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EXO Cinemaster 2 Review: A Comprehensive Guide

By: Richard J. Gross
Updated On: February 23, 2024

Embarking on the journey of this EXO Cinemaster 2 Review, we find ourselves in awe of what modern drone technology has made possible. This powerhouse drone, with its magnificent capabilities, is shaking up the market and gaining a steady fan base. Intricately designed and intuitively usable, the EXO Cinemaster 2 makes its mark right from the first flight.

Its unprecedented specifications infused with enhanced features defy expectations, providing an unmatchable experience to users. Whether it’s capturing high-quality images with a 10-megapixel camera or recording seamless UHD 4K videos, every moment becomes unforgettable when experienced through this phenomenal gadget. Strap yourself in for an in-depth overview of this powerhouse.

What You’ll Reap From This Unearthed Gem:

  • Thorough EXO Cinemaster 2 evaluation to meet your specific preferences.
  • Analytic view into its high-quality imaging capabilities.
  • A comprehensive examination of how its multiple intelligent flight functions enhance user experience.
  • Examination of flight time to ascertain whether it meets your needs.
  • Evidence-backed insight into how it performs under different weather conditions and environments.

An Overview of EXO Cinemaster 2

Navigating the multifaceted world of drones can be overwhelming, so today, I find myself eye-deep in EXO Cinemaster 2’s features, functionalities, and flight dynamics.

An Overview of EXO Cinemaster 2

After extensive research and numerous test flights, I am pouring my impressions into this detailed EXO Cinemaster 2 review that offers a comprehensive assessment and thorough examination of this high-performance flying machine. Let’s dive in!

A Closer Look at the Specifications

To give you a crystal-clear idea about what this drone brings to the table, let’s begin by taking an intricate look at its blue-chip features:

Camera10 Megapixels
Video Quality4K UHD
Camera Sensor1/2.3 inch CMOS
Flight TimeUp to 28 minutes
Wind Resistance24mph+
Max Height400 Ft
Max Speed27mph+
Range1/2 Mile
Gimbal3 Axis (Tilt, Roll, Pan)
Color QualityCrisp, Vibrant Color
Intelligent Flight FunctionsAuto-Return to Home, Find My Drone, Follow Me.

A Look at the EXO Cinemaster 2

Diving into the world of drones can be both fun and overwhelming. With an array of products to choose from, it becomes essential to find a drone that fits your needs and stays within your budget. That’s when I stumbled upon EXO Cinemaster 2, a powerful tool reputed for its balance of affordability, functionality, and quality.

A Look at the EXO Cinemaster 2

What is the EXO Cinemaster 2?

EXO Cinemaster 2 is more than just an updated model – it’s a powerhouse packed with robust features designed for professionals seeking high-quality aerial shots. Whether you are an adventurer filming daring escapades or a real estate professional desiring bird’s eye views, this drone suffices well.

Here are some salient aspects of the EXO Cinemaster 2:

  • Camera: The EXO Cinemaster houses an exemplary piece of technology with its 10-megapixel camera offering crystal-clear imaging.
  • Video Quality: Users have reported being impressed by the drone’s magnificent video quality – beautifully captured in stunning 4K UHD.
  • Range & Flight Time: Experience liberty beyond comparison with flight times lasting up to a staggering length of up to 28 minutes. It bears impressive range capabilities, too, allowing for navigation up to half a mile away.

And that’s just scratching the surface. The interactive abilities like auto-return home coupled with the ‘find my drone’ feature showcase its dedication towards user ease-of-use aspect.

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Evolution of EXO Cinemaster Series

Over time, one thing has remained consistent about the product –its steadfast adherence to innovation and improvement – every new model demonstrates marked enhancements over its predecessors.

Take one look at the evolution trajectory from the original ExoCinemasters to the Cinemaster 2, and it becomes evident how dedicated the developers are to uprooting limitations and expanding possibilities. The EXO Cinemaster 2 is faster, stronger, and more adept at handling higher wind speeds compared to past incarnations – making it easier for pilots to master the skill without worrying about windy conditions.

Furthermore, the advancements in intelligent flight functions like the ‘Follow me’ function have matured over time due to technological advancements. This evolution presents a compelling storyline of a product series committed to constant progression.

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Exploring Features of EXO Cinemaster 2

If you’re like me, always keen to find the next big thing in drones, then you might want to check out EXO Cinemaster 2. I was quite impressed when I did my EXO Cinemaster 2 Review.

This drone marries both robust performance and an innovative design into an awe-inspiring piece of technology. Whether a novice or professional drone enthusiast, there’s something incredibly captivating about its unique selling propositions, which we will delve deeper into now.

Design Aspects

One glance at the EXO Cinemaster 2, and it’s apparent this is no run-of-the-mill product. Its design aspects significantly influence its visual appeal and functionality in a number of ways:

  • Compact & Portable: The compact size makes it easy for on-the-go adventures — beach trips, hiking escapades, or suburban explorations.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing: The slick black finish with symmetrical lines merges modern tech aesthetics with functionality.
  • Sturdy Construction: Despite its lightweight architecture, the drone boasts a sturdy build for increased durability.

