  • Unique Switch-Blade technology allows you to operate in 3-channel and 4-channel modes 
  • 360-degree aerial stunts with the push of a button 
  • 3-speed settings for beginner to advanced quadcopter pilots

Spyder X

  • Built in 6 axis gyroscopic chip keeps the Spyder extremely stable in all conditions 
  • 4 channel flight controls allow for incredible maneuverability including 360 degree aerial stunts 
  • 3 speed settings for beginner to advanced quadrocopter pilots 
  • LED directional lights makes the Spyder easy to follow 
  • 200 foot range

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