With these attributes in mind during my EXO Cinemaster 2 Evaluation, I could push the limits without worrying too much about breaking some delicate piece of tech.

Performance Metrics

As a seasoned drone buff, subpar performance isn’t something I would tolerate. During my initial EXO Cinemaster 2 Analysis, I was keen on how it measured against similar products on the market – focusing on:

  • Incredible Speeds: With a maximum speed of over 27mph, races, and speedy chases are more thrilling.
  • Extended Flight Time: Boasts a phenomenal flight time of up to 28 minutes, much hefty compared to other drones in its class.
  • Strong Wind Resistance: It can hold its own in winds up to 24mph, with fewer restrictions on when you can fly.

Considering my EXO Cinemaster 2 Assessment, this drone encompasses speed with durability — a great play or work buddy!

Unique Selling Propositions

What distinctly set the EXO Cinemaster 2 apart from other drones during my EXO Cinemaster 2 Examination were the fantastic features it possesses:

  • Robust Customer Support: A comprehensive assistance system guarantees a hassle-free drone ownership experience.
  • Easy Installation Process: Even for absolute beginners, setting up is almost effortless. The manual is well-detailed and articulate, eliminating any confusion or frustration.

These superior offerings certainly turned my *”EXO Cinemaster Review” into one remarkable exploration that led to an unforgettable test run.

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Engaging with Your New Assistant – The EXO Cinemaster 2

There’s something particularly thrilling about the first flight with a new drone. It feels like an extended handshake as the device, and I become acquainted, learning each other’s quirks and strengths. For me, there is no better way to embark on this journey than with an EXO Cinemaster 2.

EXO Cinemaster 2 Review

No matter how experienced you are in flying drones or whether this is your first entry into drone piloting, starting off with the right guide makes everything easier. This article aims to take you through a straightforward process of setting up your own EXO Cinemaster 2 and sharing vital maintenance tips that will keep your device performing its best.

Installation Process

The installation or setup of the EXO Cinemaster 2 might seem daunting at first, but let’s break it down step-by-step:

  • Unboxing: Open up the package and make sure all components are accounted for, including remote control, batteries (note: may need to be charged before first use), propeller guards, and SD card, among others.
  • Mounting Propellers: Fix the propellers on each arm of the drone, making sure they are secure but not overly tightened.
  • Battery Charging: Plug in the batteries for charging using the cables provided in the kit.
  • Drone Activation: Once batteries are fully charged, install them into their respective slots on the drone & start it up by short pressing & then long holding the power button till the lights turn on.
  • Remote Control Syncing: Follow instructions from the user manual to sync the controller with the drone, ensuring they communicate properly for flight operations.
  • App Downloading And Pairing: Finally, download the recommended mobile app onto your Smartphone and link it to the drone. This will allow you to control some of the intelligence flight functions and visualize your drone’s POV.

The setup process can feel like dancing a complex waltz with a lot of steps, but once you get through it, your EXO Cinemaster 2 will have been tuned precisely to your preferences.

Tips for Maintaining Your EXO Cinemaster 2

Regular maintenance helps enhance the longevity and performance of your drone. Here are my top four tips:

  • Routine cleaning: After every flight, clean off any debris or dust that may have attached to your drone during operation.
  • Battery care: Treat your batteries appropriately by charging them at room temperature, and avoid overcharging them as it may reduce their lifespan.
  • Software Updates: Regularly check for software updates on both your drone and mobile app for optimal performance.
  • Gimbal Calibration: Ensure gimbal calibration before every flight (the EXO Cinemaster 2 features a three-axis gimbal capable of tilt, roll, and pan). This ensures steady footage capturing during flights.

Embracing these maintenance tips not only enhances your drone’s performance but also prolongs its life.

The EXO Cinemaster 2 offers an exciting blend of top-notch performance in video shooting (uninterrupted crisp, vibrant color in 4K UHD thanks to its powerful camera sensor), impressive wind resistance up to speeds of 27mph+, an admirable gust-boosted flight time up to an astounding half-hour or so & loads more features!

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Pros And Cons of EXO Cinemaster 2

I’ve spent a considerable amount of time with the EXO Cinemaster 2, and now it’s high time I shared my findings with you. Like every product in existence, it had its standout features and also a few rough patches that deserved special attention. My EXO Cinemaster 2 review won’t shy away from these facts but rather emphasize them to offer you a fully-rounded perspective.


  • Camera Quality: Armed with an impressive 10-megapixel camera and backed by the power of a 1/2.3 inch CMOS sensor, this drone is capable of snapping some stunning shots.
  • Video Quality: The EXO Cinemaster doesn’t fall short when it comes to video recording either. Its capable hardware allows for capturing smooth videos at 4K UHD resolution.
  • Flight Time: With up to 28 minutes of flight time, the drone gives you ample opportunity to capture your perfect footage without leaving you hanging.
  • Wind Resistance & Max Speed: This drone refuses to be left behind by adverse weather conditions as well – showing wind resistance up to an impressive rate of over 24mph and reaching speeds beyond 27mph.
  • Intelligent Flight Functions: Additional features like auto-return home, find my drone, and follow me functionalities make handling it even simpler.


  • Max Height Limitation: Although a range of half a mile is pretty decent for most workloads, those soaring ambitions will be kept at bay as the maximum achievable height caps out at only about 400 Ft.
  • Gimbal Motion Limits: While the gimbal here does cover Tilt, roll, and pan motions across its trifold axis operation – users looking for more unrestricted freedom might be left wanting.
  • Color Quality: Though the color produced by the camera footage is no joke, being crisp and vibrant, however, upon closer inspection, it might not appeal to professionals seeking absolutely accurate color reproduction.

Additionally, What I Missed

While most needs are quite adequately addressed by the drone’s provided features, there remain aspects like geofencing or a headless mode that could raise eyebrows on their absence for users accustomed to such functionalities.

I believe that this EXO Cinemaster 2 evaluation covers a balanced mixture of pros and cons drawn from personal testing results. I hope this helps you in decision-making before purchasing this drone.

As for myself, while the cons do make me reconsider at moments – the intelligent functions and premium camera capabilities tie me down rather convincingly.

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Recommendation – Who Should Buy It?

We’ve discussed quite a few details in our EXO Cinemaster 2 Review thus far, delved into its specs, and performed an extensive EXO Cinemaster 2 Analysis. Now the big question is, who would most benefit from flying this sophisticated piece of kit? In my assessment, the following groups would find it exceptionally beneficial:

  • Drone Professionals: With its 10-megapixel camera that delivers a crisp and vibrant color quality and records video in glorious 4K UHD, the EXO Cinemaster 2 appeals to pros who value high-quality aerial photography. Given its intelligent flight functions, including auto-return to home, find my drone, and follow me mode, which I covered in this review, professionals will appreciate its advanced capabilities.
  • Outdoor Enthusiasts: For folks who love hitting the outdoors for their recreation or work demands – if you’re hiking through mountains or performing tasks like water sampling with drones (which I talk more about here: Water Sampling with drones) – the sturdy wind resistance of 24mph+ coupled with a max height of up to 400Ft makes this drone ideal for capturing incredible viewpoints.
  • High-Flyers: If your adrenalin kicks in when you’re soaring high above landscapes then rejoice! The EXO Cinemaster 2 doesn’t just fly; it flies high and fast with a max speed of around 27+mph. Its robust body ensures maximum durability even at high-speed flights.

In essence, whether you’re shooting panoramas in urban settings or capturing high-speed pursuits in the great outdoors, the EXO Cinemaster 2, with its 3-axis gimbal for tilt, roll, and pan – offers you stability that ensures your footage stays consistent and vibration-free. Its impressive max flight time of up to 28 minutes means you can film extended sequences without interruption.

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Who are the ideal users for this product?

The EXO Cinemaster 2 is perfect for both budding cinematographers and experienced drone operators. Its robust features make it suitable for varied applications like videography, photography, and drone piloting.

How does after-sales service support work?

EXO offers commendable customer service. With an accessible support team available via phone or email, they promptly assist with any technical troubleshooting or product inquiries post-purchase.

Is there a warranty period or return policy?

Indeed! EXO provides a one-year warranty on the Cinemaster 2. This covers any manufacturing defects starting from the date of purchase. Their return policy is also very flexible with a 30-day money-back assurance.

Can we upgrade to future versions at discounted rates?

Surely so! Being an EXO consumer has its benefits. Owners of older models can avail of preferential discounts while upgrading to newer versions, depending on the terms and conditions at that time.


After in-depth testing and analysis, my EXO Cinemaster 2 Review distinguishes this drone as a top performer among personal drones. Its stunning 4K UHD video quality coupled with a solid 28-minute flight time outshines competing models.

Following me, the drone found its way back home thanks to innovative flight functions: auto-return home and ‘find my drone.’ Withstanding wind resistance of more than 24mph, it also astounded me with an impressive range of half a mile.

Key Takeaway Points

  • The EXO Cinemaster 2 captures vibrant, crisp photographs
  • Auto-return to home and ‘find my drone’ are remarkably reliable
  • The adept wind resistance feature proves instrumental.
Richard J. Gross

Hi, my name is Richard J. Gross and I’m a full-time Airbus pilot and commercial drone business owner. I got into drones in 2015 when I started doing aerial photography for real estate companies. I had no idea what I was getting into at the time, but it turns out that police were called on me shortly after I started flying. They didn’t like me flying my drone near people, so they asked me to come train their officers on the rules and regulations for drones. After that, I decided to start my own drone business and teach others about the safe and responsible use of drones.

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